One Year Ago


My daughter Alisha sent me this picture  and I wanted to share it.I guess everybody in my family is thinking about Ward today.I must admit I was too.Alisha is really good at taking pictures and making them special and I love this one.It made me think of how different today was compared to a year ago.I know now what the saying about time healing means.Last year at this time was probably one of the saddest days of my life.It was the day that Ward and cancer parted.Today I can rejoice in the end of suffering and not be selfish in letting go of a very dear person that I so loved.I love that smile on Wards face.Our Bethy was home from the Navy the day this picture was taken and she had just given Ward this hat from one of the officers in the Navy.I remember she told him that not everybody had a hat like that,it was an officers hat and he was thrilled to get it.

I don’t want to get sad because he is gone.I want to be thankful that I knew him.I know that I will see him again some day and he is in good company.Last year as I laid beside him as he was dying and even after he died I was so amazed that I wasn’t afraid.Death was a blessing for Ward because he was suffering.He fought the good fight up until the end and I am so proud how he left this earth.He was such a gentleman that even in death he was no trouble for me.He slipped away in quietness just like he came into my life.I didn’t want to meet him and I was as stubborn as a mule whenever Mom talked about him.All I could think was,here we go again.We never had an easy time with blended families and I wasn’t looking forward to another one.He was kind of stubborn too because it took him a while to warm up to us.After we adopted Bethany and Alisha they just one day started calling him Grandpa and he never corrected them.He was the only grandpa they ever knew.Bethy would crawl up on his lap and he would sit there like a statue.After a while he caved and he grew to love those little ones.He taught the girls how to drive in his Mustang and would take them for long car rides.They are the ones that really got him to go to church too.They kept bugging him to come to their Christmas program at church and one day Mom called me and announced that Perky wanted to get a new suit because he was going to the Christmas program.Once he went to church he was committed to that church.He went to everything and everybody loved him there.My Mom and he became good friends with every pastor we had.He cherished Bible study and he never missed.I knew those last few Sundays that he didn’t go to church the end was near.Perky knew where he was going and he was ready.

There is a lesson in this I want to share with my sweet grandkids.If I would have been as bullheaded as I wanted to be when Mom married Ward I would never have had this amazing man in my life.I wouldn’t have learned how to forgive things in my past and they would have anchored me down for the rest of my life.My walk with the Lord would have been compromised and I would have never healed.Sometimes you have to know when to fold and listen to that voice in your heart.Rejoice in the good and forget the bad.

I know that I never had the blood that ran through his veins in me and I accept that,but I did feel the same love in his heart and that means something to me.I miss him but he had to go and even in death he had this way about him.

Here is his tombstone and you can see what kind of a guy he was just by the words on it.It says I’m outta here and has a thumbs up for Little Ariana one of the grandkids he so cherished and spoiled rotten.

IMG_0209A year ago I couldn’t quit being sad but today I am thankful for the times we had before he was sick.Today I want to honor him and all he stood for in my life.I want to thank God that he sent me this man to help me and guide me and listen to me.I am a better person because I let him in.I hope that he realized how much he meant to me and if he didn’t I am sure my grandma is telling him now that he was blessed to have my sisters and me.I think they will be bragging about how good we turned out and proud they are of us.I can only imagine……………….

Move Over


IMG_0437Collin and Landyn were both being tucked into bed this weekend.Now that they live in the country they sleep in separate rooms.As Brooke was tucking in the Little Dude Landyn hollered that she had to go pee and took off for the bathroom down the hall.As soon as Collin heard her he had to go and off he went to join Landyn in the bathroom.Brooke waiting for Collin thought it was funny when she heard the toilet flush and they both came running back to their rooms at the same time.

“Collin I thought you had to use the bathroom.”

“Oh,I did,I peed in garbage.”

Later on when she was telling me this so disgusted on the phone I didn’t know what was funnier,him peeing in the waste basket or her telling me that she was glad she always double bags.

Well,technically,urine is waste.Sorry I just had to.Blessings everyone.

The Mole

I can’t stand the word mole.Every time I hear it I think of beady little eyes on a rodent.I can’t even stand the word when it refers to Mexican food and I love Mexican food.The problem with that is I have several moles on my neck and I am always thinking that I am going to have them removed the next time I go to the doctor but I never do.I really don’t like the word mole even when it refers to the ones on your body.Enter the Little Dude……….

IMG_0428This Sunday in church I had Collin on my lap.Our church was packed because we were having a Ham Dinner and it is quite well known in our area.I am always a little concerned because you never know what is going to happen in our peanut gallery and especially when there is a lot of people we don’t know.No worries until the pastor started preaching.Collin was laying his head on my shoulders and I heard him whispering something.

“What did you say,Honey?”

“A worm,Nana.”

“No, that is just a mole on the back of my neck,now leave it alone.”

He lays his head back down and is just patting my neck in the back when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pinch and he pulled the mole on the back of my neck right off.In church.With a man behind us.Watching the whole thing.I let a yip out of me as I grabbed his hand and sure enough,there was my ugly mole in his sweaty little palm.Just as he was about to pop the thing in his mouth I grabbed the snotty Kleenex he had in his pocket and quickly disposed of the evidence.With eyes as big as saucers he says “I got it.!”

