Move Over


IMG_0437Collin and Landyn were both being tucked into bed this weekend.Now that they live in the country they sleep in separate rooms.As Brooke was tucking in the Little Dude Landyn hollered that she had to go pee and took off for the bathroom down the hall.As soon as Collin heard her he had to go and off he went to join Landyn in the bathroom.Brooke waiting for Collin thought it was funny when she heard the toilet flush and they both came running back to their rooms at the same time.

“Collin I thought you had to use the bathroom.”

“Oh,I did,I peed in garbage.”

Later on when she was telling me this so disgusted on the phone I didn’t know what was funnier,him peeing in the waste basket or her telling me that she was glad she always double bags.

Well,technically,urine is waste.Sorry I just had to.Blessings everyone.

Fertilizing The Old Fashioned Way

IMG_0172The grandkids were on a little mini vacation this weekend so when they got home I went over to see them.I love visiting after a few days apart because they act like I’m a rock star when I pull in the driveway.The little dude was ripping up the flowerbed beside the house with his tractors.

“That’s my Field.”

“Wow,what is that over there,Buddy?”

“My digger and my tractor.” And then…

“My bike broke today.”

I guess while he was riding his bike the front wheel fell off and his tire went rolling off and he was left with the front end of his bike on it’s tines.I would have loved to see that.

That’s how most of the conversations go with him.He is short and to the point about his pretending,and pretending is one of his specialties.His digger was a large kitchen spoon from his mothers kitchen drawer and I noticed another one hidden under a bush.Nothing is safe with that kid and I know that if I am asked over for supper I better bring my own utensils because soon there will be none in their house.I am thinking that today he must be a farmer.


The twins aren’t usually outside without supervision but today they are playing with the little boy next door and the two big girls are inside watching television.This is unusual because you can’t trust Collin.He might decide to go on an adventure or a safari or something but his mother is in the kitchen checking on him every few minutes and his twin sister Landyn is there to tattle if anything goes haywire.She is very good at reporting any infraction he might dream up and just as Brooke is putting supper on the table she comes in making the announcement that Collin pooped outside.I couldn’t help it,but I laughed.Brooke was shouting WHAT WHAT looking so disgusted.Her meal times have been cut short on more than one occasion because of cleaning up her kids number twos and then she is done eating.I guess she loses her appetite.I think she was hoping she heard wrong when the town crier says,

“Yes,Collin pooped by Nana’s car.”

In he comes and his mother says to him,

“Did you poop outside?”

“Yes,I did.”

I am sure she was weighing if she should go out and see if it was really true or just try to get a bite to eat before she looked.

Brooke decided to sit down and eat with her little brood and the look on her face is still imbedded in my memory.I am sure she was wondering who saw her little darling squatting beside his Nana’s car.They have got to get this kid in their other house in the country before she has a heart attack.

The meal over and outside she goes with a plastic Walmart bag cleaning up the mess as best she can.I tell Collin he better not ever do that again and if he has to go poop he needs to come in the house and use the bathroom.Really I am proud because he didn’t poop in his pants but I can’t tell him that.I know he just didn’t want to come inside because he didn’t want to quit playing with the neighbor kid.
IMG_0079It’s then that Peyton asks,”Nana is Daddy going to be in trouble?”


“Well,he showed Collin how to pee outside at the new house.”

I guess he thought if he could pee outside in the country it wouldn’t matter if he pooped outside in town.Besides in his little pretending mind he might have been a dog.Too bad he wasn’t a cat,at least then he would have been able to bury it.You know with his digger in his field in the flower bed………………..