For The Love Of McKenzie

IMG_0996This little girl is in the middle of a war and she doesn’t even know it. It about knocks the breath of me to know that she is loved by many and fought over by two families.

About two weeks ago I came home from work with a note on our bar in the kitchen from my daughter. It said, I am here now but McKenzie is not. Alisha left the residence that her and her boyfriend lived in and he wouldn’t let her take her baby. Her heart was broken and she was afraid. After five agonizing days the police picked this little girl up and returned her to her mother. Now through the court system they have to figure out what is best for McKenzie and I can see already it is going to be an uphill climb because these parents cannot talk to each other. There is bitterness and anger and for that I am so sorry. I hate that my daughter has to feel like this. She is such a good little mama and I am proud of the way she takes care of her daughter. Her voice will be forever seared in my brain when she would call and just sob,”Mom, I just want my baby.” I heard this on her way to work and sometimes on her way home from work. She just wanted her baby. It was gut wrenching and I couldn’t sleep just trying to think of ways to console her. I knew that she would get her baby because her baby belongs with her I just didn’t know when. I am so thankful that McKenzie is with us and that she is such a happy little girl.

Through this Alisha has learned many things. She now tells me she wished that she would have listened to her dad and me when she was eighteen. We didn’t want her to live with somebody before she was married and she now knows that sneaking around to meet her now babies father was not the right thing to do. I don’t know if she thought that we wouldn’t  approve of him or if in her heart she knew that he wasn’t good for her but the hard truth is they should never have been a couple. She tells me that she has regrets but she did get a miracle out of the deal and that is McKenzie and I tend to agree with her. I love having the baby here because we hardly see hardly ever saw them when her and the babies father were together. She is a little miracle and I am so glad Alisha has her. McKenzie is Alisha’s hope for the future and her help in the journey back to her family. We have both of them in our hub to stay and there is no doubt in my mind that Alisha feels the same way. I can’t worry about the outcome of this mess but I can enjoy and rejoice in the love my family. I know Alisha’s lesson in this is a hard one, undeniably more than she thinks she can handle but I know she can do it. This family won’t let her down. She is protected by her dad and my love and support no matter what. We have already gotten so many blessings with her coming back home.She talks to me and never seems to tire of it. She wants to do the right thing and she wants to go back to school. Her goals are attainable with her families help and I want her to know that we will help in any way we can. We love her and no matter what she did in her past and we are proud of her. She too is a miracle.

Lessons in life are hard and going through something like this always leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t like conflict and I don’t like to fight. I want the right thing for Alisha and McKenzie to happen and I believe it will. This last week I started thinking about when the girls were in high school and their petty arguments would want me to rip out my hair. How those days look so simple now. I pray that I do the right thing always for my girl and my granddaughter. Alisha if you are reading this right now just know it is going to be alright. Your future is just waiting to spill goodness on you and McKenzie. You will someday look back and this will be a memory not a nightmare like it is now. You now walk the walk of a mother and God loves a good mother. When Jesus was hanging on the cross He loved His mother so much that He gave her another son. That shows me how much compassion God has for a mother suffering. I have thought of this many times and I want you to remember it. Use your lips for kissing your daughter (and your mother wouldn’t mind one once in a while) and good things will happen. God gave you McKenzie and He won’t take her away.

My hope in all of this is that young people really think hard before they make choices. I find it comforting that my daughter now knows that her dad and I always wanted the best for her. Simply put she is ours even if someone called us adopted parents in a document. Blood doesn’t make family. Love does.

The Wheels Fell Off The Bus

I took this video last summer after I had my first knee replaced. I am posting this for my daughter Bethany that is in Thailand right now. I know how much she misses the kids. Notice the Little Dude’s scratched up nose(as usual) and little Landyn’s monotone voice. I was sitting on the bar stool barely able to move because I had just come home from the hospital the day before. It was pure pandemonium with Miss P in the background trying to put her two cents in and both of them singing two different songs. I know the video is  so home made looking and I am not very good at it but I hope you get a laugh at this Nana’s little monkeys. Please notice Collins mouth as he sings the last part of the song. It killed me.

