Who Did The Rabbit Ears

drews wedding

Lori Linda Liz Lorna Linette Loretta

My mother is happiest when she has her girls all around her. My nephew Drew’s wedding is why we were all cleaned up on this day. Mom was in a sparkling dress and everything.

Mom always wants pictures of us and I hate my picture taken. I always think I am the ugliest of the girls and I figure that after I die they will remember my marvelous wit and forget that I haven’t got the Hahn beauty the rest of them have. They all pose and if they see a camera they start smiling and Lori even looks to see if her make up and hair looks good. Not me, I go running for the hills hoping that the Lord will come before they can publish the stupid picture. That is unless Lorna wants a picture taken. You have no choice but to bite the bullet and give in. She is the mom and what mom says goes. See how nice all of my sisters look? Well, maybe not Linda but she had a twig in her eye before the wedding that I had to take out. Now the reason for all of this hoopla.

I don’t know who the photographer was but they weren’t paying attention and I was doing the rabbit ears behind Mom’s head.Where did that rabbit ear thing come from? I don’t know but it sure lightens the mood for me. Who ever did it the first time was brilliant I say. It really isn’t mean because I think bunnies are cute.Who can be mad about rabbit ears on your head unless you’re weird and start thinking that they work in the Play Boy mansion or something and they wouldn’t think that about Mom because she is in her seventies.I figure if she is going to inflict the fear of the camera on me I am going to retaliate. I guess there was three or four shots like that until Linda the peace maker grabbed my head in a hammer lock. Why does she bother I say because as everybody knows you can knock her over breathing boo in her ear. They then snapped this one just before I got my hand back in place.

A few weeks later Mom goes to Walmart or somewhere and has her pictures made and she is lamenting about the rabbit ears to me.She was grumbling there were some nice shots but somebody put rabbit ears on her.Oh man! I couldn’t  help it, I laughed. I just love to laugh at my mom because when I laugh her grin is priceless and such a gift to me.

She will never know who did the rabbit ears because what goes on with these sisters stays with these sisters. That broken candy dish comes to mind when we all had to stand in line and get a swat because nobody would tell who broke it. We all took one for the team and they won’t squeal on me because they never do. That’s one of the reasons I love my sisters. There are a million more but that day it was because I got away with the rabbit ears. Thanks girls. Know if you need me I still have your back. Today I say thank God for sisters.sisters1 001 (916x1280)IMG_0496

Back- Liz Linda Lori                                             Linda and Mom

Front- Linette Loretta

The Wheels Fell Off The Bus

I took this video last summer after I had my first knee replaced. I am posting this for my daughter Bethany that is in Thailand right now. I know how much she misses the kids. Notice the Little Dude’s scratched up nose(as usual) and little Landyn’s monotone voice. I was sitting on the bar stool barely able to move because I had just come home from the hospital the day before. It was pure pandemonium with Miss P in the background trying to put her two cents in and both of them singing two different songs. I know the video is  so home made looking and I am not very good at it but I hope you get a laugh at this Nana’s little monkeys. Please notice Collins mouth as he sings the last part of the song. It killed me.

Just to let everyone know Beth is doing well and I got to talk to her again last week. She finally got some of the packages and mail we have been sending her. Love you Bethany

Happy New Year Blues

IMG_0623Last night Hungarian Work Horse and I were planning on spending the New Year home by ourselves and ringing in midnight with a few tunes of the chain saw lullaby(it is sad to say but he even snores out of tune).Staying up until midnight is not a feat uncommon for me unless I have to.The menopausal part of me never sleeps,the party animal in me can’t stay awake so a quiet night at home seemed like the best thing for us.Church and then maybe a little disagreement over what to watch after we got home was a sure thing.I ran over to my mom’s to see how she was doing and then came home to this……

“Honey,we got invited to a party.”

I was having visions of dragging him home at ten thirty all sleepy eyed and loving because some fool gave him a beer and he got tired and thought he was twenty nine again.

“Oh,who called?”

“It was Brooke,she said Alexis wants to have a New Years Party,she wants to stay up until midnight.”

“I’ll give her a call back.”

I call Brooke and she says that the kids want to stay up until midnight and Alexis wants to have a party.She then explains that they are all losers because nobody can come to their house.I am thinking,you are not losers,just bad party planners,I mean who in their right mind thinks you are going to get party goers for New Years Eve about six hours before it’s 2013? She tells me that the girls are all ready for a heated game of Parcheesi.It dawns on me then that we are the last resort and the entertainment as well.Parcheesi,nooooooooooooo, we have been playing it to death over the holidays and if I have to listen to that dice fall on the floor one more time I am going to go insane.The kids seem to think that if they shake the dice until it turns into butter and then fling it into the air like it is corn that just popped it will land right in front of them.Then the little dude and baby princess can grab it and take off running just to add a little spice to the game.It is then I remember that we have the game of Trouble in the toy room closet.(yes,this Nana has a TOY room).It is basically the same principle, just the dice is in a little bubble that you press on to roll the dice and it can’t fall on the floor.It can cut the game time in half because we aren’t chasing dice.Brilliant.I get it out with Pictionary and a few other games and off we go.

