Green Eyed Monster and Who You Can Marry


100_0900Alexis was sitting on my lap with Peyton  the other night when the green eyed monster came out. She is at that age when things start to embarrass her.She wants to do them but just can’t. As Peyton was crooning a song all of a sudden I heard,”There she goes singing like she’s on American Idol.”


A few weeks ago Alexis came over after I moved the furniture around in the front room to which she told me,”Nana I just love how you remodeled!”

IMG_0708We were outside walking around the other day and decided to go in the house. Landyn was playing with a broom and didn’t come with us.All of a sudden in she comes all sad and looking defeated.”You left me outside all by myself.” she sobbed “I might as well be lost.”

101_0909Peyton is the romantic in the family and is always talking about getting married. As we were baking cookies I asked her who she was going to marry and she said,”I think Uncle Greg if Aunt Linda doesn’t mind.”

“You can’t marry your uncle,Peyton.”

“Oh, I thought it was just your cousins.”


IMG_0835Ronda watches the kids and is like a second grandma to them. She is always at their beck and call and does it with a smile.

CollinI asked Collin what Ronda’s job was to which he replied “ Oh, Ronda doesn’t work,she just plays with me.”