She’s Hot


I got a phone call from Brooke the other day. She is my oldest daughter and the mother to the bulk of my grandchildren.She had the kids at the park because Alexis had ball practice. I think she was a little taken back as her kids were playing when she over heard a couple of boys make a statement as they looked at Peyton. Two simple words. SHE’S HOT

She is only eight years old and the boys weren’t much more than that I guess. Brooke is a teacher of kindergarten so she pretty much hears everything but this was about Peyton who thank goodness never heard the statement. She needs no more self confidence. She oozes it like water from a crack in a Michigan basement and it drives her big sister Alexis crazy.

I know what that is like. In my eyes my little sisters were always way cuter than me and it took it’s toll on my idea of how I was perceived to other people. Thank God Alexis has two wonderful parents that keep the nobody is better system in place. There are no big heads at their house. They are what my dream family would have been when I was little.

We laughed as we were talking about those wonderful kids and I kept thinking that my love for Brooke just gets stronger and stronger. How is that possible when she has always meant so much to me. She is the mother I always wanted to be. Peyton is kind and loving because of the way Mike and Brooke taught her. She is one lucky little girl and her and all of the kids are fun to be around because of that. Like I said everybody has their heads the right proportion for their age.

I just wish I would have been the one to over hear little boys say something so stupid. I would have replied— Yes,  she always sweats like that.

Peyton And The Bible Story

Peyton kdg 001Today in church we were learning about the miracle at the wedding in Canaan that Jesus attended.You know the one where the wedding ran out of wine and Jesus turned the water into wine and it was even better than the wine the guests first drank.After church the kids went to Sunday School and they had the same story.Mrs.Haag was asking the kids what happened when the wedding ran out of wine.Peyton raised her hand and said,”Well,then Jesus turned the water into whiskey!”

Mrs.Haag then went and got the Sunday School superintendent.Peyton’s mom was there and she told me she was afraid they thought whiskey might be Peyton’s dads choice of drink.You know what I say………Out of the mouths of babes.Blessings everyone.

Church And The Bug Whisperer

This past week I had the pleasure of Alexis and Collin spending pretty much the whole weekend with me.We started out in church on Sunday and I gave Collin my Cam and here is a few shots he took during church.I do this every once in a while because it keeps him quiet during the service and he thinks it’s the bomb.

IMG_0405Here is Momma with Grandma Perkie and Lex in the background.

IMG_0401Sister Miss Peyton

IMG_0404And Aunt Linda after the service.

He cuts a little bit of your head off but I don’t think he does too bad for a three year old.I can’t believe how people let him take snapshots of them.I’d be running for the hills.

IMG_0319The next day we went swimming and had a barbeque at Grandma Perkies.Alexis had a blast chasing her Papa around and there was much laughing and giggling.

IMG_0320The dude was on his best behavior.He was a race car driver and a snorkeler and he played and played.I never had to clean up any outside bathroom incidents although I did see a little white behind at my house as he watered my flower bed if you know what I mean.It is OK though because we live in the country.I am telling you this guy was born in the wrong era.Pa Ingalls would have loved him.

The next day in the afternoon we decided to drive over to the house that the kids bought out in the country.My husband and son-in-law have been working feverishly on it trying to get it ready for move in day and we wanted to see how things were going.I get the kids in the Explorer locking Collin up in his car seat behind me and Alexis in her seat belt along side of him.We were traveling down the road with the windows down talking about the crops in the fields(dat coin Nana,dat soy beans Nana,dat my field Nana)and I am thinking he must be a farmer again.I love listening to his Dutchy talk.There is nothing sweeter to me.

Just as I am about to turn down the gravel road that will take me to their new house I feel something skim across my back.Knowing who is sitting behind me I am nervous.

“Collin,what was that on my back?’

“It a boyd”


“It a boyd”

“I don’t know what a boyd is,Honey’”

To this Alexis tells me “Nana he said it was a bird.”

