The Wedding’s Off And I Love My Family

IMG_1012Two weekends ago I had about all of my favorite men at my house. They were working on the foundation of our old farm home so that it doesn’t leak anymore. It was a weekend project that made Hungarian Work Horse miss church and everything. My favorite Little Dude was right in the mix of things. He loves all things machinery and Uncle Greg brought his digger and here Little Dude and his Daddy are digging. I love these two with all my heart. Little Dude was so happy and I was glad the big guys let him help until he ran in the house and I asked him for a quick smooch.

“Nana, I don’t have time right now. I got work to do and I can’t marry you.”

I got kicked to the curb for machinery.

IMG_1009They dug all around the foundation of our house and tarred and put a drain system in it. This is my favorite brother-in-law of the day working. He is the one that my sister Linda dresses up so they can sing like Sonny and Cher every Sunday in church. The Sounds Of Sunday will tell you all about it . That Linda is so lucky to have him with all of his machinery and his kindness. He brought all that equipment and my nephew Josh just to help us.

IMG_1007That’s my other Dude Josh. I love him like my own son. He is the one holding the bottle on my header up there. Yes, he’s come along way from those olden days. It just came to me while I was writing this that he may have gotten his love for starting fires when he was little because he spent so much time at our house. Hungarian Work Horse loves him some fire and Josh probably picked up the trait from him. I am so grateful that he took time away from his family to help his uncle. Read Supper at the Stings on this blog to get to know them better.

IMG_0432Little Dude was filthy all day. I kept my eye on him at all times because I didn’t want him to get hurt. He was going from coffee cup to coffee cup outside sneaking drinks. I just laughed. I finally did get a kiss after a couple of hours when he came in and wanted a sample of the watermelon I was cutting up for the guys lunch. His dad came in a while later and I told him about the coffee caper he was pulling. Mike said he wasn’t stealing any because he gave him a travel mug filled with water so he could pretend that he was drinking coffee like the big guys. I begged to differ because his breath smelled suspiciously Columbian after his kiss.

My heart is full today remembering how my family helped us. A lesson for my grandkids is in here and it isn’t hard to see. They say you can pick your friends but not your family but I say I couldn’t have a better family no matter how I got them. Greg is more than my brother-in-law. He is my friend and he took my Josh under his wing when he married my sister and is better than any dad could ever  be. He is kind and forgiving. Josh has always treated me like a second mother and I love him more than words can express. I am so blessed to have a nephew that still kisses me when he sees me and lets me take his picture when I know he doesn’t want to. If I called him right now he would come and that means something to me. And my son-in-law Mike. He is a son to me in my heart. He is such a good dad to my most prized possession of all, my grandkids. Little Dude has a lot of Mike in him and that is a good thing. I am so glad Brooke married him.

As I sit typing this it makes me realize that men are good. I need to remember these guys and not jerks from my past. I grew up thinking my Hungarian Work Horse was the only man that mattered and that is not true. My sisters and I have many men to be thankful for in our lives. The Little Hahn girls may have had a rough start but we are in good guy heaven now. I love the men in my life. It feels so good to be able to say that. I know we have more good guy plantings coming in the future and I can’t wait. My sister Linette will see to that. My Little Dude has some good examples from men on how to treat his woman some day. He will be loving and kind. He will be a good dad and someday Papa. He will work and he will be a family man because that is where he came from. I just hope the woman he marries likes skidders and diggers because I have a feeling they will be part of his employment. He may be a little stingy with the smooches but if she has a cut up watermelon and a cup of coffee she’ll be all right. One thing I know for sure is that he will love her because he has lots of practice in that department and I plan on giving him many more lessons.

This day I want my grandkids to remember to be a good family member. Don’t grow absent from your aunts and uncles. They are part of who you are and they love you no matter what because you are mine. God put us in this family for a reason and the older I get the clearer it becomes. We are very blessed to have each other and I know if I died today my sisters and their family will keep you all close. You are loved by many and especially me. Today I am thankful for family. Blessings everyone.

