The Sands Of Time

IMG_0874Last night the Little Dude got himself in a wee bit of trouble. Trouble follows him around like grease on a french fry and I am not sure why. Well, OK I guess I do know why but still. He is the only boy in a field of pink and long hair girl loveliness and sometimes it takes a toll on him. His parents are trying to raise a guy that knows how to treat girls with respect. It is an on going project that is a hard lesson to learn. He is bigger and stronger than his twin sister. They are three and she is a whopping twenty four pounds so you can knock her over by breathing to hard or turning the ceiling fan on or blinking. He does all three with his hands tied behind his back. That little twin girl can be like a yapping Chihuahua with the heart of a super hero. She is not afraid of anything and she is so stinkin cute that her cunning ways are hard to see. I love watching both of them and some of the antics are almost more than this old heart can stand.

 IMG_0334They got in an argument the other day and she hit him right where it counts.

“Brodder, you not my best friend any more and you not my brodder.” Talk about confusing to a Little Dude!

He told his mother what she said and got,”Well, Collin you might not be her best friend today , but you will always be her brother.”

He has to learn that when some one is littler than you they really have the power in the eyes of the adult and rightly so because those little ones can get hurt very easily and his sister has. That doesn’t make it any easier when you are in the heat of the moment. I am so thankful that his parents grew those eyes in the back of their head after they had the kids. They really do keep on top of things but once in a while when you are at a ballgame and big sister is up something happens.

IMG_0030Peyton was playing ball and we were all watching because she hit a home run last time and I wasn’t there. The kids are just learning the fundamentals of the game and everybody is having fun. Her dad’s family are really into sports and they take things very seriously. Me not so much. I am just so thankful that my grandkids have so many fans in the stands. Both sets of grandparents are there plus mom and dad. I love my son-in-laws family and we spend a lot of time together because of the grandkids. I am thankful for them because they love the kids as much as I do. I keep thinking how blessed the kids are because when I was growing up we never had that. There was no money for summer sports and there was always work to do. Even at eight years old I was in the field every day in the summer. I thank God that my grandkids have all of us and I hope He keeps us around for them for a long time. It also helps that there are so many of us to keep track of all the kids on the playground while the game is going on. Sometimes the Little Dude and the Chihuahua can be hard to keep track of.

IMG_0428Little Dude had already been in a sit for five minutes in your car seat in the van because of a sand throwing incident before I even got there. I wondered what happened as Brooke was telling me but didn’t think to much of it. He saw me and sat down beside me and said “I smell something.”

I had gum in my mouth and I laughed because of his sneaky way of asking for a piece.

It was then that I started asking why he had to sit in the van already. Sometimes I feel like a private eye with these kids.

“Why did you have to sit in the van?”

“I was throwing sand,Nana.”

“That’s not good Buddy, you should never throw sand because someone could get it in their eyes and that would really hurt.”

“Nana,dat boy put sand down my back and threw some in my hair.”

I look in his shirt and hair and sure enough he had sand everywhere. It is then and only then I am mad thinking he had to sit in the van because of retaliation. Brooke looks at me all reasonable and says “Mom you always take his side.”

Well, somebody has too and I fit the bill. Even though she is right I can’t help myself. It is hard to be objective when it comes to my grandkids. I really have to work on that. So I thought OK I will try.

“Buddy that wasn’t nice of that kid but you still can’t throw stuff back. That is how people get hurt. If someone does something to you walk away so you don’t get in trouble.”

I could have choked on those words but I said them. I really don’t think that it is so bad defending yourself. That’s what we did when we were little. It was called survival. We had to learn that if you played rough you suffered the consequences. You treated people the way you wanted to be treated and by golly if you wanted sand threw at you go ahead and throw sand. I know that is not how it is done today and I understand but really I can’t help myself when it comes to any of my grandkids. Some kids are bullys and I think Collin encountered one. The real thing here was that he learned how to handle it.

The game went on and after a while I told him he could go play back in the sand. I was watching him take his cowboy boot off and fill it to the brim with the stuff knowing he was looking for buried treasure and dog bones. That’s what he does. It runs in the family. Miss P came up to bat and I was watching her my heart pounding and pleading that she would hit the ball when all of a sudden Collin comes running heaven bent as fast as his little legs could carry him with a sand thrower right behind him.  Collin turns on a dime and sits right next to me knowing he is safe. The kid has his hand raised up in the air ready to attack. In my Nana save you voice as mean as I can I look at him and say “ Don’t throw sand.”

