Pillow Talk

pillow 2

Hungarian Work Horse is the love of my life. Plain and simple. The first time I ever saw him he had a broken leg and somebody stole his crutches at the bowling alley. Even though I was only fourteen years old I knew there was something special about him. He was very quiet and his smile was movie star quality.This guy was different from anybody that I had ever met. He never said anything to the person that was goofing around with his crutches and that made an impression on me. I was used to fighting for everything and here was a guy that was sitting there waiting to get his crutches back not saying a word. He was so handsome and I being a care giver to my sisters all my life wanted to beat that guys brains out that was teasing him. We never spoke that night but I remember going home thinking about him long into the night. I thought he looked just like Davy Jones of The Monkees and had the lips of Ricky Nelson,but that is where the comparison ends. When he opens his mouth to sing it is very very scary and that is quite often because he loves to sing. You should hear his rendition of She Kicked Out My Windshield.

It was quite some time before we started dating I remember but when we did it was wonderful. He drove a 1962 green Chevy that he called Lucy and people would tell us that when they passed us on the road it looked like someone with two heads was driving because I sat so close to him. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other and to this day he still wants to hold my hand and have his arm around me where ever we go. I suppose it drives my kids crazy but what can you do? He kisses me everyday and he tells me he loves all the time. He loves to have his arm around me in bed and is always putting his lips to my forehead. I don’t know why after all these years he still feels like that but I now come to expect it. I really don’t think he loves anything on this earth more than me. I am beginning  to wonder though because as we were drifting off to sleep the other night he saddles up beside me his mouth next to my ear and whispers,”That asparagus soup Linda sent over was delicious.”

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I love you too Asparagus Breath!

Beastly Brat

100_0896This morning wasn’t the greatest for the most wonderful man in my life.Yup, that’s right I almost killed him and he deserved it.He had the nerve to give his two cents worth in my battle of the arthritic damaged and bone against bone rubbing knees.Then after he blurts out the dumbest thing in the world he has ever said he gets scared, because I looked  like this.

If you don't mind I'm eating

I could feel it coming on like a sneeze in flu season and I couldn’t stop myself.I snarled answers at him like a rabid dog and walked out.

About three hours later I got the phone call I knew I would get.

“Honey,I am so sorry I hurt your feelings”was his plea.

Of course I forgave him right on the spot because everybody knows I never hold a grudge.I was even a little sad because I had a lot of material I could have used on him because we haven’t had a thing to fight about since the kids moved out.Better yet I know now he will rub my back for an hour tonight out of guilt.I tell you the night is looking up all of a sudden.


The inner beast has been put to rest once more.

I love you Hungarian Work Horse.

Renew It Baby

Today my Mom and Stepdad renewed their wedding vows at church.My mom looked beautiful and Ward was so handsome.On October 5th they will be married for 20 years.That might not seem like a long time to some people but it certainly is to them.They have both been through a lot in their lives and have overcome many hardships.Ward lost his first wife to a terrible illness and a son that was killed in a motorcycle accident that he still gets emotional about and it happened years ago.My mom has been married to more than one loser that made her and my sisters and I have years of a living nightmare.Both of them deserve to have the rest of their lives on earth happy and for the most part I think they have been.Mom has teased us because no matter what they have ever had a disagreement about we always take Wards side.I think that makes her happy because she knows that she finally gave us the father figure most of us have longed for.I thank God that they have each other and are not alone.Ward is now battling cancer and I so hope he wins.My mom loves him so much.She is always saying how she is trying this and that to help him because she just wants to save his life.God gives them both so much strength and I am so thankful for that.They go about living everyday and I couldn’t be prouder of them.It was so sweet to see them renew their vows in front of all of us.They held hands and my mom looked radiant.All of my sisters except one was there and I know my mom was glowing because of it.I just wish we would have known ahead of time so we could have planned a little surprise for them,but then Ward doesn’t really like crowds so I guess it was ok.Mom said she was wearing the same dress she wore when they went on their first date.I wonder were they went as the dress was really fancy.I am sure knowing my stepdad it was some place nice.I even got a thumbs up from Ward after church so he was happy with the renewal.I sure am glad we are all a package deal because with the drama that can go on in this family it’s a wonder he didn’t bail.Marriage is a lot of work,but so much fun too.I remember my mom telling me about one of my aunt and uncles fighting.She said they fought hard and they loved hard and maybe that is the door you have to go through to get to the wonderful years that Al and I have now.I love him so much that I can see us holding each others hands  in front of the kids renewing our vows when we are in our seventies.He will be thinking that I never blew out the candles at home and the house is on fire and I will be wondering if everyone is noticing how chubby I look in whatever I am wearing.We will both forget what we were going to say.I will be bawling.He will have that scared look on his face he gets or better yet have a sneezing attack likes he does.I cannot do it.The kids are just going to have to find another way to honor our long blessed marriage.Maybe they could send us on a cruise—————– ya, that would be great.No what a minute then I would have to get that freaking bathing suit out again.Why do things have to be so complicated?