The Dog Toe

IMG_0426My Little Dude always makes me laugh. Here is a conversation we had as I was washing him up after a long day of play in the sand.

“Nana are you going to da fireworks wiff me?”

“Yes, Buddy, Papa and I are going with you,now climb up here on the sink so I can wash you up before we go.”

He climbs up and I get him stripped down and start washing his body because we don’t have time for a bath. I get to his legs and the sink is already black from all the dirt. I am giving his feet a good scrubbing when I hear him yelp,”Owwwwwww,my dog toe!”

I am confused and scared because I love my family’s feet. I can tell you who anybody in my family is just by looking at a picture of their feet. I don’t know why but kissing my grandkids feet is one of my greatest pleasures but I will not kiss an animals foot even if it is attached to my Little Dude. I had to get to the bottom of this.

“Your dog toe?”

“Yes,my dog toe,I got it at Aunt Yinda’s.”

I look down at his big toe and he has a scratch on it. Apparently one of Linda’s dogs nails scratched his big toe and made it bleed a few days before and it was still sore.

Thank heavens it was a booboo.You never know when people will try to scam your grandkids with a lucky dog toe.


19 thoughts on “The Dog Toe

  1. Wow, Bency and your little Dude really are two peas in a pod. I went to clip Bency’s nails yesterday and he let out a yelp as well. No, he didn’t have a dog toe (that is hilarious though) but apparently he had stubbed his toe the day before and it was all purple by the nail bed. See the boys even hurt the same body parts on the same days!

  2. So funny! The only dog toes I have kissed are on little puppies with soft pads, but I did kiss a calf’s nose the other day. In fact, I gave it a long, long kiss on the nose, so long that we exchanged breath with each other. It was an amazing experience, bonding with this calf! I didn’t kiss its little hooves, though!

    • He is such a Little Dude. Yesterday Brooke pulled in the driveway to pick me up. I was finishing something in the garage so she opened the van doors because it was so hot and he yelled, “Nana, look I still got my dog toe.” as he stuck his little foot out so I could see. I love him sooo much.

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