I start to panic immediately because my number one fear may be laying in wait to attack and peck the eyes out of my grandbabies and me.I pull over to the side of the road right off the main highway and start looking around.Sitting in the passenger seat next to me is the biggest bug I have ever seen.No wonder Collin thought it was a boyd,I mean bird!He looked like he could wrestle me down and steal the car.Have you ever seen that commercial with the bug driving the car.Well, he got in ours after his gig was up.I went into action with  Lex as my partner.

“Oh, good night IT is a BUG”I screamed.

“Lexie, get out of the car and open the door.When you do that I will take this book I have and try to swoosh him out.”

Just as we are finishing the debugging of the car I hear something turning the corner and hope it isn’t a large tractor.Oh,no it’s not a tractor—it’s the police.

What does this look like to him? I am sitting in the car and my nine year old granddaughter is outside.Did he think I was trying to get her to change a tire and was going to haul me in? I don’t know.He pulls up beside me and rolls down his window.

“Ma’am,is everything all right?”

“Yes, Officer,we just had a large bug in our car,but it’s OK we got him out.”

Collin is in the back seat eyes as big as half dollars.

“It a boyd!”

The officer starts laughing and says”Well,OK,then ma’am, have a good day”

and off he goes.

My Lexie gets back in the car and we are on our way.She is laughing sooooo hard and I don’t know why.It seems she can’t get the look of my face out of her mind.Every time I think she is done I hear gales of laughing start up again.This makes the little dude laugh and of course you know what it is like when you hear little kids laugh.You just laugh too.

We just found out the meaning of Live Laugh Love.It is a lesson for me.An ordinary day can become an extraordinary adventure when you are with your grandkids.I just never knew that is could come from a police officer and a boyd……………………….

The Love Mobile


This is the vehicle I get most excited about when I see it pull in the driveway. As you can tell it drives down our dirt road frequently.It is driven by Brooke the oldest of my kids and I laugh every time I think about how she came to be the proud owner of it.


Brooke is a kindergarten teacher and so most of her adult life has been around the raising and development of little kids.She loves kids just like I do and we have many laughs over the things that we hear come out of the little one’s mouths.I am getting off track here but I really love this picture of her and Maddie my niece.She has taught several of the kids in the family and our Maddie was one of them.

Any way back to the Love Mobile.At the time Brooke and Mike had two little girls,Alexis and Peyton. Brooke’s little girl Peyton was the end of the line in the kids department for Brooke and her husband Mike. I guess she started thinking she would have just one more.They drove a little four wheel Blazer and it was perfect for the four of them.It was sturdy,went though the Michigan snow,and she never had any trouble coming down our plugged up road in the winter to see her doddering old parents.I think she really loved that Blazer.Plus it had the room for one more car seat.Here’s where it gets a little tricky.

She obviously doesn’t have any trouble getting kids when she prays for them because soon she was pregnant again.She kept telling me she felt like she was getting bigger so much faster with this baby.I smiled knowing she was going to have twins but I never told her.Twins run on both sides of the family and when she had her first ultra sound there was the proof.

It was a shock of course and there was much preparation for two more kids in the house.Their house was small and the Blazer wasn’t big enough for two more car seats.They finally stacked the baby beds in a tiny third bedroom and started looking for a bigger vehicle.We would talk about the new car hunt and she would be aggravated because every four wheel drive was so expensive that she could load up four little kids in.Finally one day she looked at me and said,”I guess we’ll have to get a stupid van.”Hence came the The Love Mobile.

Back when we were young vans were cool and I remember my grandparents having a talk with my sister Linda and me one afternoon when we were visiting.We were heading to the city to do some shopping and Grandpa warned us not to park by any of those panel trucks with curtains.He told us they would nab us and we would be kidnapped never to be seen again.I remember laughing with Linda after we left.A van was a party on wheels back then and I for one loved riding in them.This isn’t really the case today.I don’t see any vans with curtains. They are smaller in size and just scream- family rides in me- when you pull up beside them.This is Brooke’s lot in life for a long time now.She has to drive the family van and if we go anywhere it is her vehicle we take because no one else has enough room to load up all the monkeys.It is a party on wheels yet but now a little different.We have the girl that always has to go to the bathroom,a laugher,the talker,and the weepy drunk.The difference is they are all under ten and being driven by the designated driver that happens to be their mother.

