The Wheels Fell Off The Bus

I took this video last summer after I had my first knee replaced. I am posting this for my daughter Bethany that is in Thailand right now. I know how much she misses the kids. Notice the Little Dude’s scratched up nose(as usual) and little Landyn’s monotone voice. I was sitting on the bar stool barely able to move because I had just come home from the hospital the day before. It was pure pandemonium with Miss P in the background trying to put her two cents in and both of them singing two different songs. I know the video is  so home made looking and I am not very good at it but I hope you get a laugh at this Nana’s little monkeys. Please notice Collins mouth as he sings the last part of the song. It killed me.

Just to let everyone know Beth is doing well and I got to talk to her again last week. She finally got some of the packages and mail we have been sending her. Love you Bethany

25 thoughts on “The Wheels Fell Off The Bus

  1. reminds me of home movies my dad would make (attempt) of us kids. In his case he would have fallen over something while backing up for his “perfect kodak moment” 🙂

    • Glad you laughed, I do every time I watch it. I just hope the jingle bells and the camera moving doesn’t make anybody confused or sick. I am sure Beth will read your comment and be thankful for your thoughts. Blessings good friend.

  2. Hey Sis- You should teach them that fabulous song, “I Cannot Come To The Banquet.” My grandson has a top hat and cane (golf club) that your boy could borrow. Lol. Love you, sis. Thinking of you. Suz

    • Not me ,you know the song a lot better than I do. You might be on to something though if we could get your grandson to direct the whole operation. He fits right in. I love you my Suzy Q.

    • I bet you have a lot of this in your house too with your little darlings and a husband that likes music. You are right, there is nothing like the joy of singing coming out of a little kids mouth.

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