Pig Roast At Wallace Stone (Or Papa Shows Off His Grandkids)

quarry1My husband Hungarian Work Horse is a quarry man. That means he is one of the few guys at Wallace Stone Quarry that helps harvest stone for many applications. If you live in Michigan you have probably driven on some of that stone. This place is a source of income to our family as my son-in-law Mike and my brother-in-law Arnie also work there. Although the guys sometimes complain about their work the dedication to this place holds me in awe of the work ethics that are instilled working at a place that can be tedious and dangerous at times. I know that The Horse loves that place and he will miss it when he retires. This post is about a pig roast they put on every year for their employees and friends to show appreciation. It also gives this Papa and Daddy an opportunity to show the grandkids the beauty of the stone and some of the equipment that they use.

IMG_1305We had Miss Peaches with us and this is how she looked when we first got there. Charlie and Naked Bath Baby too were along for the ride. Papa and I ate our food sitting in the car waiting for her to wake up to join the fun.

IMG_1309IMG_1316We went inside diggers.

IMG_1310I think this could be an ad for Caterpillar.

IMG_1312Water anyone?

IMG_1314Some of the buildings are the original buildings that started  the quarry. Now I get it when HWH says the shovel building and the horse building. This quarry was a place people lived and worked at like an old miner town.


IMG_1318The kids loved it in the tires.

IMG_1320Big dumper.IMG_1315All the kids got on with Papa.

IMG_1322These things are huge.

IMG_1328Then Papa decided to take them to see the gravel train. It was a long walk.

IMG_1329Peach got tired so she hitched a ride.

IMG_1330Made it there.

IMG_1333IMG_1334The girls loved being in the train and Mackenzie as usual got to drive.

IMG_1336Then we started walking to the car because Papa wanted to show us the plant where he crushes the stone. These two our oldest and our youngest granddaughters have him wrapped around their little fingers.


These are some of the things we saw on the way back.


Here is the plant where Papa and sometimes Daddy crushes the stone. They walk those catwalks all day long. It’s no wonder Papa is so fit and handsome. He gets a work out here.


The kids learned that their Dad and Papa are quarry men and they are proud. Little Dude and Minnie had to leave early to go to another party and they were sad. I could see Little Dude’s imagination going crazy as he was getting to go on all of the equipment.

IMG_1363Guess what he was for Halloween? A quarry man of course. He has loved diggers from the time he could dig and now that I think of it why wouldn’t he! It’s in his blood. If I had the money I would buy him that quarry and just bask in his happiness but for now I guess I will just watch his imagination and the girls too as they say proudly to people , “My Papa runs the belt.” That’s quarry talk. If you want to know what it means ask Little Dude or Alexis because they will tell you proudly.

I will carry that day in my heart for the rest of my life. My husband and son-in-law make me proud the way they love these kids. My sisters and I had that for such a short time with my Dad. Today my daughter Brooke and I were talking and I found out how much she loves Mike and The Work Horse like that too. She has had that love all of her life and when she says My Dad it is with unadulterated love. There is nothing more precious than the love of a child and we are so lucky to have had all of this time with them. I know that people think they will have tomorrow but sometimes tomorrow is to late. I don’t think my dad knew that morning he left to go to Saginaw would be the last time he ever saw his little girls here on this earth. This day at the quarry reminded me of that. I am so glad we have every bit of time with these precious precious kids and nothing is more important to us and so today I thank God for time. The time that I hope to use wisely with my loved ones and the courage to know that today could be my last day with them. I know to some people that sounds morbid but not to me. Reality is we only have so much time and we need to use it wisely for the sake of our kids. I wish that I could have had more time with my laughing daddy but it didn’t happen. I learned from that. I hope when my grandkids read this someday they will know how much we loved every minute with them and we never wanted to be anywhere else but with them. I just love them more than anything else on earth.Blessings everyone.

We have Our Grandparents Card

IMG_0568Of the five and nine tenths of my grandkids only three of them showed up at our house on Halloween.We had Minnie Mouse,a monster of some sort,and a pirate.It was a miserable night for the kids.The weather was so wet and cold they just stopped in to a few of their families homes.It won’t be a very memorable night for these three but I bet Miss Peyton won’t ever forget it.She never got to go because she got sick at school.I remember not being able to go trick or treating one time when my sisters and I were little.I still don’t know why we couldn’t go but I kept thinking any minute my mom would change her mind and take us. She never did.She was probably immersed in a terrible situation with one of our stepdads and I understand now but I remember the hurt that night long ago.I didn’t want this to be that night for my Peyton.

IMG_0155Peyton’s other grandma picked her up at school because her belly hurt.Miss P is kind of a drama queen when something is wrong but she was really sick.She couldn’t wear her costume in the parade at school.She had to go.I guess after they got to Grandma’s her belly got to feeling better and after a while she begged to go back to school.Oh how I didn’t want to hear that story.It broke my heart.Of all the kids Miss P is the dress up queen.She is a princess most of the time.You can find her dancing and twirling in her dress up clothes with gales of laughter and I love to watch her.Halloween is one of her favorite things in the world to do.She had her costume all thought out.She was going to be a cowgirl.She had her blue jean skirt,her cowgirl hat and her red cowgirl boots all ready.A holster and gun completed the outfit.Imagine how excited she was when we found her a bandana upstairs.Then the unthinkable happened.She got sick and couldn’t go.

The kids got extra candy to share for Peyton and I bought them all a few presents.I mean the kids were adorable but it just wasn’t the same because our girl wasn’t with them.They didn’t stay very long because Mom and Dad wanted to get back to pick up sick Peyton and I didn’t blame them.As I watched Papa playing and laughing with the other three I kept thinking of that little girl not with them and I was feeling so sorry for her.Brooke and Mike started packing up the other kids and as Brooke was heading out I looked at Papa and said,”Honey,give Brooke some money to give to Peyton.She is sick.”

He whipped out his wallet and started counting ones to give to our little girl.Brooke had this look of you have got to be kidding but she never said a word.She took the money and home they went.

Later on after we went to bed I got to thinking about how utterly besotted we are with our grandkids.This was ridiculous.Sure Peyton got sick and she never got to dress up but really the kids only went to three houses and she got to have a lot of alone time with her other grandparents and they adore the kids as much as we do.She probably got rocked and loved on all afternoon.Besides that when you’re in a pack of four being at grandmas by yourself is the bomb.I know because I remember.So as usual I started to laugh and I couldn’t stop.I kept seeing my guy counting out those one dollar bills into Brooke’s hands to give to Peyton.I laughed and snuggled closer to this wonderful Papa beside me and he woke up.

“What’s so funny?’’

“Well, you gave Brooke money to give to Peyton because she was sick and I can’t believe it!”

To this he answered,”You made me.”