I Miss My Navy Girl

Bethy 2

I got your great package with the great books (which I am realizing that I am totally into those types of books) and the crackers, snacks and peanut butter. The sad bad news is that the Jar BROKE 😦 and I am saddened to say it just
didn’t make it. But, when Jan and I do go back to Michigan, when ever that may be (before Jan 21st because my drivers license expires) we will be taking some back with us!
I am so glad to hear about the family and I just wish I could be home to enjoy everyone and everything. It makes me sad when I know the kids are growing up without me. But I love that they are learning so much and that they are so loved and I am always just so grateful for the amazing loving family that we have! After going from country to country and having seen so many sad things, I have really realized just how blessed I am.
I cannot wait to go home and make goulash of all things. Here on the ship, they say they make "Hungarian goulash" but it is really just beef cubes and noodles….nothing like it! I wish I could show them all how to make the real stuff from scratch!
Again mom, thank you for everything that you have done for me out here. No matter what happens, know that I am always thinking of you guys and know that you are all safe and sound at home. Maybe that is what this is all about?
Oh and you need to write some more blogs! I have saved every single one of them in a binder so I can always go back to them.

I love you mom and will talk to you soon,

That was the last email I got from my Beth and I have it memorized. I am so missing her and when I read her words I can actually see her lips move in my mind. I miss her freakishly long second toe that I used to kiss when she was three. I miss her hair and I miss her beautiful long fingers with the slightly square nails so perfectly shaped. I miss how she says Mom. I miss how she laughs. I miss her hour long showers and her running down our steps. I miss how she thinks her dad can do anything and I miss how she plays with the kids. I miss the sound of her voice and I miss how she says my brother. I miss her little nose. I miss how she looks when she drives. I miss her playing her flute. I miss how she chews. I miss how she leans down to hug me when she walks in the door. I miss hearing her sing. I miss her beautiful smile and I miss her writing messages on Grandma Perkie’s note board. I miss how she blinks. I miss how she runs. I miss how she puts the best spin on everything. I miss how she is so proud. I just miss.

She is a soldier but to me she is my daughter and she is a sister and an aunt and a niece and my mother’s granddaughter. Our family is missing a piece and we are ready any time to get it back.

I love you my Bethy Boots and I am trying to be patient but it is not easy. We are waiting with jam to replace the broken jar and goulash bubbling on the stove. We too are grateful for our family but it is so missing you. I am trying to remember that you are soldier but it is hard for this mother that is missing her daughter. I am sad and lonely for my girl. I am waiting to hear your voice and praying that you are safe. I wrote this so you can put it in your binder with the others. Now that you have it go get some rest. When you lay your head on your pillow tonight remember how I tucked you in bed and helped you say your prayers so many years ago. Feel my breath on your forehead as I gave you that goodnight kiss. I can’t do the same tonight in person but know I am doing it with all of my heart in my mind. I love my Navy Girl. I miss you. Mom

25 thoughts on “I Miss My Navy Girl

    • Thanks Colleen. We all need ’em right now from what I am reading. I can’t hardly comment on things because I have no words. Praying does seem to help and I will be sending them your way too.

      • Thank you LexiesNana. I can’t imagine how you feel. But I know a mom’s heart. And yours is being strained and tried. I am sure you can count on millions of people keeping her and her mates in their prayers.

  1. Through these beautiful words, I feel as if I know your sweet Navy Girl and I’m all choked up! She sounds wonderful. Blessings on you as you await her return. Lifted up a prayer for her safety and well being just now.

  2. Thank you for sharing this truly heartfelt exchange between you and your daughter — I cannot imagine the feeling of my own daughter being in the military at this point in history. I would pine for her, as I’m sure you do for your lovely daughter. My husband served 20 years in the Navy and was gone for long periods of time — the children actually got physically ill when he would leave. Prayers for your daughter’s safety and comfort, and prayers for peace to you.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I have such appreciation now for families that serve. We get so lonesome for her and I wish that I could go back sometimes and take that extra five minutes that I thought I didn’t have when she was home. This weekend for some reason has been so hard not to worry. I don’t know why. In church this morning I could hardly stand it. It is unusual for me to have these feelings because I know she is in God’s Hands. I just will be glad to hear her phone call telling me she is back home. Right now my heart hurts for her.

  3. There are times I wake up in the middle of the night with an ache in my heart and a lump in my throat with the missing of her. I am not sure why some days it hits me so hard either. The only thing that I keep thinking is that I can’t wait for the day I can hug her so tight and not let go until both of us are ready. Thank you, Mom for posting exactly how I have been feeling.

    • Honey
      I hear what you are saying. I don’t know why some days are worse than others. Now I think I hate that Amazing Grace song we sang in church today because I MISS Beth. How crazy town is that? I just hope she knows how much we love her and that we are so proud of her. Thank you daughter of my uterus for being the best sister and daughter any person could have. Now quit bawling and go blow your nose. Love you.

    • She is a gift that is for sure. It is hard to believe that the little girl I got from that foster home is doing this kind of work. She is an amazing woman now and I can’t wait until she is home safe and sound.

  4. Oh, I loved this! It made me cry. I missed not being able to read your posts for a while. When you miss your kids, you just ache inside. You love ’em, you are proud of them, but every once in a while you just want to lay your eyes on them and that makes you just ache for them.

    • Denise it does. I am ok most days but sometimes I just want to feel her physically. Her big sister Brooke says she gets like that too. Being lonesome for your child is an awful feeling.
      Hope you are doing well and it is so good to hear from you. Blessings my friend.

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