Just to let everyone know Beth is doing well and I got to talk to her again last week. She finally got some of the packages and mail we have been sending her. Love you Bethany

In The Beginning

kids at the fair 001I have had a few people comment on my new blog header so I thought I would give you a little background on it.Starting on the left is my daughter Brooke,she is a kindergarten teacher.Next is my nephew Josh,a foreman at a steal foundry.Beside him is my niece Jami,she is a dental hygienist and last but not least is my son Jared.I really can’t explain his job very well.He works for a large hotel managing people there.Brooke and Jared are my two oldest kids and Jami and Josh are my sister Linda’s kids.When we were raising them we were always together.They went to the same church school growing up and went to the same sitter until we got out of work(Linda and I worked at the same plant) or were at one of our houses.They might as well have been brothers and sisters.I cut my teeth on Jami and Josh until Brooke and Jared came along and I love them just as much today as I did back then.

This picture was taken at the Sebewaing Sugar Festival many years ago.I remember worrying because it cost ten dollars to have it taken and then feeling better because Linda and I split the cost.I am so glad that we did it because I still love to look at the expressions on their faces.It was a Friday night after work and we always did something with the kids on Friday night.We would load them all up in the back seat of the car and go window shopping or get a movie to take home.This evening it was the festival and the kids were all excited.After walking the midway we would let them go on rides.Brooke always got sick and this evening was no different.She puked after she got off the ride right by the ticket place and Jami was so irritated.I had to scold my Jami and tell her she was lucky it wasn’t on the ride because she could have been wearing that mess.Then she would get sick of us having to round up Jared because you could never keep track of him unless you tied him up.He was always trying to run off.Jami was the proper one and the other three not so much.I knew it was hard for her because sometimes we would see some of her friends walking by and you never knew what Jared would do to embarrass you.Believe me when I tell you he had that ability.He once pulled her pants down in front of some boys they were talking to on the beach.I think she could have killed him that day.

I wonder if they know how much I love them all.I am so happy that I have had these kids in my life.They are all so different yet so precious.It makes me so happy when they see each other and I hope that it is always that way.I hardly ever see the cousins that are so precious to me now and I miss them at times.My wish is that my family takes the time to let their kids spend time with each other.As they know there is nothing like a cousin to have the most fun with.

Will Alexis teach McKenzie to say,”We must,we must,we must increase our bust.”like my cousin KayKay taught me and her sister Elaine?Will Cole and Alex be the guys that Collin thinks are the bomb?Will Madison and Peyton think that Tristen and Braydon are the cutest boys they have ever seen?I don’t know.I can only hope.They have many wonderful memories to make together and there is nobody like family better to do it with.Just don’t let anybody get their pants pulled down in the process.

Love In The Bread Basket


Do you remember when you got your babies first professional picture taken? I do with every one of my kids and even some of my nieces and nephews.They were colored and staged with a background of some sort and I for one was as nervous as a cat most of the time.You would plan the trip to Kmart or Penney’s and try to get it in between nap or nursing time.This wasn’t always possible and I have been privy to more than one melt down and the result was some pretty gnarly baby pictures.My two oldest grandkids gave their mom such a rough time one Christmas the photographer had to cut and paste just to get a shot that was presentable for the public eye.

I got this photo in my email the other day of my newest grandbaby.She isn’t even born yet and it got me to thinking.How easy is this to get your baby’s picture taken?I can see that she is wearing the latest fashion in before born attire and it is a side view.She is clean and she isn’t fussing,maybe because her feed bag is attached and there probably isn’t much chance of getting dirty in her bassinet of motherly love.Her diaper is always dry because she isn’t wearing one and life as she knows it is good.Granted it is a little blurry but what do you expect under water like that.

