Happy New Year Blues

IMG_0623Last night Hungarian Work Horse and I were planning on spending the New Year home by ourselves and ringing in midnight with a few tunes of the chain saw lullaby(it is sad to say but he even snores out of tune).Staying up until midnight is not a feat uncommon for me unless I have to.The menopausal part of me never sleeps,the party animal in me can’t stay awake so a quiet night at home seemed like the best thing for us.Church and then maybe a little disagreement over what to watch after we got home was a sure thing.I ran over to my mom’s to see how she was doing and then came home to this……

“Honey,we got invited to a party.”

I was having visions of dragging him home at ten thirty all sleepy eyed and loving because some fool gave him a beer and he got tired and thought he was twenty nine again.

“Oh,who called?”

“It was Brooke,she said Alexis wants to have a New Years Party,she wants to stay up until midnight.”

“I’ll give her a call back.”

I call Brooke and she says that the kids want to stay up until midnight and Alexis wants to have a party.She then explains that they are all losers because nobody can come to their house.I am thinking,you are not losers,just bad party planners,I mean who in their right mind thinks you are going to get party goers for New Years Eve about six hours before it’s 2013? She tells me that the girls are all ready for a heated game of Parcheesi.It dawns on me then that we are the last resort and the entertainment as well.Parcheesi,nooooooooooooo, we have been playing it to death over the holidays and if I have to listen to that dice fall on the floor one more time I am going to go insane.The kids seem to think that if they shake the dice until it turns into butter and then fling it into the air like it is corn that just popped it will land right in front of them.Then the little dude and baby princess can grab it and take off running just to add a little spice to the game.It is then I remember that we have the game of Trouble in the toy room closet.(yes,this Nana has a TOY room).It is basically the same principle, just the dice is in a little bubble that you press on to roll the dice and it can’t fall on the floor.It can cut the game time in half because we aren’t chasing dice.Brilliant.I get it out with Pictionary and a few other games and off we go.

The electricity in the air was unbelievable when we stepped into the kids house. Daddy was on his recliner and Mama in the rocker rocking the twins.It’s no wonder the kids don’t know how to party!Not to worry though because here comes Nana to the rescue.We start off playing tractors.Collin goes to the bathroom to get towels for our fields.His imagination always goes crazy then.I was speeding off out of the field in my pick up telling Collin I was going uptown to get me some coffee.He hollers to me to pick him up some chicken nuggets while I am gone.This goes on for quite some time and then out comes the games.

Alexis and Peyton are really getting good at games now that they are older and I laugh at them.Trouble is better than stinking Parcheesi and Papa is playing too.Alexis is afraid of getting ahead of me because I will pick her off and send her home.We have a blast and Papa wins.I come in second.I know some people let their kids win but I don’t.I believe your kids need to lose as well as win.Besides they can run faster than me most of the time so they win too.Get it?

We finish playing and head to the living room.I think it must be getting close to midnight and find out it is only nine o’clock.I am getting sleeepy.The kids are still wild except for the twins.Landyn is now getting that bawling tired and Collin is sucking his fingers.I don’t think they are going to make it.Brooke then decides we better get the party favors out before the little ones crash.


The noise makers were deafening.The twins could hardly blow hard enough to make noise but Alexis and Peyton made up for it.

I don’t know if they made it until midnight because Papa and I left at ten thirty.We had that chain saw lullaby stuck in our head and we had to sing it.

Happy New Year and God’s Blessings everyone.

Thank you Lord For Grandkids at any time of the year.

Aunt Jackie You Rock

lana donnie cindy 001Donnie Cindy and my little sister Lana

Today as I was sitting next to my sister Linda in church she whispered that Jan Gaeth passed away.Jan was a name from my past that I haven’t thought of for years and because of her one of my favorite people in the whole world came into my sisters and my life.

As the story goes I think Jan may have introduced my Aunt Jackie to my Uncle Don.I loved my Aunt Jackie.She came into my life when I needed her most.At the time my mom was married to a horrible man that was meaner than a snake to my sisters and me.She was a soft place for me to fall and always had open arms and was ready to listen any time I needed her.I am sure she doesn’t know how much she meant to me because her and my Uncle Don got divorced and we never saw her but a few times after that.I idolized her and everything she did.She would take me for rides in Uncle Don’s convertible with the top down.She always had the coolest clothes.She wore these boots that I knew I was going to buy as soon as I got a job and her hair was always teased into this amazing hair cut.Sometimes she had highlights and she wore make up just right.I always think of her as young,hip,and wonderfully kind.

