Bethy 3My daughter Bethany is in Korea right now and today I got an email from her. How I loved it while I was reading her words that so sounded like my girl. Her Grandma Perkie baked her some cookies and they finally arrived. Some of the things that I have been sending her was also in the mail drop and she was so grateful. Sometimes I complain about this computer but today I am so thankful for it. It is a lifeline to my daughter so many miles away and technology is something that I take for granted but won’t after today. On Mothers Day at two o’clock in the morning I and her dad heard her sweet voice. She apologized for calling so late and for a while I thought I was dreaming. She sounded like she was here in the States. I couldn’t sleep for hours after we talked those few minutes.I cried and cried like I do when my kids are involved and my heart was full of so many emotions.It was such a gift for me on Mothers Day and I needed that because sometimes I don’t know if I am a very good mother.Sometimes I wonder if I make good choices when it comes to my kids but that phone call made me feel so appreciated at that moment. It was truly a gift for a worn out mama.

My Beth is a woman of the utmost in family and I am so proud of her. Smiling comes easy as I think of how different her dad and my conversations were with her. I was asking about how people treated her,about the food,and how she was feeling and she was asking about her nieces and nephews and her grandma and how she is sending them gifts from Korea. I told her about how my Dad was a paratrooper in the Korean War and was on Pork Chop Hill.

Her dad on the other hand was wanting to know exactly where she was and where she would be going.She couldn’t tell him a lot but that she would let us know as she could. He was popping out questions like the grandkids before a party. The love in his voice was so thick that it was hard for me to listen to. He is a man that loves hard when it comes to his kids and I wondered what that was like because my dad was taken from my sisters and me when we were little and never knew him as adult women. Would Daddy be proud of us and how we turned out? How different would our lives have been if he wasn’t taken away from us? Some day I will ask why he made it home from war just to be killed in a car accident leaving five little girls and a wife not out of her twenties all alone.

daddyservice 001My dad was one of the paratroopers that landed on Pork Chop Hill.That is him on the left.I think he is so handsome in this picture. I googled it and spent half the morning reading about it. So many soldiers were lost and I felt so sad. I don’t know much about war I admit but seeing some of the things my dad was a part of was an emotional roller coaster for me. A young man like my Beth is a young woman so far from home. I wonder if their footsteps felt any of the same path. To think that my daughter and my dad were in this place in the military is something I have never thought about. I hope he knows about Beth because he would love her. She is like him even though she has never met him. Like my dad Beth loves her family intensely. She loves to laugh like he did. They both rode a ship to Korea though their jobs were very different.He told my grandma all he did on that ship was peel potatoes. Beth on the other hand tells me she works twelve hours a day and is very busy. Both soldiers,yet one a man and one a woman both connected by a family that loves them so even though they never met. I get reassuring words from Beth about how safe she is just like my Grandma Hahn did from Dad. His letters to her were always upbeat and Beth is too.

I told her on the phone that night how Dad fell in love with a Korean girl but her parents wouldn’t let her come home to the states with him. It’s probably for the best because he fell in love with my mom the first time he laid eyes on her after he got home. My mom jokes about how different we girls would look if that Korean woman would have been our mother. I can’t even imagine. I guess it’s funny how things work out sometimes and maybe he was heart broken when he left without her but I believe God knew that her life would have been so hard after he was killed here with all her family in Korea. I hope she is a happily married woman and that her life is good. If I could give her a message I would tell her thank you for caring about my dad and that we loved him so.

As always I would like to leave my grandkids with this. Footsteps are something we make on this walk of life. They sometimes take us far away from home but you never know when God will connect them from something in the past and your family can be entwined in ways you can’t even fathom.The future is a wonderful thing but sometimes looking at those footsteps from the past can bring you joy. I know it did me today. I feel that my dad and my daughter,two of the most wonderful people that you could ever meet,are part of these footsteps.Like my friend JoAnn said to Bethy in her message I salute you.

Carry on soldier and God’s blessings.

26 thoughts on “Footsteps

    • Sis No thank you for always being so kind. I am so thankful that you think of my Beth. Also Mom says your thinking of coming to see her. Know you might have to put up with me if you come.Love ya girlfriend.

  1. I love this. I love family history and how it intertwines with the present. And I love what you said about the woman your father loved before your mother. Wow.

  2. This is a beautiful tribute to both your daughter and your father. Even though they have never met there will always be a connection between them. I too had a Father in Korea (he was in Italy a few years before that) and a nephew “over there” now (as we are not allowed to know where he is). It was always his grandfather that he spoke to or quite often just sat with when he was home. They didn’t need to talk, they just knew. I am sure your Father is looking over your Daughter and keeping an eye on her for you.

  3. Oh…I am glad I caught up on my blog reading. This is wonderful. Especially loved how the call made you feel and the differences in your conversations with your daughter and your husbands conversations with her. How your words weave and connect. So glad you shared what you were feeling!

    • Denise thanks for saying that. I was so happy to hear from Beth. Sometimes when you think God isn’t listening He does an act so wonderful you can’t even imagine.

  4. I love the connection you make between both your daughter and your father. Talk about following in one’s footsteps. You are a brave and supportive mother. I salute Beth, her mother, and her grandfather!!

    • Thank you. This story means a lot to me because my dad and my daughter are so very important to our family. Thank you for stopping by and blessings to you and your family.

  5. wow… your post brought me to tears… the ones filled with gratitude for stumbling upon something so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your own path of loss with me in my reflections about my mama. I still find myself immersed in grief that doesn’t seem to dampen, but instead transforms and changes me… and i hope i can continue to have the strength to move into compassion and light in the process. reading your post brought a smile to my heart… to know that in your own child you see your father… having lost both of my parents (though neither at such a young age as you), i find myself always sharing their memory with my own kids. and to hear how you see such a deep connection between your father and your daughter… it’s magical. and, having read many of your posts… as much as i understand the doubts that all of us carry as mothers, from the perch i am sitting on, the unconditional love and support you give your children (and grandchildren) speaks volumes about the magnificent mama you are.

    • Thank you so much for that. To think that someone gets something from what I write is so humbling. My family is so important to me and we have had our ups and downs. My hope is always that they know every person in our family is important even if they haven’t even met. Blessings and again thank you for such a heart warming comment.

  6. Beth is so pretty, it’s always touching to me to read about someone serving who is probably about my age. I too salute her, I couldn’t do what she is doing.
    Your father left you a lot it seems to me. Also my guess is he is proud of you.
    What special moments you have chosen to share with all of us. I hope when your grandkids are older they take the time to read every word you’ve written.
    I feel honored to do so…
    -Brooke’s Sister

    • Bethany is very pretty indeed. I can’t take any credit for that because she is a child from my heart not my womb. It is our honor that you read about us. Thank you

  7. My father was with the 11th Airborne in Korea on Pork Chop Hill as well. He has since passed away, I wonder if they may have known each other.

    • My dad also is gone. Maybe a reunion in Heaven. Thank you for telling me that. It sends me back to some wonderful stories dads family would tell me of him being in the service.

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