Knee Surgery Number Two Or Are You Hungry Now

IMG_0822Last Friday I had knee number two replaced.  Just looking at my knee makes me pause because it is so swollen. I have been doing physical therapy already and those therapists are a God send. Therapy is like labor pains of the knee and I just have to keep thinking of the end result,not that I haven’t had my epideral yet. I do better if I don’t look at this flesh zipper on my leg but I have never been able to stop myself from staring at things that are kind of creepy. Yesterday the therapist told me it was still weeping a little while I thought it felt like it was wailing at a funeral. This knee looks like a bad horror movie prop but I know in the long run I am finally going to walk,ride bike,and play on the floor pain free with my grandkids so it is all worth it. I can’t wait to get the staples out tomorrow because I remember from last time it didn’t feel so tight after they were out. Please think good thoughts for me though as I remember it was very painful.

This surgery was way different than my first one and I am so glad. Last time I had no recollection of my hospital stay until the night before I went home. This time I remember every moment.They used a different knock you out cocktail on me and even though I woke up once during surgery I was in my right mind the whole time.It was weird hearing the noise of something power toolish sounding being used on me but not once did I think Tim the Tool Man was doing the job and I went right back to sleep when the handsome guy by my head told me I was doing great. I think it might have been Sully that guy from Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman.

One thing I worry about now that both knees are done is that people are going to think I have those nylons from the fifties on and my seams are crooked. That’s the problem with surgery,it always leaves a scar and I have many. I have the two bionic knees and one bionic ball and socket in my right shoulder with a rod going down my right arm. Car accident you ask,no, I was thrown off a run away lawnmower. A freak accident with the upper body but not the knees,they just wore out. Both knees were bone on bone and you know what happens when you rub to sticks together.I think I might have been a fire hazard.

This summer is going to be great. I am going to swim and ride bike. I am going to work and be able to stand all day if I want. Little Landyn will limp around and say I walking like Nana used to walk not I walking like Nana.

My stepsister Kim told me my left leg looked like liver sausage,delicious. Wonder what she will get hungry for when she sees this. Truth be told I have no appetite after looking at that work of wonder. It could be a good diet aid for me. Maybe I should hang a picture of it on the pantry door. You never know I could start something like eye association dieting. I could help over weight people all over the world with just a magnetic picture hanging on the refrigerator. Maybe not though, I do have metal in me and metal and magnets do attract. All I need is something pulling me toward the ice cream.

I can’t end without telling you how much I appreciate some of the people in my family.Hungarian Work Horse you are the best husband in the world and Brooke thank you so much for staying with Dad while I was in the operating room. He worries so and I know you kept him sane. I love you both very much.Also my Mom and my sister Linda for coming to see me in the hospital. I know that no matter what I mean something to them and know that they are precious to me. Linette my sister has helped so much by making me laugh when we talk on the phone. She always does that for me. I raised her well. Thanks Lori for the spring flowers on a snowy day. It reminds of the days to come. To all the people that took the time to call and come see me it will not be forgotten. Ev thanks for telling me about the reenactment of Survivor at work,you are like a sister to me. Danielle and Tristan thank you for bringing beautiful baby Ava over to see me on the day I came home.It was wonderful to see that little miracle and have her smile for me.For real people this little new born smiles ALL the time.Probably dreaming of Aunt Liz rocking her every chance that comes around.

I got to shut this thing down because pastor called and he is coming over. Don’t worry it’s not for last rights or anything. He is just nice like that. Blessings everyone.

get well card 1 001get well card 2 001

45 thoughts on “Knee Surgery Number Two Or Are You Hungry Now

  1. You are SO funny, you have me laughing even as I’m grimacing at your “Criminal Minds,” no make that “The Following” prop photo! Or do I mean “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”? I admire your courage in being able to face it all a second time when you knew what was ahead. Me, I’d have preferred the first surgery where I couldn’t remember anything! I gasped with horror upon hearing you woke up during surgery!

    I definitely think you’re on to something with the diet. I’m not hungry now! If that picture was hanging on my fridge I wouldn’t go anywhere near it!

    Back to a serious note, I’m glad you can laugh about it, but I know that doesn’t make the pain go away. As someone with two gimpy knees who is probably facing knee replacements some day, you have my deepest sympathy for all the pain of rehab. I hope you can keep hanging on to the future vision of getting down on the floor with your grandkids while you’re going through all the pain and misery. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    • Thanks for the well wishes. Please think of me as I get those dreaded stitches out. As far as the surgeries I really preferred the second one because of Sully. You never know I might be so good at this surgery stuff they could make a movie out of it.

    • Thanks Denise. I don’t know if my glass is always half full but pastor just left and he teased me that maybe I might want to fill my glass with a little something before I go get these stitches out tomorrow. Blessings my friend.

  2. Oh Liz…good luck with those staples today! I’ll be thinking of you! I really like that idea of this hanging on my fridge! I just think that might work and you could be a millionaire with an idea like this! What a bunch of wonderful people in your life and that get well card from Alexis is absolutely adorable!!

  3. Liz, I’m glad the surgery and staple removal are behind you. God has blessed you with such a wonderful sense of humor. Thanks for sharing it with us even when you are in pain. Praying for a speedy recovery. Looking forward to pictures of you on that bike.

  4. Hummmm, this knee doesn’t look as delicious as the other – it’s a wonderful looking knee, but not as tasty as the other 🙂 hee-hee. I’m praying for a speedy recovery for you and yes – we all want to see you on that bike! Take care of yourself —


  5. So glad everything went well.. DH may be going through surgery sooner than he would like, he also has bone rubbing on bone I may have to tell him he may be a fire hazard!! LOL Right now our insurance is playing games with “lets see if we can fix it without surgery” – when in the long run wouldn’t you think it would be cheaper to fix it now?? anyway that is my soap box – I do thank God that you will be one energizer bunny this summer enjoying all the fun things!

    • Well just strap a fire extinguisher to his calf and he should be OK until the insurance gets their stuff together. They can be so annoying I know. Wish him well and don’t let him see my zipper. I am shy like that. Thank you so much for commenting on this sore(get the pun) subject. Blessings

  6. Lee Majors has got nothing on you, my bionic friend. I’d wish you a speedy recovery, but with all your strength and sense of humor, I’m not sure you’ll need it. But I’ll send it anyway. Here’s to a summer full of biking, swimming, and sunshine! Best wishes.

    • I am trying that’s for sure. I am glad this part is going to be behind me and I can look forward to teaching the kids card games and how to make their parents crazy. I have a ways to go and all of the well wishes are so appreciated. Blessings

  7. Hi Liz, How are you feeling? I have been thinking about you and your recovery from surgery. This post is so typical of your positive attitude–you always seems to accentuate the positive side of things. I can’t wait for you to blog about biking and swimming this summer. Take good care of yourself. By the way, I love “Hungarian work horse”. What a hoot. Be well.


    • Well what else can you do in this situation but try to be possitive! The last thing I want is my mother coming over trying to give me a bath like she did the last time. I so appreciate people like you wishing me well. Blessings Liz

  8. Wow! You’re almost the bionic woman! I think you should have your own TV show. You could solve crimes and stop bad guys and make people all over the world feel good about themselves. I totally think you’re up to the job. 🙂

  9. OUCHie! I’ve never seen the scar from knee surgery before. My goodness its long eh?
    What a relief for you to have both surgeries behind you now. Glad to know you’re on the mend.

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