Fighting Mad

Collin. Little Dude never made it to church last Sunday and I was telling him how I let another little boy sit by me and play with my Kindle. He got mad about it.

“Nana he betta watch out because I might punch him.”

“Honey, that isn’t very nice. Do you think that Jesus would say something like that?”

“Nana, don’t wowwy I wouldn’t punch Jesus.”

14 thoughts on “Fighting Mad

  1. So cute! I can’t help but smile about how things have changed and yet they haven’t. When my son was little, I didn’t have a Kindle, but I cut the kids puzzles out of the paper and taped them in a little notebook. The only time he got to play with them was at church. Same thing I guess – just no batteries!

    • That Kindle is a life saver some Sundays. It is so much better than hauling all those books we used to carry. He knows when Pastor gets on the pulpit that he can open the Kindle if he has been quiet. It works and I am so thankful.

  2. Too funny! Aren’t grandkids the dearest?

    Last night our granddaughter (4 1/2) was asking why we don’t have pigs anymore and where are they? “In the freezer,” I told her. (I didn’t tell her she eaten some for supper!) “We eat them,” I added. “Do you eat the blood?” she asked. “No,” I told her, “the butcher drains the blood away and we just eat the meat.” While she digested that, her 2 1/2 year old brother popped up and said, “Jesus eats blood.” “What?” I asked. “Where’d you get the idea that Jesus eats blood?!” “Nothing but the blood of Jesus,” he replied.

    • That made my morning. I love it that the little ones are listening and it is funny what sticks with them. I was teaching Alexis our ten year old the meaning of the sixth commandment for school last week and when it came to being sexually pure she pointed to the word sexually and said -Nana I have never said that word in my life. I told her now that she is learning the commandments that she would have to. She acted like she was going into a right of passage. I loved it because I was right there with her.

    • Thanks Linda. I took that picture of him and Alisha embellished it. It really did turn out cute. Aren’t you glad your little great nephew wouldn’t punch Jesus. He has standards.

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