The criminal takes off like a scared rabbit and I don’t care. I sneak a look at Brooke and smile. I am wondering if she remembers when her brother threw a corn cob at Darcy Talaski in retaliation.

My reward for heading him off at the pass you ask? It was my Little Dude all snuggled next to me knowing he was vindicated. He knew there was a new sheriff in town and she was nothing to mess with. I know some day when he reads this he will laugh like I am now. My Little Dude and me. It is pure bliss. I love you Collin Michael Merchant even when you have to learn not to throw sand.






21 thoughts on “The Sands Of Time

  1. That’s a GREAT story, and I’m so glad you wrote it down for him!

    My poor baby sister was a push-over and a tiny preemie, to boot. When she was a tiny three-year old and would go play in the sand-box with the husky three-year old next door, he would clonk her on the head with a big metal cooking spoon. She would run home crying.

    Finally my dad went to talk to his dad. Apparently the dad was as much of a big bully as his son, and my dad came home angry. He told my little sister that the next time she came home crying over Stevie hitting her with the spoon, he was going to ask her if she had hit Stevie back. If she said no, HE would give her a spanking, said my dad.

    It makes me furious to this day that the ones who should have protected her, didn’t. And guess what–she never did learn to stick up for herself. She just learned that sometimes the meanest people in your life are the ones who should love you the most. First it was our parents, then her husband and then one of her kids. And it can still send Big Sister into a rage on her behalf! At least she knows one person who will always stick up for her!

    • I guess you know where I am coming from then. I am so glad that my kids have the parents they do. They are so good at figuring things out. Every kid needs a hero.

  2. Cute story, Liz. I’m with my grandkids this week. The 4 year old doesn’t need my protection because she’s too cute (and sneaky) to get on trouble, but I have to keep reminding the 9 year old to get dressed before turning on the video games so he doesn’t start the day by getting yelled at. Unfortunately I’m not here to protect him on a regular basis.

    • Oh so you guys have one of them too. The big kids always have to be on alert because of that cuteness that is for sure. That’s why I let Collin have a little coffee at my house, you know to calm his nerves. Have fun while you are there and take lots of pictures. I remember how cute your little granddaughter is.

  3. WHAT??? Who says we have to be objective when it comes to the grandkids???? No one told ME that! I’m not sure I believe you that we have to be….

    Way to have his back when the sand thrower came back! 🙂

    • You should have seen that coward put his tail between his legs and run. I gotta be careful because Brooke is a teacher and she is used to settling things diplomatically. I want her to think she gets her smarts from me not because of me. I can’t quit smiling how fast Collin sat by me. He knew what I would do because I’ve had to do it to him.

      • I love the tone you used with the Sand Thrower Bully. And that Collin knew Grandma was the safe zone. 😉 I am certain Brooke got her smarts from you. 😉

  4. So THIS is the grandson you so often see in the posts about my little guy!!! I love him already! And I think you penned my all-time favorite line: “Trouble follows him around like grease on a french fry.” THAT IS PERFECT!!! You know, I have a hard time with teaching the kids not to fight back as well. But I always think of my cousin…when we were kids, he was the one always getting in trouble. 8 times out of 10, he was simply retaliating for something his sneaky little brother did. Little brother never got caught. I also try to teach my kids that walking away IS a form of retaliation. Many times kids do things to get a rise out of another kid, but if you walk away, they don’t get what they want. Besides, I believe in karma. 🙂 Great post! Give that little dude of yours a high five for me!

    • Well you would have seen me in action tonight at the ball park. We brought sand toys for the kids and let them share with other kids. I was proud that the Little Dude was sharing. After a while some kid hit another kid in the head with one of our trucks. I had to go over there and tell them I was going to take the toys away if there was any more of that. Where are these kids parents?

  5. I seriously read this out loud to my husband. Because we had just been talking about how he used his “grandpa” tone voice to some kids that were misbehaving next door. 🙂

      • We came home and we saw them climbing up and down the back deck steps to the door. We are living someplace temporarily while we look for a house, so he was letting him know that was unacceptable to be snooping around at the back door. Guessing @ 4-5 yr olds.

  6. He is going to love that you wrote this down when he gets older.
    Great job grandma, we all need someon to have our backs. Like you I say hey throw sand at me I’m throwing it back. My sister has the ability to hug someone who throws sand at her, sending them into the dark depths of guilt. It’s effective, but not like throwing back. 🙂
    Great post!

  7. “Like grease on a french fry” hahaha! That’s a good one. I have that kid, too. I love this story. Sometimes kids just need to know somebody’s in their corner! He’s lucky to have his Nana!

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