I Asked God For An Angel

IMG_20160215_195416820My granddaughter Alexis is going to be thirteen in a few short months. It is a scary time for me. I lived with a few frightening thirteen year olds. Their hormones raged. Their mouths could be uncontrollable. The tears come out of nowhere. I can remember thinking that I would never make it through the teen years with some of my kids. There were days that I wanted Hungarian Work Horse to commit me to an asylum for the criminally insane so I could have some peace and quiet. I could have found sanctuary there before I could at home with those bawling demanding children. Even with a trip to the dentist to get a tooth pulled there is a pain pill after the fact for some relief. With a thirteen year old there is not. Then they turn into an older teen that gets a drivers license and you have this spawn of you with another thing to put you over the edge, the everlasting wanting to be behind the wheel of a car. Not to worry though it does go away eventually and you do get through it. Just like the Children of Israel did with all those plagues.

My Alexis has always been my sweet sweet girl. She is growing into a young lady with grace. I love how she handles herself and how she loves others. She can be very understanding with her little sisters and brother. She is sensitive and quiet for the most part but I have seen her get pushed too far. One night I was over and my Little Dude wanted to change the channel on the television and before I could blink she had him pinned to the ground with arms and legs going in every direction.I am surprised I didn’t hear Peyton and Landyn chanting BAR FIGHT BAR FIGHT in the background. Little Dude wasn’t going to cry uncle because he is tough but it was my slender Alexis that had the upper hand. I used my I mean business Nana voice and they quit immediately.It was like a drive by shooting it came on so fast with the ending swift and immediate that at first I couldn’t believe it happened. Alexis never held a grudge that night after I got the gruff voice out. She walked me to my car like she does every time I leave her house. She told me she loved me and I know she means it. I love her like my Grandma Jahr loved me and that is saying a lot. My grandma was my everything that was sane in my teen years. My Alexis is that bridge of me to my grandmother. She brings memories of my feeling so understood and cherished by a strong lady that cared for me. I hope some day Alexis has the same arsenal of hope to reach back and use when she is feeling bad or raising a bulldog of a teen herself. I do know that if there is a way I will watch over her for as long as she walks this earth.                                                                                             

IMG_20151029_185642585 I got this in the mail from Alexis.

Every word she says I say right back, I don’t care if she works for The Peace Core or the World Wide Wrestling Federation she is my girl.

So if you go all rogue in those hard hard teen years Lex look for me. I will help. We will get it behind us and we will probably do it laughing. I will make that scared noise with that wild look of fear and you will laugh your head off cause that’s what we do. I love you doesn’t even come close to what I want to say to you. I am honored to have you as my first experience of true grandmotherly love. It is like nothing else and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

8 thoughts on “I Asked God For An Angel

  1. So very very sweet. I have three daughters. I am very frightened about what life will be like when they’re all teenagers. All three will be at once for two straight years. Heaven help me! I hope they all turn out like your Alexis and stay that way!

    • They will be great because they have you as a mom. I will admit it was hard when my last two were teens but we got through it and they are great adults. The best thing about it is remembering my husband and I huddling in bed hanging on to each other for dear life and sticking together. It made us closer. Or maybe we were afraid who knows!!!!!

      • Hanging on for dear life! Ha! I suppose this will make us closer. My husband might need to be staying late at work each night during those years. Thank goodness they eventually grow out of being teenagers, but it last for too many years!

      • You think it will never end but it really does go by fast. It’s kind of like being in labor. The end result is the wonderful. My kids are now the best friends a mother could have. Plus they think I am smart now.

  2. THIS. IS. BEAUTIFUL!!! You brought tears to my eyes! My oldest grandchild is a girl, too, and she’s 7. You remind me to enjoy every moment of these childhood/girlhood years, but I know that she will be a sweet, loving teenager just as she is a sweet, loving girl now because the love of Jesus shines through her already. But this is a wonderful message to give our grandkids–thank you! We hope we gave this message to our own kids–we certainly meant to, didn’t we?–when they were growing up, but I think sometimes we were so busy parenting, we didn’t have a chance to put it into words like you’ve done. One of the blessings of being grandparents, I guess–it’s not usually a full-time job and we’ve learned SO much more! (Our poor, guinea-pig kids!)

    May I have your permission to share this? I’ll only do it if you’re okay with it, and I understand if you’re not.

    • Yes it is like we cut our teeth on the kids and now we know for the grandkids. My grandkids are truly God’s greatest blessing to me.I am glad this post is something you want to share and would love for you to do so. Blessings my friend.

  3. Oh my goodness, get me the kleenex. As always Liz, you write with such grace and love, but that note from Alexis is absolutely beautiful. Such a blessing. I’m so happy to see you blogging again.

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