All kidding aside I know these ultrasounds are important because my oldest granddaughter was a very sick baby before she was born and without the technology of today we might have had a very different outcome after her birth,but I still think the surprise of finding out what you are having after they make their entrance was way more fun.You picked out a name for a boy and a name for a girl.The heartbeat was the most beautiful sound you ever heard and the first time you actually saw your baby was when they laid her or him on your belly.For me it was pure bliss and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Now I am a grandma and my role for this little girl is different.I will love her and I will protect her.She will be our new little miracle for all the family.I hope to see her as much as my other Nana lovers and they want to see her too.Our Alexis is so excited since she found out she is going to have a new cousin.So welcome little McKenzie.Be ready for our fashion shows in January and our Easter egg hunt at Grandma Perkies come Spring.Join us at the swimming hole and sit with us at our campfires.We can’t wait to hold you and show you to your aunts uncles and cousins.We are waiting patiently.

So hear my prayer.Thank you God for life.It doesn’t matter how it starts or when we see it first because we know that You created it and for that we are thankful.

Fertilizing The Old Fashioned Way

IMG_0172The grandkids were on a little mini vacation this weekend so when they got home I went over to see them.I love visiting after a few days apart because they act like I’m a rock star when I pull in the driveway.The little dude was ripping up the flowerbed beside the house with his tractors.

“That’s my Field.”

“Wow,what is that over there,Buddy?”

“My digger and my tractor.” And then…

“My bike broke today.”

I guess while he was riding his bike the front wheel fell off and his tire went rolling off and he was left with the front end of his bike on it’s tines.I would have loved to see that.

That’s how most of the conversations go with him.He is short and to the point about his pretending,and pretending is one of his specialties.His digger was a large kitchen spoon from his mothers kitchen drawer and I noticed another one hidden under a bush.Nothing is safe with that kid and I know that if I am asked over for supper I better bring my own utensils because soon there will be none in their house.I am thinking that today he must be a farmer.


The twins aren’t usually outside without supervision but today they are playing with the little boy next door and the two big girls are inside watching television.This is unusual because you can’t trust Collin.He might decide to go on an adventure or a safari or something but his mother is in the kitchen checking on him every few minutes and his twin sister Landyn is there to tattle if anything goes haywire.She is very good at reporting any infraction he might dream up and just as Brooke is putting supper on the table she comes in making the announcement that Collin pooped outside.I couldn’t help it,but I laughed.Brooke was shouting WHAT WHAT looking so disgusted.Her meal times have been cut short on more than one occasion because of cleaning up her kids number twos and then she is done eating.I guess she loses her appetite.I think she was hoping she heard wrong when the town crier says,

“Yes,Collin pooped by Nana’s car.”

In he comes and his mother says to him,

“Did you poop outside?”

“Yes,I did.”

I am sure she was weighing if she should go out and see if it was really true or just try to get a bite to eat before she looked.

Brooke decided to sit down and eat with her little brood and the look on her face is still imbedded in my memory.I am sure she was wondering who saw her little darling squatting beside his Nana’s car.They have got to get this kid in their other house in the country before she has a heart attack.

The meal over and outside she goes with a plastic Walmart bag cleaning up the mess as best she can.I tell Collin he better not ever do that again and if he has to go poop he needs to come in the house and use the bathroom.Really I am proud because he didn’t poop in his pants but I can’t tell him that.I know he just didn’t want to come inside because he didn’t want to quit playing with the neighbor kid.
IMG_0079It’s then that Peyton asks,”Nana is Daddy going to be in trouble?”


“Well,he showed Collin how to pee outside at the new house.”

I guess he thought if he could pee outside in the country it wouldn’t matter if he pooped outside in town.Besides in his little pretending mind he might have been a dog.Too bad he wasn’t a cat,at least then he would have been able to bury it.You know with his digger in his field in the flower bed………………..

Rainy Days and Shenanigans

IMG_0041I had the grandkids yesterday and it rained all day so nobody could go outside.I don’t know if rain affects them like it does me.I am always tired and looking for a place to snuggle up when it rains.I love to wrap up in a blanket with a good book and nap at intervals waking up to start over the same chapter.It seems the grandkids are a little laid back and this is what they looked like for a few minutes.