Thank God it wasn’t a bleeder because I don’t know what would have happened.Of course he wants to look behind my head to see my mole less hairline and I won’t let him.I finally give him his little snack bag to distract him and it works.I guess today he was a surgeon.He was so good after that.I only heard one moo out of him for the rest of the service.Guess what his kindergarten teacher mother packed in the snack bag.

To the poor man that was sitting in back of us I just have to say I am sorry.That is how it goes when the little Dude is around.He doesn’t mean for things to happen,they just do.I assure you it was just a mole and I do not have worms of any sort.Just moles and one less to boot.Our church is a nice one and sir don’t be afraid to visit us again.My only suggestion is you might want to sit more up to the front by my sister and brother- in- law, Donnie and Marie.

The Sounds Of Sunday

IMG_0401Sundays are always the best day of the week for me.We get up,have a leisurely breakfast,Hungarian Work Horse and I sit at the kitchen bar and talk and then get ready for church.

My sister Linda and her husband Greg are usually at church before us and now that it is getting colder and they have to start wearing a coat I don’t know if I will recognize them.We have to sit in the back because of the little monkeys that sit with us and they sit more to the front.Greg is colored blind and I think Linda must pick out his clothes.They have on almost matching outfits most of the time.I mean it is really cute and all but one time Greg moved a little to the left and I got scared.I thought he was going to start crooning,”I’m a little bit country” and Linda would jump up behind him and shout,”I’m a little bit rock’n’roll”they looked so much like Donny and Marie!

IMG_0424It isn’t long and usually in comes my daughter Brooke and the grandkids.That is always something of a five minute deal so everybody can get sitting by who they want to sit by and Papa and I usually get the twins.Now that they are three and  getting a little bit bigger they are pretty good.It used to be I always took Collin because the squeaky wheel gets the most grease but he is pretty good now so I try to show all the kids some lap time.Today I had the little girl twin Landyn.She whispered to me,”Nana I got you first”I was thinking you had me the first second I heard about you before you were born.I love this little minute and she is the splitting image of Brooke when Brooke was a baby.

Today our message was on the blessings of children and marriage.Pastor said  it doesn’t matter how much noise kids make in church because they are where they belong.The preacher said he loved the sound of kids in church.I think that is what he said because frankly I had a party going on in my own pew.Brooke is pretty good about keeping the kids quiet but sometimes I wonder what she is thinking when she packs their quiet bag.You know that little bag of books and quiet toys and snacks that every mom has to keep the kids quiet,it is such a necessity in church.

Today we needed that bag.Pastor had the kids come up for the children’s message.He asked a question pertaining to families when a little girl told him she had a secret.She whispered in his ear and told him her mom just got her a unicorn at a garage sale yesterday.It was all down hill after that for me.I kept thinking about the unicorn purchase.

IMG_0426They come back to the pew with us and Brooke settles them down because the little Dude is talking.She gives him his little snack bag and he is eating but making some animal noises.Finally Papa takes him and he lays his head on Papas shoulder and I think he is falling asleep when just then he pulls his head back and ROARS like a lion.That threw papa off his game a little so I sat down and grabbed Collin.He is sitting on my lap and he starts mooing at me.Then he starts trying to lick me like a dog.I don’t get it.That kid is always good for me,what is going on!Brooke is about to grab him with that You Need To Learn From This Look on her face when I notice something very important.I look at her and ask,”What kind of a mother packs animal crackers in the Great Pretender’s snack bag?”

Right then in the midst of my daughters face filled with laughter and love I knew I would never forget the Sunday my little dude was a lion a cow and a dog in church and that my daughter knows what it is to love your kids that much.She is me  twenty years ago and I am proud.I know that some day there will be a little short nana long after I am gone loving a little animal in grandkids clothing and that she will think ,”How did I get so Blessed!”

Funny And Sweet They Keep You On Your Feet

My grandkids are funny.I mean really funny to listen to.Every once in a while I just love what they say and here are a few of my favorites.IMG_0264Alexis told me she can’t understand why the girls in her class like a certain pop singer.She said she just didn’t like that Justin Beaver.

When she was little she used to take a shower with her mom.Of course one day she asked her mom what those brown spots were on her body and Brooke told her.It wasn’t long and she was telling people that she had nickels on her chest.All of us thought it was cute so we never really corrected her.That was OK until one day she got mixed up and called them her dimes.

IMG_0253Last week we were having BLT’s for supper and all of a sudden I heard a yip out of little Landyn.

“What happened,Honey?”

“My salad just fell out of my sandwich!”

IMG_0241This dude is trouble and you never know what is going to happen.We were all playing cards and he took off.Brooke found him in the laundry room taking a swig out of the Tide bottle.

“Buddy,you can’t do that.You will get sick.”

He looked at me so serious and replied,”I know I puked last time.”

MckenzieSorry I had to use this again but it is the only picture of Mckenzie I have.Just for clarification no one heard this but me.