As I got older Aunt Jackie would let me babysit for her and I loved her kids like they were my own brother and sister.She probably has no idea that those times I was at her house gave me reason to keep going.I was always fighting to save myself and my sisters from my stepfather at the time and going to Aunt Jackie’s gave me a look at life without fear for a little while.We would listen to rock and roll and laugh and talk.I watched and learned from her that sometimes you have to fight terribly hard to get where you need to go and to me and my sisters she is still a part of our family.

So where ever you are Aunt Jackie know that I thought of you today and your kids Donnie and Cindy.I want to thank you for your kindness and the love you showed to little girls that needed it.Gods Blessings.

There is a lesson in here for my grandkids and I mean to untangle it now.Love doesn’t have sides and there was none to my sisters and me in my aunt and uncle’s divorce.We loved them both and still do today.When my grandma(her ex-mother-in-law) died my Aunt Jackie came to the funeral home.To me that means she has great character and knows how to forgive.I love her for that.

I think God puts some people in our life when you need them most and I think Aunt Jackie is one of them.I really don’t know for sure where she lives today but I do know this,she will always hold a special place in my heart.

Move Over


IMG_0437Collin and Landyn were both being tucked into bed this weekend.Now that they live in the country they sleep in separate rooms.As Brooke was tucking in the Little Dude Landyn hollered that she had to go pee and took off for the bathroom down the hall.As soon as Collin heard her he had to go and off he went to join Landyn in the bathroom.Brooke waiting for Collin thought it was funny when she heard the toilet flush and they both came running back to their rooms at the same time.

“Collin I thought you had to use the bathroom.”

“Oh,I did,I peed in garbage.”

Later on when she was telling me this so disgusted on the phone I didn’t know what was funnier,him peeing in the waste basket or her telling me that she was glad she always double bags.

Well,technically,urine is waste.Sorry I just had to.Blessings everyone.

Blood Beans And Broken Bones

Brooke&Josh 001My daughter Brooke and her cousin Josh were best friends when they were little.Brooke was a dancing queen and a little flirt when it came to her uncles and most everyone was besotted with her.Josh was always in trouble playing with electricity and fire and building ramps.The two of them together were a recipe for exhaustion by the end of the night.Brooke tells me most of the ideas they had were Josh’s with the help of his big sister Jami but don’t you always blame the other guy?I usually was pretty laid back but Linda was a nervous mother so when I had the kids I tried to keep things under my hat when they happened. One day they were playing school and I heard a blood curdling scream.Josh slammed the desk top on Brooke’s hand right on her finger joints.Her fingers were bent up in a v shape and I thought all four were broken.As I was looking at her little fingers wondering if I should load them up and take them to the hospital Josh started blowing on them with full force.

“Buddy what are you doing?”

“I blew on my fingers when I burnt my hand starting the leaves on fire at home and it felt better.”

He was four years old.

Another time I was fixing supper and they came up to me talking like they both had a cold with a stuffed up nose.

“Mama, we got beanth up our noth”

They both stuck beans up their nose and in their ears.Loved that one.

They were playing circus on the clothes line pole with Jami and Brooke broke her elbow.It was broke so bad she had to have surgery.

In Linda’s bedroom,I don’t know what happened, but Josh bit an electrical cord and burnt his mouth.He had to have surgery on that.Brooke told me it fired.

One day they came in the house with a large bone they dug up in the garden.Dinosaur bones they told me.It was really our dog that had died.

Now they are raising kids of their own and I hear from both of them about the things their own kids do.Sometimes I see that look I used to get on Brooke’s face and it is like looking at myself twenty years ago.Josh now helps his own sons build ramps for their bikes and I just know there will be a trip to the emergency room.When they were little if I could have looked into the future I would have known that traits are passed down.Their kids are still young enough so enjoy I say because the teen years sneak up on you fast.There will be a day that a bean stuck up your nose is nothing.The day they get their drivers license is looming ahead.Have patience dear children you will get through it.I did.It wasn’t easy but the future holds many wondrous things.Someday they will think you are smart again.They will call and ask for advice or even better just stop in to visit.You will have an amazing woman or man that will give you grandkids and it is all worth it.Raising kids is the hardest most rewarding thing you can do.It isn’t for the weak or wishy washy.You have to be ready for anything.I am so glad I had the adventure but I am also glad for my life now.I always wanted to be a mom and I want to thank my kids for putting up with me and the mistakes that I made.I know their kids are blessed to have them as parents.They came from a family that loves.

