Two Kids And a Garden Tractor


Today was one of those days I will hold in my heart forever. I had two strong willed kids that love to pretend at my house. It was a day for plowing and seeing who was going to be the driver of all things that move. McKenzie aka my Little Peaches was doing a lot of button pushing on Little Dude’s tractor and I was OK with that until she figured out how to get it to go. That thing is too dangerous for her to drive herself. Her mother usually hops on the thing and they go around the yard but she had to work today so that was not an option. IMG_1102

They climbed on Papa’s garden tractor and you can see it is always safety first with Peaches.


There was quite a discussion on who was going to drive. You can see who won. I mean would you argue with that?


It took her a few minutes to study the controls but after that Little Dude had complete confidence in her. Oh the places they went and the giggles that in sued.


Just look at her backing up. Now that takes skill.


Can you tell which one of them had the bath after all that work?

Today I say thank you God for my grandkids and the parents that don’t let them sit in front of a television screen or gaming system. The world is theirs to explore and pretend. Someday Little Dude will tell Peaches about the day he let her drive and she will laugh and laugh. He will say it is because she was spoiled and she will know in her heart he is right.She will always love him for that and he will always love her because she needs him. That is what big boy cousins do.

Blessing everyone.

14 thoughts on “Two Kids And a Garden Tractor

  1. Beautiful. 🙂 Brings back memories of “driving” with my siblings in old cars and trucks at various places we would visit. Or when dad would take the keys out of the vehicles when we went camping. 🙂

  2. What an awesome day with memories that will last forever–in part thanks to you and your blog: a beautiful tribute to family and children and grandchildren. I love the pictures, Liz. Those two are adorable. Hope you are well. DG

    • I am glad you liked them. It was an awesome day and my heart was full. We have many trials right now but I think that we will be Ok. You can’t keep this family down.

  3. This is so lovely! Who could avoid spoiling that adorable face? How very precious that the cousins can grow up together like this. Our grandkids don’t have any cousins yet, but we love having them here on the farm with us, making memories.

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