Two Kids And a Garden Tractor


Today was one of those days I will hold in my heart forever. I had two strong willed kids that love to pretend at my house. It was a day for plowing and seeing who was going to be the driver of all things that move. McKenzie aka my Little Peaches was doing a lot of button pushing on Little Dude’s tractor and I was OK with that until she figured out how to get it to go. That thing is too dangerous for her to drive herself. Her mother usually hops on the thing and they go around the yard but she had to work today so that was not an option. IMG_1102

They climbed on Papa’s garden tractor and you can see it is always safety first with Peaches.


There was quite a discussion on who was going to drive. You can see who won. I mean would you argue with that?


It took her a few minutes to study the controls but after that Little Dude had complete confidence in her. Oh the places they went and the giggles that in sued.


Just look at her backing up. Now that takes skill.


Can you tell which one of them had the bath after all that work?

Today I say thank you God for my grandkids and the parents that don’t let them sit in front of a television screen or gaming system. The world is theirs to explore and pretend. Someday Little Dude will tell Peaches about the day he let her drive and she will laugh and laugh. He will say it is because she was spoiled and she will know in her heart he is right.She will always love him for that and he will always love her because she needs him. That is what big boy cousins do.

Blessing everyone.

Name That Body Part

I had the four Merchant grandkids spend the night last Friday.We haven’t had much time together because we have all been sick.Just when you think we would have the creeping crud days behind us the sitting in front of the toilet flu would strike.I think we just passed it back and forth over and over.Finally on Friday we had an all clear so I called to see if we could have a sleep over.I thought I would give Brooke and Mike a surprise and take all four.When I gave Brooke the news I heard ———WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO.

Hungarian Work Horse picked up the kids after supper and they sounded like a herd of buffalo when they came in the back door.They acted like we hadn’t seen each other in a year.I love that feeling of excitement that kids have.I was doing some banking on line when they got here so up to the computer room came Alexis.She wanted to read some of this blog and so I brought it up.Little did I know that it would bring me something I could embarrass my granddaughters  with when they get older.

IMG_0518She is nine now and the sweetest little girl you ever met.She loves to read about herself and her siblings on the blog and was doing that when Miss P came up and was standing beside her.

I thought I miss heard her when she said,”Peyton move over I can feel your penis on my leg.”

IMG_0079This is Peyton and I was the third person to hold her after she was born. I have changed many of her diapers when she was a baby and they were all penis free as far as I can remember.I just let it go thinking that she must have said something else.Then……

“Peyton you are making me uncomfortable I can still feel your penis on me now BACK AWAY.”

OK that was it.I knew then I had to say something.I usually try to keep away from conversations like this with the grandkids because they have wonderful parents that teach them what they need to know but I knew something was really wrong here.

“Alexis what are you talking about,Peyton does not have a penis.”

Then Peyton starts telling me names of her body parts that I never heard of.I am wondering why we can’t use “private parts” like we always have in the past.

Alexis then pipes up with,”Oh,that’s right girls have a ver ginny, Nana.”

I know now I am having a talk with their mother because this is ridiculous.

The next time I was at Brooke’s I brought up that Alexis used the word penis for Peyton’s body part and Brooke started to laugh.She told me they had to have a conversation because one day the girls were playing and one of them told her that the other one accidentally hit her in the nuts.She must have told them the proper anatomy names of boy and girl body parts and they not only got mixed up but they forgot some of the proper names.

I love this little snippet of innocence in my little ladies even if they don’t sound like ladies at times when they speak.They are growing up on me that is for sure,but it is so wonderful to be able to watch them learn things even if it is the name of your body part.I just hope their mother gets that ver ginny thing straightened out!

God bless my Brooke and her wisdom.

Under House Arrest


I have a little quiz for you today.This is the little Dude and his twin sister.Little Dude was going to Walmart with his Papa today and Little Dudette was going grocery shopping with her Mama.Guess which one got to go and which one didn’t.

Here is how it all started.This morning while talking to Brooke on the phone I was getting lonesome hearing the kids talk in the background.

“Mama you are a princess here.”

Little Dudette must have had a photo album or something and saw Brooke in a prom dress.

“Why aren’t you holding me?”

“Because you weren’t born yet,Honey.”


How I remember the WHY days.There were times that I thought I’d rather have a nail poked in my eye than hear that word again.

Then I heard a little voice,”Is dat Nana?”

“Yes, Buddy it is.”

“Can I talk to her?”

“In a minute.”

“Is it a minute yet?”

We talk for a few more minutes and she hands the phone over to him and he says,”Can you come to my house,I got my tractors back.”

The sad fact is he doesn’t have full use of his farm equipment.If he doesn’t put his toys away they get put up for a week or so and I have seen times that the only thing he has to play with is maybe an empty broken cardboard box and a spatula.I know it’s his own fault but the Nana in me feels sorry for him.Not today though,we got farming to do,the equipment is out and the barn doors are all open.

“Buddy I can’t come now but later on today I can.”

He is sad and then I have The Great Idea.I ask Brooke if he can go with Papa to Walmart and she says yes.We hang up and I get to baking the cookies Alexis needs for her bake sale and a few extra for Little Dude and me when we have our coffee.Don’t worry I make his weak.He loves black coffee.I guess it’s the Hahn in him(my maiden name).Besides that I happen to know he drank part of a wine cooler when he was with his mother last summer.Granted she was in the bathroom and he stole it but still.

About five minutes goes by and the phone rings.It is Brooke and the plans have changed.Collin got picked up for malicious destruction of bathroom property and put under house arrest.No Walmart for him.He allegedly turned on the faucet full boar in the bathroom and was playing in it while the back of the sink and the floor flooded so bad it went down into the basement and left a large puddle.Does anybody know a good lawyer?