We had to go to a baby shower for my youngest daughter in a town far away last week and had to take all of the kids with us because Papa and Daddy had to work.I met Brooke at her house to catch a ride and  when it was time to go I said to Alexis,”Let’s get everybody loaded up in The Love Mobile.”

“Nana,why do you call our van The Love Mobile?”

To this I answered,”Because I love it when this mobile pulls in my driveway.”

My sweet girl had the biggest grin on her face and you can’t buy that.I am so blessed to have them.This van might not have been the car of her choice but I guess it really doesn’t matter when it is filled to the brim with our most precious of all gifts—–your children.

Eight is Great But Sisters Are Better

IMG_0051Yesterday was just an ordinary Monday to some people but it wasn’t to a little girl I know.Her name is Ariana Emma Deering and her mom I am sure remembers this day eight years ago very vividly.Please excuse the robber in the background.

I remember the first day I met you and was quite shocked at how you looked.The spitting image of your dad and I really thought you would look like your mother.It didn’t matter because you were cute as a bugs ear and your mom and dad were two of the proudest people I have ever seen.Both of them waited a long time to have a baby and you were very much a wonder to them.

ariana2 001This is what you looked like the day I went to see you in the hospital,your beloved Binky by your side already.You got that habit very naturally because your mother was addicted to the fake nipple as much as you were.Your similarities were already starting.I remember when you were much to big to have it I went over to Grandma and Grandpa Perkies and Grandpa Perkie told me to look at your pocket.You had five binkies shoved in it and Grandpa and I laughed and laughed.

ariana1 001Can you see why her mother is so crazy about her? On this picture I could bite your cheeks.



IMG_0055You are loved by many people and I hope you know it.I can see you love this guy.Thank goodness for Grandpa Deering!IMG_0071Your mom and Grandma Deering are a constant in your young life and are always there for you.

mom and ward 001These two love you with all of their heart and you have been a blessing to them both.Can you believe Grandpa bought you a card last year for this day already?It was like he was almost there.Here they are when they renewed their wedding vows last year at church.I remember Grandpa gave me the thumbs up sign that day that you two always did to each other.I am so thankful he asked Uncle Al and me to keep an eye out for you because I don’t know if I would have known you as well as I do.Your mom and Vern are going to do just fine with you and I am happy you have them.IMG_0058So happy Birthday, Sister!I know you tell me I am not your sister,but ask your mom,that’s what we call each other in this family.A sister is as a sister is and eight is great,but sisters are better.Remember all of your aunts love you and especially your Aunt Liz.

Good-Bye Richard Thanks For The Memories

dawson3I got up yesterday morning and while surfing the web found out that Richard Dawson passed away.He may not have been a huge TV star but he sure conjured up a lot of memories for me.Most of us remember him from the Family Feud game show,which I might add was one of my favorites,and even before that The Match Game, but I most remember him from back rubbing days when he was on Hogan’s Heroes.

daddy3 001This guy,my dad,Daddy to a seven year old girl back then, loved that show.Richard played Corporal Peter Newkirk and my dad would laugh as he watched that show with five little tiny girls crawling all over him.I realize now why all of my kids and grandkids love to be messed with,it’s a family trait from way back.My mom would be in her bedroom reading and as long as we rubbed Daddy’s back we could stay. He would lay on the floor in front of the TV and us all over him.The TV, just a small thing with rabbit ears back then but oh how we loved it and even more so with our dad on the floor.

