Aunt Jackie You Rock

lana donnie cindy 001Donnie Cindy and my little sister Lana

Today as I was sitting next to my sister Linda in church she whispered that Jan Gaeth passed away.Jan was a name from my past that I haven’t thought of for years and because of her one of my favorite people in the whole world came into my sisters and my life.

As the story goes I think Jan may have introduced my Aunt Jackie to my Uncle Don.I loved my Aunt Jackie.She came into my life when I needed her most.At the time my mom was married to a horrible man that was meaner than a snake to my sisters and me.She was a soft place for me to fall and always had open arms and was ready to listen any time I needed her.I am sure she doesn’t know how much she meant to me because her and my Uncle Don got divorced and we never saw her but a few times after that.I idolized her and everything she did.She would take me for rides in Uncle Don’s convertible with the top down.She always had the coolest clothes.She wore these boots that I knew I was going to buy as soon as I got a job and her hair was always teased into this amazing hair cut.Sometimes she had highlights and she wore make up just right.I always think of her as young,hip,and wonderfully kind.

As I got older Aunt Jackie would let me babysit for her and I loved her kids like they were my own brother and sister.She probably has no idea that those times I was at her house gave me reason to keep going.I was always fighting to save myself and my sisters from my stepfather at the time and going to Aunt Jackie’s gave me a look at life without fear for a little while.We would listen to rock and roll and laugh and talk.I watched and learned from her that sometimes you have to fight terribly hard to get where you need to go and to me and my sisters she is still a part of our family.

So where ever you are Aunt Jackie know that I thought of you today and your kids Donnie and Cindy.I want to thank you for your kindness and the love you showed to little girls that needed it.Gods Blessings.

There is a lesson in here for my grandkids and I mean to untangle it now.Love doesn’t have sides and there was none to my sisters and me in my aunt and uncle’s divorce.We loved them both and still do today.When my grandma(her ex-mother-in-law) died my Aunt Jackie came to the funeral home.To me that means she has great character and knows how to forgive.I love her for that.

I think God puts some people in our life when you need them most and I think Aunt Jackie is one of them.I really don’t know for sure where she lives today but I do know this,she will always hold a special place in my heart.