IMG_0043IMG_0045IMG_0042Pretty good,huh!

It seems they had time for other activities we never find out about until the next day.

Al’s alarm clock was not set on the same time and he was almost late for work.

I found a piece of pizza in a dump truck as I was putting away toys that were left on the upstairs steps.

A roll of toilet paper was in the baby bed.

It took me fifteen minutes to figure out why the TV set wouldn’t turn on.(This is a common occurrence and I never catch them at it.)

A pair of little pink socks were stuck in the couch.

Three desk drawers were open and one was on the floor in the spare bedroom.This explains why Collin went to bed clean and woke up with a dirty face that I couldn’t figure out.

The phone was again hung up backwards only in our bedroom this time.

People might get irritated with these little things but not me.If I catch them at anything they are made to obey and put things right and I have eyes in the back of my head, but I am not God.God is the only one that knows everything they do.Their imaginations are a wonder to see and I just laugh and laugh.

We played and the twins learned the song The B-I-B-L-E.I love to teach them all kinds of songs because they love to sing and hopefully their new song will help with all of the little criminal activities that go on.I sit them on our bar in the kitchen and they are like two tiny trained monkeys singing off key and loving every minute of it.Smiles prevail and love is everywhere.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,rainy days with the grandbabies,I wish I could bottle it and sell it.I would be a millionaire.Not for the money,but to let everyone else share in this gift.There is an old saying—-If I would have known how great grandkids were I would have had them first.I know what they mean now and it is true and we will have another one in the next few months that I can’t wait to meet.I hope her mother is ready because you always have one kid that is just like you.I know she will be loved and I know she will be precious,but if she is anything like her mother she will be a free spirit.Get ready Leash for dolls in the toilet and Barbies in the hamper……………….. But don’t worry,Honey,just call and I will come,laughing and loving all the way.

The Piercing of Miss P


Miss P turned six this last week and got her ears pierced for her birthday.Look how excited she is.Her baby blues are a dead give away as to what is going through that over active mind of hers.



Do you think she was a little worried when they started marking her ears to get each earring in just the right spot?I was getting a little sick to my stomach at this point because I hate any kind of hurt inflicted on my babies.We had talked about how the piercing might pinch and it would be a little uncomfortable but in the end you sure are beautiful and she decided it was worth it.Here I wonder if she is worried she made a big mistake and maybe she should take a run for it.

IMG_0153Thank God they called someone and she got both ears done at the same time because the very loud OUCH that she hollered would have resulted in only one ear done I am sure.Look how nervous she is with her little arms wrapped around herself.Of course I got tears in my eyes because I do that and her mom let out a nervous giggle because that is what she does.Her sisters Alexis and Landyn were both looking on with morbid curiosity,Alexis not quite believing she was going through with it.

IMG_0154A very happy girl over her new earrings.The first few days she would have to check on her earrings about every half hour in the bathroom mirror just amazed at how beautiful they looked.She loves her bling and can’t wait to show them off.Pony tails and braids will be the hair style for the summer so people can admire her gorgeous ears and she has plans of matching earrings for her Nana and herself.Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I  wonder if we are the same size.

It sure is funny how your life changes when you turn six.School all the day long in the fall and now the beautiful sparkling ear lobes.She can’t wait for Aunt Bethy the fashion icon in the family to see them and I guess I can’t blame her.It isn’t every day you get to show off how brave you are,and you never know maybe when Aunt Bethy sees them a new pair of earrings might come in the mail just for her.She is our little Minnie Bethy all girl and loving it.Look out world here  she comes in her nail polish,sundress,and earrings melting every heart that comes in her path.When you see her you’ll know who she is.She is the princess with the new flowers in her ears and  she’ll probably be looking in some mirror at them not quite believing that she did it but so happy that she did.Miss P you are a wonder!