Last time I was over she told me she was getting a little tired of her mom always getting to carry her around.I told her to hang on and in November Nana and Aunt Brooke will come and give her some smooches and rock her until she wants Mommy or Daddy.( I might have heard wrong but I don’t think so.)

IMG_0355This duo could not be any different.Tristan is kind of quiet around me but that will change in time I am sure so I don’t have a quote for him but I do want him included because he is a part of the family.We are just getting to know him but I know I already love him and so do the kids.Peyton thought he was awesome.

My last quote comes from two Sundays ago at church.All the kids were in front for the children’s sermon and pastor asked if anyone knew what the word Amen meant.Peyton raised her hand and said,”It means your done.”

God’s Blessings to you all and thank you God for grandkids.

Rainy Days and Shenanigans

IMG_0041I had the grandkids yesterday and it rained all day so nobody could go outside.I don’t know if rain affects them like it does me.I am always tired and looking for a place to snuggle up when it rains.I love to wrap up in a blanket with a good book and nap at intervals waking up to start over the same chapter.It seems the grandkids are a little laid back and this is what they looked like for a few minutes.

IMG_0043IMG_0045IMG_0042Pretty good,huh!

It seems they had time for other activities we never find out about until the next day.

Al’s alarm clock was not set on the same time and he was almost late for work.

I found a piece of pizza in a dump truck as I was putting away toys that were left on the upstairs steps.

A roll of toilet paper was in the baby bed.

It took me fifteen minutes to figure out why the TV set wouldn’t turn on.(This is a common occurrence and I never catch them at it.)

A pair of little pink socks were stuck in the couch.

Three desk drawers were open and one was on the floor in the spare bedroom.This explains why Collin went to bed clean and woke up with a dirty face that I couldn’t figure out.

The phone was again hung up backwards only in our bedroom this time.

People might get irritated with these little things but not me.If I catch them at anything they are made to obey and put things right and I have eyes in the back of my head, but I am not God.God is the only one that knows everything they do.Their imaginations are a wonder to see and I just laugh and laugh.

We played and the twins learned the song The B-I-B-L-E.I love to teach them all kinds of songs because they love to sing and hopefully their new song will help with all of the little criminal activities that go on.I sit them on our bar in the kitchen and they are like two tiny trained monkeys singing off key and loving every minute of it.Smiles prevail and love is everywhere.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,rainy days with the grandbabies,I wish I could bottle it and sell it.I would be a millionaire.Not for the money,but to let everyone else share in this gift.There is an old saying—-If I would have known how great grandkids were I would have had them first.I know what they mean now and it is true and we will have another one in the next few months that I can’t wait to meet.I hope her mother is ready because you always have one kid that is just like you.I know she will be loved and I know she will be precious,but if she is anything like her mother she will be a free spirit.Get ready Leash for dolls in the toilet and Barbies in the hamper……………….. But don’t worry,Honey,just call and I will come,laughing and loving all the way.

Best Friends and Bad Mouths

100_0901My granddaughter Alexis is one of my favorite people in the whole world.She was a blessing from the moment she was conceived and continues to make me smile and be proud even in some of my blackest moods.This is a picture of her and her best friend whose name also happens to be Alexis.Our Lex is the one with no face paint,just so you know.
  Alexis and Lexie met in daycare before they went to kindergarten and they have been best friends ever since.This is the first year they have been in the same classroom so they now can play together at recess.I really don’t know why Alexis loves Lexie so much because they are nothing alike yet she treasures her friendship and they have stuck together for about five years now.It is so good for Alexis as she doesn’t have a lot of friends,just a few good ones and I guess that’s what it is all about.This is how they usually look when you see them together,all smiles and giggly like little girls are.I guess the smiles weren’t so prevalent the other day as someone tried to start something with them and a true testament of their friendship came to the surface for everyone to see.

I got a phone call from Brooke on her way home from school telling me Alexis was upset because someone told Lexie that she called her a bad name and it was a lie.Brooke being curious asked her what the name was and Alexis couldn’t remember,all she knew was she didn’t even know what the word meant.Alexis wasn’t really concerned about the word,she was more hurt about the lie.Brooke was more concerned about the word I think because she is wanting Alexis to know how to deal with bad words as they have already had dealings with lying.After much mind prodding the word _itch something finally came out and Alexis said she had no clue what that was.It was then that Brooke realized her and Mike must be doing Ok in the swearing department and I started remembering a four year old Brooke coming down our upstairs with a run away feline saying “you sombitch cat”.I always knew that day would come back to haunt me.I guess someone in this family wasn’t as good at keeping their tongue leashed as Brooke and Mike are.

  I was more curious how the best friends fared out after the blatant lie.It seems that after Lexie told Alexis what the other girl said and got the confirmation that it wasn’t true like she already knew in her heart,she looked at Alexis and said –Let’s get out of here,we don’t want to be around them.

I see in those two little girls something everybody needs and every mother wants for her kids.One good friend is all you really need in life,a true gift from God and a treasure for a proud mom.Nuff said.