Funny And Sweet They Keep You On Your Feet

My grandkids are funny.I mean really funny to listen to.Every once in a while I just love what they say and here are a few of my favorites.IMG_0264Alexis told me she can’t understand why the girls in her class like a certain pop singer.She said she just didn’t like that Justin Beaver.

When she was little she used to take a shower with her mom.Of course one day she asked her mom what those brown spots were on her body and Brooke told her.It wasn’t long and she was telling people that she had nickels on her chest.All of us thought it was cute so we never really corrected her.That was OK until one day she got mixed up and called them her dimes.

IMG_0253Last week we were having BLT’s for supper and all of a sudden I heard a yip out of little Landyn.

“What happened,Honey?”

“My salad just fell out of my sandwich!”

IMG_0241This dude is trouble and you never know what is going to happen.We were all playing cards and he took off.Brooke found him in the laundry room taking a swig out of the Tide bottle.

“Buddy,you can’t do that.You will get sick.”

He looked at me so serious and replied,”I know I puked last time.”

MckenzieSorry I had to use this again but it is the only picture of Mckenzie I have.Just for clarification no one heard this but me.

Last time I was over she told me she was getting a little tired of her mom always getting to carry her around.I told her to hang on and in November Nana and Aunt Brooke will come and give her some smooches and rock her until she wants Mommy or Daddy.( I might have heard wrong but I don’t think so.)

IMG_0355This duo could not be any different.Tristan is kind of quiet around me but that will change in time I am sure so I don’t have a quote for him but I do want him included because he is a part of the family.We are just getting to know him but I know I already love him and so do the kids.Peyton thought he was awesome.

My last quote comes from two Sundays ago at church.All the kids were in front for the children’s sermon and pastor asked if anyone knew what the word Amen meant.Peyton raised her hand and said,”It means your done.”

God’s Blessings to you all and thank you God for grandkids.