Double Trouble And Twice The Fun

IMG_0657The twins are really vocal now and conversations go in every direction.A few nights ago when I was over visiting the conversation took a turn for the ditch.

They love to do what they call their homework’s with me when I come over.I now spend millions of dollars on work books so we can have fun at the table.We had two new books on thinking and they were loving it.The little dude gets possessive with me at times and tries to get Landyn out of the picture but I won’t let him.As we were deciding if the horse goes in the barn or the house our conversation went like this,

“Nana,Lannon said da F word.”

I look at Landyn sitting next to me and my body immediately turns hot.She looks like a little angel with that smile she has that is the exact replica of her mother’s.She is so happy to be included I don’t know if she even knew he was trying to throw her under the bus.I am also getting sick to my stomach thinking he is too little to know what the F word is and mad that he even knows about it.

“Collin that is enough.”

“A ha Lannon said da F word in my room last night and I kicked her out!”

Now Landyn is looking at me worried because they are not allowed to say things like that and she knows it.She looks scared and I am wondering how this word got into their vocabulary.Nobody swears around here and if they get caught by their mother I have seen her bring out a bar of soap.It has happened to Collin because I witnessed it about six months ago when he said the slang for feces and it wasn’t poop.

It is then little Landyn pipes up and says,”But I did Nana I did.”

“I don’t want that kind of language around here and if you two are going to talk like that I am going home.”

Landyn looks nervous and doesn’t say any more but not the little dude.He looks right at me hoping she is in BIG TROUBLE because I said I would go home and continues with “A ha she said fart and I kicked her out.”

All I can think is thank you Lord in heaven that fart is the four letter word that my babies think is so bad.It is so hard to keep them innocent even at three because they are out in the world and I hate that.I am so grateful my grandkids have Brooke and Mike and at this moment I treasure them as parents to the twins.

How did the night end do you ask? We had a discussion on the proper way to say passing gas and I have to say it turned into laughing and fart noises.As I always say thank you Lord for grandkids.They have the ability to send me into orbit one second and bring me back the next.

26 thoughts on “Double Trouble And Twice The Fun

    • They were an unexpected blessing that is for sure.Right now they are so much fun and the enjoyment I get from them is unbelievable.God has been very good to us.

  1. I knew we were in for a treat when I read “Nana,Lannon said da F word.” – and you didn’t disappoint! This is what is so great about your blogging, Liz, if you didn’t record it things like this get lost. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. This is a fantastic story and reminds me of when my mother-in-law looked after my youngest one evening when hubby and I went out to dinner. When we came home she was horrified that he has said the F word – I was so relieved when we found out it was ‘fart’ 😀 ‘Fart’ is bad language in my mother-in-law’s house, so I’d hate think of what would happened if it were the real F word! 😯

      • Absolutely!! Haha I have not been blessed with 2 legged babies of my own…yet…time is running out as I turn 40 this year…but that is a different story entirely! I am amazed daily by posts about kids and what they say! These blogs have added so much laughter and tears to my everyday country life. But, here is the truth…Twins scare me…My mama would have to move in bahahaha if we were ever blessed with two at a time! Keep the posts coming!

      • Twins are scary at first but now when you see them rolling around playing it is so much fun.Of course I can say that because they live with my daughter and son-in-law.

  3. I needed this post awful bad today. Thank you SO much for the levity. Hold and protect those children. You would not believe what I saw happen to somebodies grandchild. I can not get the images out of my mind.

  4. Love it! I had a similar experience when my girl came home from kindergarden horrified that a kid on the bus was using the “s” word. My reaction was much like yours and I, eventually, came to understand that the “s” word was “stupid.” I hope she holds on to that innocence for a while! 🙂

    • I hope they stay innocent like that too. They grow so fast and people say things in front of kids that they shouldn’t hear. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what kind of language you use at home because they hear things out in the world.

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