24 thoughts on “The Wedding’s Off And I Love My Family

  1. This is so heart-warming! I’m so glad that God blessed you girls with good guys! So sorry Little Dude won’t marry you, but I’m glad you got your kiss! 🙂 Family can be such a blessing!

    We’re pretty far away from all except two of our four kids, especially far away from my aunts and uncles. But when I “lost” my parents (through their choices) 18 years ago, my mom’s two siblings and their spouses stepped up and were there for me to support me over the phone or through email. When they could, they would come visit. Now they’re too elderly so we’re the ones that go there. We just saw some of them in June and reunited with some of my dad’s family I hadn’t seen since high school. It was so wonderful to see that it was like no time had passed. They were just glad I had come back into their lives! My parents’ pattern was to keep us distant from family so I’m thankful that my husband has been willing to change that pattern with me and make it a priority to get together with them.

    • A few of our stepdads tried to keep us from our family too so I do know what you mean. It stinks but you get the idea how you are that family to your own now and it does not matter. People can take things like love away for a while but when we get older we can get our aunts and uncles back and show our grandkids what a real family is. A family really is the people that you love be they blood or not. Those husbands are such a blessing when you get a good one like we did. Blessings my friend.

  2. A very beautiful post Liz! Also, I have to tell you, I was thinking of you the other day! My mom got my 2 year old son his own coffee cup to use at her house. It’s a miniature little cup with a teddy bear on it! Now whenever we go there the first thing he says is “I’m ready for my teddy coffee!”

    • I love it that you thought of me! Your little guy is so lucky to have his own cup. It made me laugh because the grandkids are into Duck Dynasty right now and when I went to Walmart the other day they were selling Tupperware glasses like Uncle Si drinks out of. I tell you I had the thing in my cart. I then put it back hoping it will go on sale so I can get it for Alexis. Her mother is going to give me the eye balls when she sees it because I already got her the Uncle Si notebook for 25 cents. It went on sale so I am sure it’s only a matter of time before the glass does!

  3. Hi Liz. Hope you are well. Might want to think of writing a children’s book series–“The Adventures of Little Dude”, “Hungarian Work Horse Builds a Trench”…These are some REAL characters. Also, loved your observation about the men in your life (lives).

    Keep up the great work.

    • We are well but a little nervous about Bethany right now. You make me laugh when you come up for titles of the imaginary books. I think the last thing The Horse would want is me rambling about his fires and digging. He almost had a heart attack the other day when he saw his picture on my computer screen.

  4. There’s just nothing more important than families — I don’t know how people who have little or no family get along. They must really be tougher than I am. Sounds like you have a one-in-a-million family! And there’s no accounting for the too-cute things children say, lol!

    • My family is my most prized possession. In that said without getting too boastful they are what keeps me going. You are right too about out of the mouths of babes. Sometimes it can turn an uneventful day into a wonderful one. Blessings

  5. Hey there Liz! got me some decent internet and look at me! Whoopie – I got right onto your sight and I couldn’t be happier!
    I loved your sweet post – especially the part of how the little dude had the smell of Columbian in his kiss. Too funny.
    I’ve loved all your posts – been reading them from my smart phone, but not any more. Now I can freely open your site from home.
    What a relief!
    Hugs to you-

    • Sue it is so good to hear from you been wondering how you are doing. I’ve tried several times to stop by your blog but it said it was not available. I am going to try again later. Little Dude has had quite a few things going on lately and I he has been keeping me quite busy. Hugs back at you.

      • Hi Liz-
        yeah, you can find me at Down the Mountain road but not anymore. I let my domain expire and another Susan Bahr snapped it up. Who knew there were so many of us (41 in the US alone!)
        I’ve been reading the exploits of the Little Dude. Too danged cute!

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