Grandpa’s Girl

Bethany and Grandpa

My Bethany is in the United States Navy and she is deployed right now. As her mother I am anxious because she is so far from home and I haven’t heard from her. We usually email back and forth but that has not been possible this last month because my internet has been down. The frustration I have felt trying to get my provider to get me up and running just about drove me crazy. After many phone calls to a stupid computer telling me to try this and try that and sitting on the phone for hours to talk to a live person I had about had it. We had a technician out and he thought it was fixed and it was for about ten minutes. The next day I called and waited forty minutes to talk to someone and told them if it wasn’t fixed by the end of the day we were cancelling all of our services with them. Why didn’t I do that in the first place I don’t know. The reason I even bring it up is because usually I am a take charge kind of person but I let worry overtake this thing because of my Beth. I just knew she was emailing me and thought I wasn’t taking the time to answer. I knew she needed to tell me something important and I wasn’t there for her and I worried she was feeling all alone. That wasn’t the case I am happy to say because I never got one email from her when my computer was up and running. That’s how it goes when you have a kid in the service. You go through what I call the three W’s,wait wonder and worry.Not good and I am trying to get over it.

My Beth is an Aviation Structural Mechanic for Safety Equipment. She loves her job. I sent her some questions when she first left and this is what she told me.

They have church everyday on the ship and Lutheran services on Sunday.

She works twelve hours a day from six at night until six in the morning seven days a week.

She really can’t tell me where they are because of Operational Security.

The food is pretty lackluster but you can buy snacks until they run out which is often.

She shares a room with about fifty other females from different commands.

She doesn’t like to touch anything in the shower.

She has trouble keeping weight on right now.

People tell her she is refreshing to be around and she has made many friends.

When she emails it sounds like she could be anywhere and it is still my Beth. I hope that if you know someone in the Armed Forces you take a little time for them. Send them a letter a package or just a card. Let them know they are missed and loved. It is our responsibility to keep them informed about what is going on back home. They miss us and they are tired so I am sure that even brings on loneliness. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers but also give them something tangible to hold on to and look at. If you belong to an organization or a church hand out their address and ask them to help.Anything from home is something they will love.

I know my girl reads this blog when they have access and that was another thing that tricked me off when our service was down but it is up today and I am doing this for her.I love you Bethy. I miss you and I can’t wait to hear from you. Dad and I talk about you every day. I put that picture up there of you and Grandpa because he was so proud of you. You remember the day don’t you? I bet he has the biggest grin on his face right know and is spewing ship details to everyone up there that will listen. Grandma too is so proud and she loves you so much.She asks everyday if we have heard from you and she plans on sending you some of those cookies that you love. She has never erased that I love my Grandma Perkie off her message board by the phone that you wrote many moons ago.

You are on everyone’s mind back here at home. Thank you for doing what you do and for being my daughter. You are a blessing and I love you.

I have one last thing I want to do for my girl. If you could please give her a hello today on this blog. It doesn’t take but a little bit of time and it will make me so happy that she has something to read from all of us wherever we are. People she is special and has been from the start. Give her a little love.

Thank you and Blessings Everyone.Bethy 2

Thoughts on Memorial Day

american flagI have been thinking all morning about Memorial Day and how much I have always loved it.All of us at work looked so forward to an extra long weekend.Some of us went on vacation.It is the beginning of camping season to some and to the country folks a time to get your garden planted and the lawn trimmed for the summer season.In a way it is sad,because I believe a lot of us, myself included,sometimes forget the reason we get the day off in the first place.

daddy 001This is my Dad.He was Daddy to his little girls and we loved him intensely.He was a paratrooper in the Korean War.I love this picture of him with his sister,my Aunt Bets,and a family friend.My Grandma Hahn had oodles of letters he wrote to her when he was on deployment and let me read them one time.He was always up beat and I knew he loved his Mom.Those letters she cherished even after he got home.There was no email Facebook or Skype back then so I can imagine how many times those snippets of love were looked at.He came home married my mom and had five little girls.He was killed in a car accident when I was eight years old and my littlest sister was not even two.

bethy 6This is my daughter Bethany Lorelei.She is in the  United States Navy.Here she is in the Honor Guard at Arlington National Cemetery.


Bethy 3Now she is an inspector for the Navy in the aircraft department.She tries to explain things to me but most of the time it goes right over my head.I know this isn’t the right way to say her job but I hope you get the idea.I never thought that my little Boots would be doing this.She is proud and she is happy and I’m not bragging but very good at her job.That is just a fact.I believe she was first in her class and she got many awards.You go little Owendalette.Your family loves you.

I hope this Memorial weekend  everyone stops and takes a minute to reflect on the people that help keep us safe.They are somebodies dad,wife,daughter,son.Let’s remember why we get this long weekend and if you can and you know somebody in the military,give them some love.It is easy with todays technology.Okay Bethy,get ready now, here it comes,can you feel it?That’s right it’s my arms around you in the biggest cyber hug you have ever felt.Now here comes Dad with his arms open,too.Oh ,and no that wasn’t a hair brushing on your forehead,it was his kiss.Thank you and love you.Mom and Dad