Me And My Cardboard Guitar

Happy Birthday LizYesterday was my birthday.It always pains me on my birthday to get the day over with.I hate being the center of attention and I hate having my picture taken.My best friend at work Ev knows this and so she never makes up much of a fuss about my birthday just the same as I do for hers.I also have been battling a terrible creepy crud and I didn’t feel well.Things were going pretty good until Angie showed up with this for me.Angie works in the office and she is about one of the nicest people I know.It was a beautiful plant that had a card that said—Love you Love me.We had a blast wondering where it came from.I think Hungarian Work Horse was behind that.I was so glad I had Cam in my purse because then I got an idea.I thought I would take a picture of every person that said Happy Birthday to me.I thought if I did this people would hear and not want their picture taken.It would get my mind off the day and the day would get over with.We work in the automotive industry and there isn’t much time for fooling around.I couldn’t imagine too many people wasting their break to wish me well,but I was wrong.

Angie Sharon And AnnieHere they come.Angie Sharon and Annie.Thank you girls!

SherryAnnie was running the welder when Sherry stopped by.

IMG_0636Over comes Rudy.We worked together when I was on third shift.

IMG_0638Sue stopped by with a bouquet of parts for me I had to give them back because she needed them to finish their modules.I loved that they were blooming!That is my buddy Ev working in the back.

IMG_0641Look at this cutey!Ev and I trained her when she first hired in and she is a good worker.Thanks Lynn.

IMG_0649Greg stopped in.He works in the crib and I have known him forever.We worked on machine line together many years ago.

IMG_0634It was then that I got a big surprise.Here just before they went on break came some of the lines to sing me Happy Birthday.Little Shirley with the cardboard guitar is the pack leader in this and she does it for everyone that has a birthday.I think that it is so sweet that they take time out of their break to make someone feel good.She even wrote a second medley that is titled Me And My Cardboard Guitar.I know that you will probably hear it on the radio some day and if I knew how to post videos I would put it on here.They did such a nice job.

Lynn Terri Frannie and SueThis is more of the singers on the other side of me.That’s Ev in the pink ,Frannie in the yellow,Lynn by the silver door and Terry in the background.Thank you girls.

IMG_0646In the afternoon there was more.Hi next door neighbor!

IMG_0637Our little pie lady.


IMG_0647DebbyIMG_0648Paul(Ev and I call him Ringo)IMG_0639My favorite of the day had to be this one.One of my dear dear friends has the same fetish about pictures as I do.She stopped by coming back from lunch.She works with Ev and I most of the time but was in another area this day.I got my camera out of my pocket and she was horrified.I laughed at her running away because I do the very same thing when a camera appears.She told me she was thinking and telling people I wouldn’t have very many friends pulling a stunt like taking pictures of people.She sounded just like me yelling ARE YOU SERIOUS,ARE YOU SERIOUS.It seems her kids take unflattering photos of her and she is always afraid they are going to plaster them on You Tube.I am not even going to tell you her name.I think this could be anyone of us at TI.I only wish I had a nice back like that.

I could put many more photos up but you get the idea.It was a day I won’t forget and a lesson to be learned.I found out today that I have many people in my life that like me.I have never had much self confidence and I never think that I look good.When I got home I was still sick and the phone started ringing.As I lay on the couch sleeping the messages I got on the answering machine were astounding.Hungarian Work Horse said the kids called.My sister Linda sang me Happy Birthday and it recorded.That was brave.My Mom was going to come over.My wonderful Hubby was best of all just leaving me alone because I was sick.I love you.

I didn’t know how a birthday could teach my grandkids anything but now it is crystal clear and my friend Libby’s sign on her wall says it best of all……


I am thankful for my job and grateful to the many people that I work with.None of us look the same as we did when we hired in and it is OK to be flawed.That’s what makes us unique.We are all crafted and wonderfully made.I still hate getting my picture taken but I guess that I have to face my fears and bite the bullet.So here goes…….


Yup, that’s me,the one with the hair net and blue coat on.Blessings everyone and thank you for making Alexis, Peyton, Collin, Landyn, Tristen, and McKenzie’s Nana have a memorable birthday even though she was sick.I am vey blessed.