There were times my mom would holler “Chuck,It’s time for the girls to go to bed.”I would wait holding my breath thinking maybe this time he would make us go,but he never did.Sometimes I would pretend to fall asleep just so he would carry me to bed.

He loved to be with his little girls.I do believe Linda was his favorite because he felt bad because Grandma Jahr always favored me.He loved us all though and he never got sick of us.Mom deserved a few minutes of peace because she stayed home with us while he worked and was probably half nuts dealing with five kids under the age of eight.I can’t even imagine.


I looked up Hogan’s Heroes and then I remembered McHale’s Navy another show he would crack up at.His laughter is a thing I would like to hear again because I don’t remember what it sounded like or even his voice anymore.

What I do know is this.Some people are in your life only a short time and like it or not that is all you get.So Richard Dawson hopefully my Daddy gets to meet you in person.I know he will be laughing because that is what he does.I hope time really does come full circle because you gave him much enjoyment with five little girls all over his back.So Richard,thanks for the memories today and God’s speed to your final destination.


Every year about this time when the kids were little anticipation would be at a frenzy in this house and I know that you are probably thinking it is because of the kids and presents and in a way you are right but not quite.Our baby Alisha was the reason for the frenzy.When she was little everybody was afraid to open her present that she got them,especially Brooke and Mike.A lot of thought went into giving gifts at our house and with my baby Alisha there was no exception.It was usually about a week before Christmas we would head out to the big city and start our shopping.We couldn’t go to soon because our Wheel couldn’t keep a secret.We found that out the year Mike got Brooke hot  rollers and Alisha told before Christmas.I am smiling right now.

Alisha was an impulse shopper of the utmost kind and you never knew what would catch her fancy for some one.I would try to steer her into an appropriate gift but it never worked and I suppose at times I was just exhausted trying to keep up with her.She had the energy of ten kids and I loved watching her decision making even though most of the time I couldn’t believe her choices.There was the year of the sky blue Tweety sweater for Brooke.Now if Brooke would have been maybe six or seven it would have been a great gift but I think she was about sixteen and I knew it wasn’t going to fly but what could I do Alisha thought it was wonderful.A sweater she would love,bought with love in her heart for a big sister she adored and so ugly that I don’t think Brooke could even bring herself to try it on.Then there was the year of the frogs.I mean in foot wear.And matching pjs.She was so excited about this gift to Brooke I remember her holding her hands together with this expression of pure wonderment knowing Brooke was going to go ape for that present.That is all she talked about on the way home.Believe me when I tell you Brooke had a look of something else when she opened it.

Mike,Alisha’s other brother,because that is what he was to her even though he was Brooke’s boyfriend at the time was really the one that got the most ahh unusual presents from her.There was the year of the Chia Pat ,the home made dough ornament that I think got moldy he kept it for so long,and the little dog that he kept in his pick up for years and years.It was one of those that the head was suspended and went up and down when you were going down the road.She thought that was the bomb.She got him tee shirts with ridiculous sayings and boxer shorts in the looks of a tuxedo and Santa outfit.It got so that Mike’s family couldn’t wait for Christmas Day either,not because of the presents but just to find out what he got from our little Leash.

Now my baby is all grown up and her presents are very thoughtful.I saw her give towels to my niece because she needed them and the clothes she gets for people are age appropriate.I miss that little girl more than you will ever know and am thankful for the most wonderful gift that she has given me even though at times I don’t know if she knows it,the chance to have a little Wheel that I didn’t know would be possible.I wanted her even before she was born and I love her no matter what.God Bless you Baby.Love Mom

