Double Digits


This weekend we celebrated a very special birthday. Our oldest granddaughter turned ten. Here she is the picture of health at nine months old. She was such a blessing and can you tell by looking at her she had a rough start in life? I don’t think so but that picture is a lesson for all of us.I know for sure that God doesn’t make junk and I am proud that my daughter and son-in-law knew it from the start too.

We were so excited to hear that the kids were going to have a baby. Mike and Brooke were starting their life together and all was well.  I as usual even then was fixing something broken on my body.I had an accident with the lawn mower and pulled the socket out of my arm. It broke in several pieces and the big bone of the same arm had to have a rod inserted but that’s another story. I was next door to the doctors office at physical therapy and the receptionist told me someone had been hanging around my car. I went out to a note from Brooke,my daughter, telling me to come over to the doctors office. I still have that note. When I got in the office they let me go in the room with Brooke.She was having a pregnancy test. I was there when they examined her and the excitement for me was almost unbearable. The doctor told us that because she was a tiny girl that we might be able to hear a heart beat so they got that jelly stuff out and the machine and sure enough we had our first introduction to a very special baby. I remember crying as I heard that steady thump thump thump and Brooke giggling. Her smile lit up the room and I will never forget that moment. So Lexie Lou when you read this your Nana was the first person to hear your heartbeat besides your mother.

As the weeks went on we were planning and making way for our little baby. Brooke and Mike were going for an ultrasound and some time later they were going to stop at our house after the appointment. We waited and waited and they never came. I really can’t even remember if we finally went to their house our they came to ours but I do remember the conversation and we were devastated. The ultrasound showed that the baby was a girl but she had a condition called gastroschisis . Basically the baby had intestines and other parts of her body growing on the outside of her body. The doctors told the kids she might only live for two years or she might be fine after surgery. It didn’t matter,Brooke and Mike were in for the challenge and I am so proud that they knew Alexis was perfect from the moment God gave her to them. I believe sometimes God gives you the baby you need not the baby you want and it has been true for us many times over in this family.

baby lex 001Alexis made her grand entrance after a helicopter ride to Ann Arbor in her mama’s belly. Her papa tried to follow the thing and almost got us arrested when he tried to drive out to the take off place when they were hauling Brooke away. Poor Mike had to drive up to the U of M hospital and we waited with Brooke until she was released to the paramedics. I am so thankful he had his sister Amiee with him. I sat white knuckled as Hungarian Work Horse took me on the ride of my life.Who knew he could be so aggressive behind the wheel. When we got to the hospital we found Mike and Aimee and they didn’t know where Brooke was. Because of the HEPA laws the hospital wouldn’t give us any information and we were all about nuts. Apparently they did not know Brooke’s dad. He went on a search and found her. That hospital is lucky and so are we and the quarry where he works because if he wouldn’t have found Brooke we would all be visiting him behind bars. You just can’t mess with his family.

Alexis Elizabeth was born cesarean section in the middle of the night on May fourth. We all loved her intensely from the moment we saw her. Our little girl thrived under the care of her parents and she is loved by many.

100_0047Here she is with her crazy Papa a few months later. Can you tell he likes her?

She is growing up so fast. Gone are the days that she slept with us in our bed when she spent the night. Papa never liked that because she would tell people that he slept naked and he didn’t. Most of the time he would sleep on the couch and she and I would get the bed. I remember one time he snuck up there before we did and when we got upstairs she looked at him and said,”Papa you’re in my spot!”

Another time he had to watch her for about twenty minutes while I ran down to the church.

When I got home he said from the bathroom,”Thank God you’re home because Alexis wouldn’t let me out of the bathroom.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, every time I opened the door to get out she would tell me to get back in here.”

She was two at the time and had him wrapped right around her little finger.

I could go on and on about this little girl that had a horrible start in life but I better end it before I bore you to death. You know how grandparents are.

I guess what I want to leave you with today is this. It doesn’t matter how you start out in life it matters what you do with it. The lesson is from a little girl that has made it into double digits with a zipper. We match now,mine on my knees and hers on her belly. We are a team and she is wonderfully made.

IMG_0319 I love you Alexis Elizabeth.

36 thoughts on “Double Digits

    • Thanks LInda but it is all from memory and I too was doing the same thing when I was writing it down. I’ll let Alexis read these comments,she will get a kick out of it,or maybe her mom will let her say thanks.

  1. Beautiful story-I lost a healthy 15 year old from lack prompt medical response. You are very fortunate indeed. I don’t know why my son was not give a chance to live, everyone loved him. My health failed after his loss, be glad everything worked out. All the prayers, the work, the effort of my life didn’t save my child. Give her every hug, you’re so lucky to have her.

    • I am so sorry for you and your family. I have no words. We do know how blessed we are to have Alexis and she has many kiss marks and hug indents to prove it. Thank you so much for the heartfelt comment.

    • Thanks and just to let you know I tell your daughters wounded story to eveyone. I knew we were kindred spirits when I was reading that. Now all we have to do is figure out how we can send them packages when they are deployed without putting a second morgage on the house. Blessings and hope the girls injury is doing well. Tell her I am thinking about her.

      • You’re so sweet! I’ll pass the message on to her. She just had to have a 7th (really?!) x-ray because they aren’t sure her arm is properly back in its socket. Sigh! Our military can make surgical drone strikes on an enemy across the ocean, but they can’t get a shoulder back in its socket without a Hiroshima-sized dose of radiation!

  2. You are truly blessed with a wonderful family and especially this sweet pea! Happy Birthday to Alexis! You manage to always tell a story that has me cracking up and tearing up at the same time!!

    • I sure am blessed. Alexis is really a miracle to me. Brooke used to have to get ultra sounds all the time and they were so amazing to me. She decided to have an amnio because that could tell us more of how to prepare and she said while she was watching Alexis in her belly her little hand was swipeing at the needle. That kid was a fighter long before she was born.

  3. This blog is a special gift to Alexis and ALL your grandkids:) I love the line “God gives us the baby we need, not the one we want.” Such a reminder about how things work. Keep enjoying the precious memories of your children and their children.

    • I feel that way about what you write also. Imagine those boys of yours reading your words some day after we are long gone. I also believe that the children in your life really are hand picked in this life. Blessings my friend.

  4. I loved the line “sometimes I believe God gives you the baby you need, not the baby you want”. And as for the rest of the post, I felt at times like I was right there with you, even chuckling along with you when I could imagine the look you gave Grandpa when he said he was stuck in the bathroom. Funny, because I haven’t even seen you all. But that is how I feel I know you. And that is a good feeling. Thank you friend for sharing!

  5. My goodness – I can’t believe how many comments you have! Sorry I haven’t been by sooner. Something’s wrong with the settings of my home computer and won’t let me load your site. I just let about 5 other people know the same thing! Sometimes, I really hate wordpress.
    Now, onto the positive – look at that little cutie pie! Isn’t it amazing how fast they grow!
    I’m thinking about you, Liz. Have you healed up and getting around okay?
    Hope so. Sending a huge hug –
    miss you.

    • Sue, Feeling better,got a ways to go but the grandkids make it easier. Yes our Alexis is getting big. Yesterday she told me she thinks we need some alone time. Isn’t that cool! I am also sending you a big hug right back. Love Liz

      • wonderful – hope you are able to get out and about to enjoy the summer. I made a mistake last summer having foot surgery in June. Big mistake. I lost the whole summer!
        Love that she wants to spend time with just you.
        I do too!
        hugs –

      • She is on her way to being out of school so we should have plenty og time together as I have the month of August off and hope to be getting around better by then. Blessings my friend.

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