God Bless my family and Thank You Lord for watching over us.We may have had blood and broken bones in our past but we also had each other,the greatest gift of all.

The Hair Cut

IMG_0577_thumbCollin is all boy but there are times that you know he has three sisters.Last week I had my hair cut and dyed.I picked him,Alexis and Peyton up to come over for a day of play.As he was sitting behind me the conversation started………..

“Nana I like you new haircut!”

“Why thank you buddy.”

“I want my hair cut like yours.”

Alexis sitting beside him was so disgusted when he said that.

“Collin you don’t need your hair done like Nana’s.Why would you want to go to the hair dressers when Dad does yours for free?”

That’s my frugal Alexis always looking to save a dime.I was wondering  how long Mike would do three and a half year old Collin’s buzz cut before he started charging and I found out last night.Collin and I were sitting at our kitchen bar eating a treat when I noticed he had his hair cut again.

“Buddy I like your new hair cut.”

“You do,Nana?”

“Yes,I do.How much did your dad charge you?”

“Twenty Dollars.”

I think that is highway robbery.

From Braces To Birth

100_0060This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter Alisha holding her niece Alexis.That was almost nine years ago.Time flies…….

IMG_0501My baby carrying a baby of her own.I loved the phone calls and the asking of questions.It seems I have wisdom now when just a short time ago I am sure she thought she was smarter than her old mom.

IMG_0592This is what I saw last weekend when she called and said she was headed for the hospital.My girl in labor.I will always remember  her lips.I kept watching them as she blew in and out.Those beautiful lips that smooched on Alexis,that never stopped moving,that pouted when told no,that kissed her father when he took her car away.I love you baby and I was never prouder of you.Already a mother even before your baby was born refusing any drugs because you wanted her birth to be pure.Your baby is so blessed to have you for her mommy.


McKenzie Jade is so beautiful.She has those same lips.I hope now that your life is content.That you have that feeling that you belong.I know now that where you came from is never gong to matter as much as where you go with your little girl.My heart overflowed when you told me that you want her to have the same life that you had when you were growing up.You want to raise her to know God and her family.I took that as a compliment to your upbringing.

IMG_0600Her Papa said she was the most beautiful baby he has ever seen.She will have him wrapped around her little finger.He already loves her soooo much.Thank you for giving him another blessing.

IMG_0594Love you baby girl.Thank you God for our newest member of the family.We will rock her and love her.We teach her to sing and bake cookies.She will know she is special and a blessing.

Now I gotta go as you can see she wants her Nana.

The Mole

I can’t stand the word mole.Every time I hear it I think of beady little eyes on a rodent.I can’t even stand the word when it refers to Mexican food and I love Mexican food.The problem with that is I have several moles on my neck and I am always thinking that I am going to have them removed the next time I go to the doctor but I never do.I really don’t like the word mole even when it refers to the ones on your body.Enter the Little Dude……….

IMG_0428This Sunday in church I had Collin on my lap.Our church was packed because we were having a Ham Dinner and it is quite well known in our area.I am always a little concerned because you never know what is going to happen in our peanut gallery and especially when there is a lot of people we don’t know.No worries until the pastor started preaching.Collin was laying his head on my shoulders and I heard him whispering something.

“What did you say,Honey?”

“A worm,Nana.”

“No, that is just a mole on the back of my neck,now leave it alone.”

He lays his head back down and is just patting my neck in the back when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pinch and he pulled the mole on the back of my neck right off.In church.With a man behind us.Watching the whole thing.I let a yip out of me as I grabbed his hand and sure enough,there was my ugly mole in his sweaty little palm.Just as he was about to pop the thing in his mouth I grabbed the snotty Kleenex he had in his pocket and quickly disposed of the evidence.With eyes as big as saucers he says “I got it.!”

Thank God it wasn’t a bleeder because I don’t know what would have happened.Of course he wants to look behind my head to see my mole less hairline and I won’t let him.I finally give him his little snack bag to distract him and it works.I guess today he was a surgeon.He was so good after that.I only heard one moo out of him for the rest of the service.Guess what his kindergarten teacher mother packed in the snack bag.

To the poor man that was sitting in back of us I just have to say I am sorry.That is how it goes when the little Dude is around.He doesn’t mean for things to happen,they just do.I assure you it was just a mole and I do not have worms of any sort.Just moles and one less to boot.Our church is a nice one and sir don’t be afraid to visit us again.My only suggestion is you might want to sit more up to the front by my sister and brother- in- law, Donnie and Marie.