Don’t Drink The Dew

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Last Saturday I had all the grand girls for a sleep over. As the evening wore on I was getting very tired plus I was so thirsty after our burrito supper.  I asked Hungarian Work Horse if there was any Mountain Dew in the basement refrigerator thinking it might solve both my problems. He brought me one up and right on cue as I was unscrewing the lid off out comes our little Landyn.

“Nana are you drinking pop?”

“Yes, Honey I am.”

“I love pop Nana but I can’t drink Mountain Dew because my Mom won’t let me. It is not good for you.”

“Landyn, I hardly ever drink pop so I think it will be alright. Besides your dad drinks it and he is okay”

“ No Nana it is bad for you and you should not drink it. I know this.”

“What can happen Landyn?”

She thought for a second and then replied,”Well you will get a moustache so stop drinking it. You don’t want to walk around looking like that do you?”

As I was conjuring up images of me with a mustache like Yosemite Sam’s I put the bottle down. I’m sticking to good old water from now on. Those stinking mustaches run in our family and I don’t want to embarrass the grand girls. Now that I think of it I better call Alisha. I think she was downing one of those big bottles the other day and I certainly don’t want her to have a five o’clock shadow before she has to.

Tonight I am thankful for my little Landyn that wants to be called Minnie. She is so precious to me. My heart fills with love just thinking of her. Thank you God for little girls with a twin brother.There is nothing better. Blessings Everyone.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Drink The Dew

    • I don’t think her mom told her that but you never know. I have about a million comments I have wanted to put on your blog but haven’t had the time.I keep reading you on my lunch break and laughing. Hope all is well.

  1. We used to pour Mountain Dew into the snow so it looked like a dog peed, and then try to make sure someone laid on it:) There’s nothing wrong with an occasional pop, Liz. But glad that your grandkids are looking out for you. Hope you are well.

    • Thank you for always saying something to me that makes me smile. I am sorry it took so long for me to respond back. Family needs are at an all time high right now and I need to do the right thing. I am finding courage in places that I never knew I had. I hope it all ends soon and I can get back to my old Nana self. When you read this give Hayden a big hug and remember that you are so blessed to have your family which I know you do. Liz

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