Peeling Potatoes Loving A Woman And Kids Are A Blessing

daddyservice 001A long time ago there was a young man that joined the service.He was a paratrooper in the Korean war.That guy,Charles Edward Hahn was my Dad.He was something else from what I am told and from what I can remember.

daddy3 001

He came from a family of thirteen kids and my Mom only had one brother so the beginning of their lives must have been very different and from what my Mom told me she loved being in that big family.She especially loved my Grandma Hahn as did everyone that knew her.Daddy especially adored his mother and she was also very proud of him.I remember going to Aunt Pal’s house and Grandma laughing about how Daddy told her that the most important job he learned in the service was how to peel potatoes on a ship on his way to his deployment.I am sure that he kept things light because he didn’t want to worry her and did the same in the letters he wrote home.He bought her a pillow from Korea and she was so proud of it she had it mounted in a frame and she gave it to me about a year before she died.My Grandma suffered much with death as her husband died before my Mom and Dad were married and she lost three of her boys before she went to be with the Lord.I can’t even imagine living after you lose a child.She truly was an amazing woman.

The first time Mom saw Dad she was sitting in his driveway with his sister ,my Aunt Loll and their two dates,my Uncle Roy and his brother Jake.She said they would all sit and talk for a few minutes after they got to Aunt Loll’s house and then the boys would take Mom home.On this particular evening they were chatting and there was a car racing in the drive with the police in hot pursuit behind him.Mom asked who that stupid blankity blank was and my Aunt Loll said it was her brother Chuck.She never met him and never wanted to.I was more curious as what happened with the cops.Mom was grinning from ear to ear with this answer,”Nothing,he out ran the cops.”It seems back then if you made it in your driveway before the cops got you they couldn’t do anything.I was thinking WOW Dad!

The following week the the group was going to a place over by Caro to dance.Mom was sitting by Jake her date when this guy came up to her and asked to dance.She told him no and Aunt Loll told her it was OK because it was just her brother Chuck.She was a little nervous but she went out on the dance floor with him.It was here, the first time they met he told her he was going to marry her.Guess what happened?

daddy5 001    momwedding 001     My Mom said that’s how those Hahn men were.Once they saw their woman that was it,they never looked back and I can relate.I often thought back then people married so young,but if these two didn’t we wouldn’t be the family we are today.They barely had ten years together dating and all before he was killed.I love these pictures of them.I think Dad has that cat ate the canary smile and Mom looks so young and innocent.

daddyghahns 001 They lived for three months with Grandma Hahn.Notice Uncle Bud in the background,the splitting image of Daddy.After Dad died my sister Loretta was only nineteen months old and never went to any men except for our Uncle Bud and Mom thought it was because he looked so much like Dad.

auntmarthalinda 001This is my Uncle Arn and Aunt Martha with Linda on her baptism in our little love nest in Sebewaing.I can remember Daddy always sitting in that chair in the kitchen by the fridge.Uncle Arn let them live in a little house he owned before they had kids but it didn’t last to long.The place was over run with mice.Mom was pregnant for me and was so scared because if she was in the living room mother mouse and a whole passel of her kids would march around and drive her nuts.The last straw was one day she made a cake and had it all decorated and ready for supper.She fell asleep and when she woke up the mice had destroyed her masterpiece.She was crying when Dad walked in from work and it was shortly after they moved to the little house in Sebewaing.Uncle Arn and Aunt Martha were a big part of our lives and it was Uncle Arn that went with Daddy taking Lori to the hospital right after she was born and that doesn’t surprise me.He was a hands on Dad .I can’t imagine how afraid they both were driving a little baby with no roof to her mouth and leaving Mom at home,worried about them both.He probably would have loved the help of the police then.Lori and I were both born in that little house in Sebewaing.Mom always had the kids at home if there wasn’t any insurance.That was Lori and me.Grandma Hahn helped deliver me and I was the last to have that honor.Mom said Grandma hung up her doula shingle after I was born because it was too hard on her.Al and I were also the last wedding Grandma went to and I am so glad she was at both.Thank you Grandma Hahn.

I am so thankful for these times in our lives even though they were not always easy.Our little family was a part of a very big family.We had aunts and uncles and cousins and Grandmas and Grandpa Jahr that loved us.Every picture that I look at of us before Daddy was killed we look so happy and this is one of my favorites of little Lori..

l&l4 001With this I will leave you food for thought.You might think you need a lot of things to be happy but you really don’t.God gives us much happiness in the arms of family.I know this is true because my sisters and I had it.I just hope we can give that same happiness to our own kids.I try with mine.Will there be a kid in this family that is a story teller?I hope so.Memories are meant to be shared and love is meant to be given.I know that was true for five little girls that belonged to a young painter and his little wife that hated mice.God’s Blessings to you family,I love you all.