She’s Hot


I got a phone call from Brooke the other day. She is my oldest daughter and the mother to the bulk of my grandchildren.She had the kids at the park because Alexis had ball practice. I think she was a little taken back as her kids were playing when she over heard a couple of boys make a statement as they looked at Peyton. Two simple words. SHE’S HOT

She is only eight years old and the boys weren’t much more than that I guess. Brooke is a teacher of kindergarten so she pretty much hears everything but this was about Peyton who thank goodness never heard the statement. She needs no more self confidence. She oozes it like water from a crack in a Michigan basement and it drives her big sister Alexis crazy.

I know what that is like. In my eyes my little sisters were always way cuter than me and it took it’s toll on my idea of how I was perceived to other people. Thank God Alexis has two wonderful parents that keep the nobody is better system in place. There are no big heads at their house. They are what my dream family would have been when I was little.

We laughed as we were talking about those wonderful kids and I kept thinking that my love for Brooke just gets stronger and stronger. How is that possible when she has always meant so much to me. She is the mother I always wanted to be. Peyton is kind and loving because of the way Mike and Brooke taught her. She is one lucky little girl and her and all of the kids are fun to be around because of that. Like I said everybody has their heads the right proportion for their age.

I just wish I would have been the one to over hear little boys say something so stupid. I would have replied— Yes,  she always sweats like that.

20 thoughts on “She’s Hot

  1. The last line cracked me up!! I love that you get to enjoy Brooke and her family and see the potential of what family can mean–but you need to give yourself more credit. Your never-ending love for your children and grans is what sustains them in times of need. You, Liz, are the matriarch of all of them. I am proud of you for that.

    And now, a request. How about a post of all the awesome expressions you have. They are wonderful–like the one above about the Michigan basement. I love it. Keep em coming.

    • Good Lord Michael I never think of myself that way. I always want my kids to remember me like I do my grandma, now there was a matriarch. As for the expressions I don’t even know which ones are awesome because that’s just how I really talk.

  2. Liz, I know what you mean. It is disconcerting to hear grown up expressions come from the mouths of children, even though they are probably parroting what they’ve heard without understanding what it really means. I also agree with the other commenters – I think you were and are a wonderful mother and grandmother to have a family that is filled with so much love and laughter.
    Blessings, My Friend!

  3. Yes, that is a wonderful compliment to your daughter–but remember, she had a great role model! You’re so funny–wanting to tell those boys she always sweats like that! My mother would have washed their mouth out with soap! I wouldn’t have gone that far, but it’s really, really, really sad that boys that young are thinking that a girl is hot. Wow! Their parents need to de-sexualize their environment! Whatever happened to “girls have cooties,” which is what boys that age used to think?

    • I sooo agree. I wonder if they even know what they are saying or if they are just repeating something they heard someone else say. Doesn’t matter to some folks but it makes me realize that kids know far more than they need to. We always thought the boys had cooties.

  4. Yes, that would have been a teriffic response. How disturbing that young children are saying things like that. What are their parents letting them be exposed to? What happened to kids thinking other kids had cuties? 🙂

  5. Sis- In my eyes you are beautiful. Yesterday, today,and forever. I remember one time (and their have been many) when I was at my wits end and you just talked to me and when you were done you said that I was a beautiful, vivacious woman. Your kindness that day helped me through. Thanks, Liz. You get the best big sister award:) God doesn’t look at the outward. He looks at the heart. I bet you make Him laugh like you do me. I love your smile, Sis. I wanted to tell you one of my favorite passages today just in case… I always need God’s instruction manual cuz i get lost sometimes. So here it is.”When life is heavy and hard to take,go off by yourself. Enter the silence. Bow in prayer. Dont ask questions: Wait for hope to appear. Why? Because the Master wont ever walk out and fail to return. If He works severely, He also works tenderly. His stockpiles of LOYAL love are immense.” Have a good day. Suz

    • Wow I turn on the computer and find this. Thank you so much. I know that life gives us trials and I am always up for a challenge that is for sure just once in a while I need the little nudge you just gave me. So many times I think that I am not going to blog anymore and then I get a blessing from one of my sisters. Blessings Linette.

  6. Dont you ever quit blogging my love. I come on here to check and see if you are ok. Love you with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I will always need you to sis. You are the common sense in our family. Keep blogging!!! I love it.

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