Rosie,Lilly,Kirk,And My Sis

IMG_0606My sister Linette left to go back home to Montana and I am sad.That’s not her up there,it’s her dog Abigail.Miss you baby.Tonight as I was watching The Dog Whisperer calm a rabid miniature poodle I sobbed uncontrollably with sadness.Abbey aka Rosie please remember all of the wonderful things that I taught you when you were here and don’t be fighting with your sister.You are the first as I am so lead by example.I know it is hard when your most beloved possession is a pig but you can do it.Pigs come and go sisters do not.

IMG_0605Lilly, my darling you were the sweetest little girl after your hysterectomy.I know what that’s like.I too became more aggressive after I didn’t have to worry about all things female.It was liberating not having to stop at the drug store for Midol every month.Be patient with your sis,I think she acts like she does because she has weight issues.She really does love you even if she doesn’t like to share.You were an angel in my training classes and I will be forever grateful to you for signing up for my new class in the Spring,How To Overcome The Embarrassment of Facial Hair after Your Hysterectomy.

FerbKirk, I miss you too,but please don’t kill any more beavers and send them to us in Michigan.My mom’s mail lady is still in therapy after the package came open and that hyena started chasing her car.Word around town is she is thinking of retiring now.Never in her thirty years of service did she have anything so upsetting happen to her on her mail route.I tried to tell her they were just gloves but she didn’t care.She said the hyena didn’t let up until she threw it her lunch.She had a headache for the rest of the day and her sugar spiked.I know it’s not your fault that you like that kind of stuff.You can’t help but think it is normal after hanging around with those Huttterites.I posted this picture of you for Linette.Back off women,he’s taken.

IMG_0510Oh, my sister that I love how I miss you already.Today at work I walked by the vending machine and saw a Hersey Bar.I started hallucinating that I could hear your voice beckoning me to click my heals three times and I would be in Montana.Thank heavens I then remembered you giving us all a lesson in ear etiquette.Notice how your little granddaughter is bursting with interest.Remember when you laughed at mine when you saw them flapping as we were taking the dogs for a walk?Why click your heals when you can fly with these hearing attachments!

I feel better now.Think of me often as I do you.God’s blessings to you all.I love you and I really do miss you.I hope you had as much fun as I did when you were home.Kirk, please take care of my sis,she is precious to me.She always has been and now you are too.

Thoughts From a Navy Girl’s Mother

Bethy 3

My daughter Bethany is in the Navy.Right now she is out on the ocean on a big ship and I can’t just pick up the phone and talk to her like I normally do when I miss her.Now we email.She knows I love her with all of my heart but I wonder if she knows how much I appreciate how much she loves me and that it has taken me a long time to realize that.

Bethany came to this family when she was fifteen months old.If you haven’t read about it my little post Home Made or Imported That is the Question give it a look now.I have loved this beautiful creature since the minute I laid eyes on her.She was scared of everything at first and  wouldn’t go from the living room carpet to the linoleum in the kitchen.To think that now she is so far away from home on a ship and loving her job is almost unimaginable to me.

The reason I need to write this is to let her know how important she is to me.We have had our ups and downs and at times I am sure she thought I was from another planet.Sometimes I wasn’t understanding and maybe expected too much but I always wanted what was best for her.I now realize that when she was looking for her heritage it wasn’t because she wanted a new family,it was because she needed to know where she came from.I would do the same.Maybe what she doesn’t know was that I wanted to go on that journey with her.I wanted to be there when she needed me and I needed reassurance that she wanted me and not them.I hope that Bethany thinks back on our life together as I do my childhood with pride and the knowledge that her mother and father in this tiny town of Owendale were a spring board for the adventures that she now has.I want for her to think of a pink bedroom that she shared with a little Wheel as a soft place to fall and I hope when ever she sees the word home it reminds her of a big blue house with baking cookies in the oven and kids everywhere.

Bethany and Grandpa

I have to remember that my Bethany is a gift.God made her in His Image and she was given to me because He knew that we would be the right fit.I know now that she is doing important work and she is a soldier.She may be a world traveler but I know her heart is always where her family is.Her beginning in this world came from another woman but she is ours.She was the pride of her Grandpa and is a sweetheart in our family.I don’t want her so far away but I am so proud that she is serving our country.

She knows how to swim in the ocean and she can shoot a gun.She knows about airplanes and how to command respect.She is so much smarter in worldly things than her mother and I hope she knows that her mother is amazed at her resilience.When she couldn’t do what she set out to do in the Navy she learned something else and was first in her class.

Sometimes I  think of the song Blue Navy Blue sung by Diane Renay from a long time ago when I look at Bethany’s Navy picture that hangs on our wall.I change the words around a bit to suit her and me.

Blue navy blue I’m as blue as I can be

‘cause my steady girl said “ship ahoy’’

And joined the Nay-ee-ay-vee

Bethany is an adult woman protecting our country,but to me she is still my little girl,my baby that I rocked and that slept with her big sister Brooke.I can picture her long beautiful hair flying as she runs down our upstairs steps and I am sad right now because I miss her so.I want to touch her and I want to hear her goofy laugh.I need my baby home and can’t wait for her to get here.

beth baby 001This is the beginning of a Navy girl.Just a little baby in a foster home that came to live in a big blue house with a big sister,brother,mother and dad that thought she was the most precious thing on earth.She is all grown up now and I still carry her around.The only difference is it is in my heart.Love you Beth!