Later on in the evening…………..

I go over to the kids house with some stickers and my checkbook.To my surprise Mike tells me that Brooke and Little Dude are on their way to my house and Little Dude gets to spend the night.I could tell he felt sorry for the little guy missing his day out with Papa even though he was the one that made the arrest.I love my son-in-law.I played with my little girls for a bit and then got ready to leave.As I was putting my checkbook away I wondered how much his bail was or if they let him out on his own recognizance.

Aunt Jackie You Rock

lana donnie cindy 001Donnie Cindy and my little sister Lana

Today as I was sitting next to my sister Linda in church she whispered that Jan Gaeth passed away.Jan was a name from my past that I haven’t thought of for years and because of her one of my favorite people in the whole world came into my sisters and my life.

As the story goes I think Jan may have introduced my Aunt Jackie to my Uncle Don.I loved my Aunt Jackie.She came into my life when I needed her most.At the time my mom was married to a horrible man that was meaner than a snake to my sisters and me.She was a soft place for me to fall and always had open arms and was ready to listen any time I needed her.I am sure she doesn’t know how much she meant to me because her and my Uncle Don got divorced and we never saw her but a few times after that.I idolized her and everything she did.She would take me for rides in Uncle Don’s convertible with the top down.She always had the coolest clothes.She wore these boots that I knew I was going to buy as soon as I got a job and her hair was always teased into this amazing hair cut.Sometimes she had highlights and she wore make up just right.I always think of her as young,hip,and wonderfully kind.

As I got older Aunt Jackie would let me babysit for her and I loved her kids like they were my own brother and sister.She probably has no idea that those times I was at her house gave me reason to keep going.I was always fighting to save myself and my sisters from my stepfather at the time and going to Aunt Jackie’s gave me a look at life without fear for a little while.We would listen to rock and roll and laugh and talk.I watched and learned from her that sometimes you have to fight terribly hard to get where you need to go and to me and my sisters she is still a part of our family.

So where ever you are Aunt Jackie know that I thought of you today and your kids Donnie and Cindy.I want to thank you for your kindness and the love you showed to little girls that needed it.Gods Blessings.

There is a lesson in here for my grandkids and I mean to untangle it now.Love doesn’t have sides and there was none to my sisters and me in my aunt and uncle’s divorce.We loved them both and still do today.When my grandma(her ex-mother-in-law) died my Aunt Jackie came to the funeral home.To me that means she has great character and knows how to forgive.I love her for that.

I think God puts some people in our life when you need them most and I think Aunt Jackie is one of them.I really don’t know for sure where she lives today but I do know this,she will always hold a special place in my heart.

Sisters Sisters I Love My Sisters

sistersbrookewedding 001They could make a movie of my family.I don’t know if it would be a comedy or a horror movie but I do know that people would watch and some might even shake their head.We have had the most laughs one night of our lives and at other times your sister can cut out your heart with one simple sentence.That’s the way it goes when you love somebody that much.

I am sure my mother never intended to have six girls.She says we are a blessing but sometimes I wonder.When we were little we always stuck together and it was hard for her to get the truth out of any one of us after a dirty deed occurred.A stupid broken candy dish comes to mind and she had to give us all a licking because nobody would tell who broke it.We were soldiers in the sister army.We would stick together and be mad at our mother before we would tell on each other.A stainless steal dishpan went floating down the ditch after we filled it with mud and it dried into a brick.She never knew where that went.Then there was the missing mascara that nobody took.We had to stay home from a wedding because of that.I never could understand what the big deal was when something made her so mad but now that I am a mother I get it.So does my daughter Brooke.I saw her furious at Alexis and Peyton as they were making up a story as to why they had scratches on their faces.It seems they were playing a game they had been told not to and I am back to laughing at stuff because I think it just doesn’t matter if the kids stick together because that it what kids do.They are a packaged deal and parents sometimes just don’t get it.When I was a kid I was just as scared when one of my sisters got in trouble as I was when it was me.If somebody was after my sister they better watch out because a few more of us would come out of the walls and the retaliation would not be good.

As we got older we had our fights over clothes and boyfriends but I loved nobody as much as my girls.Some of us grew up faster in the Lord than others and we kind of lost that closeness but I loved getting together with my sisters even if we all couldn’t be together at the same time.I think it is something we should resurrect.We had a sisters night once a year and my favorite was the one my sister Linette planned.She got us a limo and took us to a fancy hotel for the night.Our little sister Lana couldn’t get off work and she was so sad.We couldn’t believe our eyes when we looked and here comes Lana driving down the hotel driveway being dropped off by her husband.She left work not caring that she would get in trouble.That night was one I won’t forget.Another time we took her toilet papering houses and scared her half to death.We taught her how to jump out the window of the car so the lights wouldn’t come on.Linda and her broom with toilet paper swinging to get the stuff in the trees was one laugh right after another.At the time there was drinking involved,something we don’t do anymore and that is a good thing.I guess we did grow up but we were all adults and I think it was just what the kid in us needed because our childhood was so gnarly at times.

It’s funny how I  feel even now that we are all grown up and together.When we are at Mom’s it is like time stands still.I love to be with my sisters and my Mom.I sometimes even see the green eyed monster come out of us because we all want to be special to Mom and the funny thing is we all are in our own way.I know that to be true because it is with my own little family.Everyone of your kids are your favorite at one time or another.I think God allows that so you get to feel special once in a while.When one of your kids need you they are the special one and they all need you at one time or another.That’s how life is and I am glad that I get to feel special when I need it.

My sisters tend to bring out the best in me and to those of you that read this Thank You.I love you very much.You are my special sister.

Which one one you am I talking about and why? Let me know if you can figure it out because I can’t.