Love In The Bread Basket


Do you remember when you got your babies first professional picture taken? I do with every one of my kids and even some of my nieces and nephews.They were colored and staged with a background of some sort and I for one was as nervous as a cat most of the time.You would plan the trip to Kmart or Penney’s and try to get it in between nap or nursing time.This wasn’t always possible and I have been privy to more than one melt down and the result was some pretty gnarly baby pictures.My two oldest grandkids gave their mom such a rough time one Christmas the photographer had to cut and paste just to get a shot that was presentable for the public eye.

I got this photo in my email the other day of my newest grandbaby.She isn’t even born yet and it got me to thinking.How easy is this to get your baby’s picture taken?I can see that she is wearing the latest fashion in before born attire and it is a side view.She is clean and she isn’t fussing,maybe because her feed bag is attached and there probably isn’t much chance of getting dirty in her bassinet of motherly love.Her diaper is always dry because she isn’t wearing one and life as she knows it is good.Granted it is a little blurry but what do you expect under water like that.

All kidding aside I know these ultrasounds are important because my oldest granddaughter was a very sick baby before she was born and without the technology of today we might have had a very different outcome after her birth,but I still think the surprise of finding out what you are having after they make their entrance was way more fun.You picked out a name for a boy and a name for a girl.The heartbeat was the most beautiful sound you ever heard and the first time you actually saw your baby was when they laid her or him on your belly.For me it was pure bliss and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Now I am a grandma and my role for this little girl is different.I will love her and I will protect her.She will be our new little miracle for all the family.I hope to see her as much as my other Nana lovers and they want to see her too.Our Alexis is so excited since she found out she is going to have a new cousin.So welcome little McKenzie.Be ready for our fashion shows in January and our Easter egg hunt at Grandma Perkies come Spring.Join us at the swimming hole and sit with us at our campfires.We can’t wait to hold you and show you to your aunts uncles and cousins.We are waiting patiently.

So hear my prayer.Thank you God for life.It doesn’t matter how it starts or when we see it first because we know that You created it and for that we are thankful.