Write It Down

My memory just isn’t what it used to be.If you asked my kids it never was much good in the first place,even though I think that raising them fried my brain in my thirties.They all have complained to me that I wanted each of them to be someone else.Brooke like my niece Jami,Jare thought I wanted him to be like Brooke and my babies Beth and Alisha couldn’t decide if I wanted two more biological kids or if I favored one of them over the other.The fact of the matter is at one time or another I could have been in prison for the thoughts these kids have brought in my mind.I won’t bring up the slammed doors or heartbreaking sobs over a fight with a friend.I don’t like meat anymore and I don’t know if I believe in God were only some of the things their dad and I have heard.Believe me when I tell you HWH and I could have both been drunks as alcoholism runs in both of our families.Is it any wonder I spent half my life looking for the car keys?I mean really,we were always cowboying up to make these complex gifts from God do the right thing.Some of them gave us less trouble than  others but believe me when I say that they all should share in my hair dying process as their name is engraved in quite a few of the grays that sprouted from my scalp.We have had to deal with car accidents and trips to the emergency room,police knocking on the door and phone calls from other crazy parents.It’s no wonder I couldn’t remember where I hid their Christmas presents.I thought for a long time my knees were just wearing out because I worked standing on the cement for thirty five years but its probably from kneeling on them in prayer to keep those kids on the straight and narrow.They should thank me if they ever see me limping to pick them up at an airport.I honestly loved raising my kids and at the same time felt like I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.I am sure if you asked them I made many mistakes and I think I have owned up to most of them.The funny thing about raising kids is at the time you hit a rough spot it seems like it is never going to end and in the blink of an eye it is over and you wonder where the time went.Tornado times are hopefully over as the teenage years are about to close soon in the Kovie Mansion.I am ready.And just for the record,yes, I do love you best Brooke, and I do love you best Jared, and I do love you best Bethy, and I do love you best Leash.I love you all the best and thank you for being my kids.

Memories and Dust

This past week I have been doing something that I have put off forever.I have been Spring cleaning.I know I am a little behind as it is August,but I feel that as long as I was thinking about it maybe it would get done.There is no rhyme or reason why I do things and frankly the grandkids are getting sick of it.Peyton asked me yesterday if I was STILL cleaning.I had to admit that I was.This reorganizing is a lot of work and most of it is not my fault.The kids have all moved out and left all the thousands of dollars worth of stuff they couldn’t live without when they were home.The varsity jackets,clothes,cds,books,high school memorabilia,,hair products,pictures,and I don’t know what else are no longer that important.I have found silverware and food,hair ties and socks, but most of all a lot of memories.I would find a sd card and have to see the pictures on it.Some of our darling Alisha and Alexis when they were so little.She loved being an aunt to that little girl.They both had these radiant smiles like they were so happy being together.I hope she remembers always how important she is to those kids.I found candy wrappers in an old maroon chair that made me remember my Bethy and her canny(as she used to say it) addiction when she was little.She was the sweetest baby and so easy to take care of.I remember the first time I got to pick her up at the foster home she was staying at.She came running down the hallway in little peach footy pajamas saying mama.I knew then that she was my little girl for sure.They had her bangs cut so short that I think that’s why I never wanted her hair short again.My Bethy’s hair is is thick and beautiful.When I started going through some old books I came across a dog baby book we had gotten for our lab Ebony.Jared had all kinds of entries in it that made me laugh so hard,like she was a human or something.That dog was a part of our lives for fourteen years.The day we had to put her to sleep because of congenital heart failure was one of the saddest days in this house ever.Albert and Alisha took her to the vet to be put down while brave mom and Beth sat at home and bawled.Even back then Alisha had compassion for the sick.Jared would have been so proud of her that day.I know sometimes he would get aggravated with her but really,she is one of his biggest supporters.I found some old Halloween pictures that reminded me of taking the kids all to my sisters and having so much fun.Jared was sooooooooooooo serious about his costume it still makes me laugh.He always could make me laugh even if I was furious with him.Brooke and Jared would sit on two rocking chairs in the kitchen talking and laughing because he was imitating somebody and to this day I laugh about it.I know there were times Brooke could have killed him but she really loves her brother and they both love their little sisters.It is hard to believe that time went by so fast.Hold your kids close because when your having a nervous breakdown because they came home drunk someday you’ll think it wasn’t so bad.But not for a long long time.