Sunday Is Fun Day

This is the inside of my church. It isn’t the first church I remember but it is the one I have been raised in and I brought my kids up in. Today was one of those Sundays you can write in the books about. It is blog material people. Albert or Papa or Dad Or Hungarian Work Horse (he has many names) had to be there early today so I would bring up the rear later.As I was pulling up beside the church I watched my soon to be eighty year old mother get out of her little blue Buick and throw something in Hungarian Work Horse’s red Ford F150. I laughed because she was all dolled up and cute as a button.

IMG_20150209_195808366This is Mom. Not today but as you can see she always tries to look adorable.  Now back to the story.

  Mom saw me walking up to the church and with a great big grin on her face she waited for me to catch up to her. We saw my sister Linda and my brother in law Greg of Sonny and Cher fame sitting in a pew so we slipped in beside them with me being in the middle of Linda and Mom. I was thinking this was working out pretty good because when Hungarian Work Horse came to sit after he got his stuff done Mom would be in between us. I love sitting by him but sometimes when he really gets into the music it makes me laugh. I try not to but for me it is an impossible situation because he has no tone or rhythm yet he loves to sing. Things were going pretty well until I dropped my bulletin. Linda smiled at me and picked it up for me. I smiled back. A few minutes later my little singing book left my hands like a paper airplane into the pew ahead of us and landed on the floor.I felt laughter bubbling at the back of my throat but somehow kept it there although my smile was laughing hard and my face was kind of twitching. Greg gave me his little song book and probably shared with Linda, I was thinking that was a real sacrifice for him till I remembered he sings silently.

  This is the part where I tell you how much my family means to me and all the times they have to look the other way because I laugh at stuff and it makes them laugh. At home, at work, at funerals, at meetings, and yes at church, nowhere is safe with me and those poor people get embarrassed and I don’t blame them. Linda especially because she is usually my partner in crime. God bless her for being my sister.

  As we sit listening to God’s word I am so happy. My Mom is here and my sister too, Mom still sings in harmony with us and I love it. Linda and I cry when we sing certain songs and nobody even notices anymore. It is memories of my sweet Grandma Jahr’s  voice and precious snippets of time with my daughter and grandkids snuggled beside me.It is remembering my sisters and sitting in our Sunday dresses beside each other. It is heaven on earth. I am happy and when I am happy I laugh.

  After the sermon we had communion. In our church you go to the front and kneel at the alter to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord. Work Horse was helping the pastor and I always think he is so handsome up there. He is such a good man and he takes it seriously as he should but he is always nervous. He is a behind the scenes kind of guy and I know it takes everything in him to do this task. I am standing in between Linda and Mom and all of a sudden the lady in front of me is drinking from the common cup that pastor is holding and it gets dropped red wine spewing everywhere. It is more than I can take. I am watching the pastor trying to clean up the alter, the floor, and the cushion that we kneel on with a little hanky. My eyes are watering with laughter but no sound yet people. I am proud that is until Work Horse comes by with the little individual cups for the people that don’t want to drink from the common one. He looks white as a sheet and in a monotone scared voice is saying take and drink  take and drink  take and drink. He can’t remember any of the other words. His hands are shaking so bad that the little cups are tinking against each other. I am done then and I start laughing choking and heading for the basement to try to make the laughter stop. I am sure glad the grandkids did not witness this one.

  They say sing to the Lord with a joyful voice. I don’t think He cares if there is a little humor either. I know He loves me even when a spectacle is being made. Blessings Everyone.