The electricity in the air was unbelievable when we stepped into the kids house. Daddy was on his recliner and Mama in the rocker rocking the twins.It’s no wonder the kids don’t know how to party!Not to worry though because here comes Nana to the rescue.We start off playing tractors.Collin goes to the bathroom to get towels for our fields.His imagination always goes crazy then.I was speeding off out of the field in my pick up telling Collin I was going uptown to get me some coffee.He hollers to me to pick him up some chicken nuggets while I am gone.This goes on for quite some time and then out comes the games.

Alexis and Peyton are really getting good at games now that they are older and I laugh at them.Trouble is better than stinking Parcheesi and Papa is playing too.Alexis is afraid of getting ahead of me because I will pick her off and send her home.We have a blast and Papa wins.I come in second.I know some people let their kids win but I don’t.I believe your kids need to lose as well as win.Besides they can run faster than me most of the time so they win too.Get it?

We finish playing and head to the living room.I think it must be getting close to midnight and find out it is only nine o’clock.I am getting sleeepy.The kids are still wild except for the twins.Landyn is now getting that bawling tired and Collin is sucking his fingers.I don’t think they are going to make it.Brooke then decides we better get the party favors out before the little ones crash.


The noise makers were deafening.The twins could hardly blow hard enough to make noise but Alexis and Peyton made up for it.

I don’t know if they made it until midnight because Papa and I left at ten thirty.We had that chain saw lullaby stuck in our head and we had to sing it.

Happy New Year and God’s Blessings everyone.

Thank you Lord For Grandkids at any time of the year.

Church And The Bug Whisperer

This past week I had the pleasure of Alexis and Collin spending pretty much the whole weekend with me.We started out in church on Sunday and I gave Collin my Cam and here is a few shots he took during church.I do this every once in a while because it keeps him quiet during the service and he thinks it’s the bomb.

IMG_0405Here is Momma with Grandma Perkie and Lex in the background.

IMG_0401Sister Miss Peyton

IMG_0404And Aunt Linda after the service.

He cuts a little bit of your head off but I don’t think he does too bad for a three year old.I can’t believe how people let him take snapshots of them.I’d be running for the hills.

IMG_0319The next day we went swimming and had a barbeque at Grandma Perkies.Alexis had a blast chasing her Papa around and there was much laughing and giggling.

IMG_0320The dude was on his best behavior.He was a race car driver and a snorkeler and he played and played.I never had to clean up any outside bathroom incidents although I did see a little white behind at my house as he watered my flower bed if you know what I mean.It is OK though because we live in the country.I am telling you this guy was born in the wrong era.Pa Ingalls would have loved him.

The next day in the afternoon we decided to drive over to the house that the kids bought out in the country.My husband and son-in-law have been working feverishly on it trying to get it ready for move in day and we wanted to see how things were going.I get the kids in the Explorer locking Collin up in his car seat behind me and Alexis in her seat belt along side of him.We were traveling down the road with the windows down talking about the crops in the fields(dat coin Nana,dat soy beans Nana,dat my field Nana)and I am thinking he must be a farmer again.I love listening to his Dutchy talk.There is nothing sweeter to me.

Just as I am about to turn down the gravel road that will take me to their new house I feel something skim across my back.Knowing who is sitting behind me I am nervous.

“Collin,what was that on my back?’

“It a boyd”


“It a boyd”

“I don’t know what a boyd is,Honey’”

To this Alexis tells me “Nana he said it was a bird.”

I start to panic immediately because my number one fear may be laying in wait to attack and peck the eyes out of my grandbabies and me.I pull over to the side of the road right off the main highway and start looking around.Sitting in the passenger seat next to me is the biggest bug I have ever seen.No wonder Collin thought it was a boyd,I mean bird!He looked like he could wrestle me down and steal the car.Have you ever seen that commercial with the bug driving the car.Well, he got in ours after his gig was up.I went into action with  Lex as my partner.

“Oh, good night IT is a BUG”I screamed.

“Lexie, get out of the car and open the door.When you do that I will take this book I have and try to swoosh him out.”

Just as we are finishing the debugging of the car I hear something turning the corner and hope it isn’t a large tractor.Oh,no it’s not a tractor—it’s the police.

What does this look like to him? I am sitting in the car and my nine year old granddaughter is outside.Did he think I was trying to get her to change a tire and was going to haul me in? I don’t know.He pulls up beside me and rolls down his window.

“Ma’am,is everything all right?”

“Yes, Officer,we just had a large bug in our car,but it’s OK we got him out.”

Collin is in the back seat eyes as big as half dollars.

“It a boyd!”

The officer starts laughing and says”Well,OK,then ma’am, have a good day”

and off he goes.

My Lexie gets back in the car and we are on our way.She is laughing sooooo hard and I don’t know why.It seems she can’t get the look of my face out of her mind.Every time I think she is done I hear gales of laughing start up again.This makes the little dude laugh and of course you know what it is like when you hear little kids laugh.You just laugh too.

We just found out the meaning of Live Laugh Love.It is a lesson for me.An ordinary day can become an extraordinary adventure when you are with your grandkids.I just never knew that is could come from a police officer and a boyd……………………….