Under House Arrest


I have a little quiz for you today.This is the little Dude and his twin sister.Little Dude was going to Walmart with his Papa today and Little Dudette was going grocery shopping with her Mama.Guess which one got to go and which one didn’t.

Here is how it all started.This morning while talking to Brooke on the phone I was getting lonesome hearing the kids talk in the background.

“Mama you are a princess here.”

Little Dudette must have had a photo album or something and saw Brooke in a prom dress.

“Why aren’t you holding me?”

“Because you weren’t born yet,Honey.”


How I remember the WHY days.There were times that I thought I’d rather have a nail poked in my eye than hear that word again.

Then I heard a little voice,”Is dat Nana?”

“Yes, Buddy it is.”

“Can I talk to her?”

“In a minute.”

“Is it a minute yet?”

We talk for a few more minutes and she hands the phone over to him and he says,”Can you come to my house,I got my tractors back.”

The sad fact is he doesn’t have full use of his farm equipment.If he doesn’t put his toys away they get put up for a week or so and I have seen times that the only thing he has to play with is maybe an empty broken cardboard box and a spatula.I know it’s his own fault but the Nana in me feels sorry for him.Not today though,we got farming to do,the equipment is out and the barn doors are all open.

“Buddy I can’t come now but later on today I can.”

He is sad and then I have The Great Idea.I ask Brooke if he can go with Papa to Walmart and she says yes.We hang up and I get to baking the cookies Alexis needs for her bake sale and a few extra for Little Dude and me when we have our coffee.Don’t worry I make his weak.He loves black coffee.I guess it’s the Hahn in him(my maiden name).Besides that I happen to know he drank part of a wine cooler when he was with his mother last summer.Granted she was in the bathroom and he stole it but still.

About five minutes goes by and the phone rings.It is Brooke and the plans have changed.Collin got picked up for malicious destruction of bathroom property and put under house arrest.No Walmart for him.He allegedly turned on the faucet full boar in the bathroom and was playing in it while the back of the sink and the floor flooded so bad it went down into the basement and left a large puddle.Does anybody know a good lawyer?

Later on in the evening…………..

I go over to the kids house with some stickers and my checkbook.To my surprise Mike tells me that Brooke and Little Dude are on their way to my house and Little Dude gets to spend the night.I could tell he felt sorry for the little guy missing his day out with Papa even though he was the one that made the arrest.I love my son-in-law.I played with my little girls for a bit and then got ready to leave.As I was putting my checkbook away I wondered how much his bail was or if they let him out on his own recognizance.

32 thoughts on “Under House Arrest

  1. I don’t get to see my “grands” very often since they love 1500 miles away, but when I do, one of the hardest things for me to do is to stay out of it when they get in trouble. Sounds like you did pretty well, all things considered.

  2. I clicked on this because of the title ‘house arrest’ – & glad I did 🙂 Enjoy reading of other lives.

    And have to tell you – I LOVE the header. Really do.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by.I hope we amazed and made you smile.Thanks for sayng that about the header,you will never know how it stressed me after I pushed that button but now I am glad I did.

  3. Oh boy! This one had me cracking up for so many reasons! “Sometimes he only has a cardboard box and spatula to play with!!!” And of course that you give him coffee…I know this all to well as my mom is a lovely in this department sharing her coffee with my kids! And how hilarious that he got arrested for malicious destruction of bathroom property!!! Of course I’m sympathetic to your daughter but it’s oh so funny!!!

    • Don’t feel too sorry for Brooke,she was already on her way shopping with Landyn when she called me.Mike had to clean up the mess and I remember reading about your Mom and your kids with coffee,I was laughing cause I do it too.Have a great day with your family.

  4. By the way Liz, I have a friend who has two sisters, and as teens, they were quite messy with their clothes. Their mom instituted the system of “if I find it on the floor, it’s mine for a week.” One day my friend actually had to go to school in a slip and a rain coat!

  5. This was fantastic, and Linda Brendle’s little story is hilarious. Oh the stories we have on our kids. I have pictures AND videos to show my children’s children when the time is right! 😉

  6. Very sweet “Nana.” Sounds a lot like my house. Our Nana laughs a great deal as well at all the antics that take place here. She always feels sorry for the kids, but never for me! No sympathy from the mother of 5 and Nana of 13! 🙂

  7. Ooooh boy, I love this, Liz. Reminds me of when my two were little. Well, it was my oldest who seemed to find the trouble. I’m sorry I’ve missed your new post – but would you look at all those “likes” and comments! You’re a rock star!!!!! I hope you are well and warm and cozy. And give those babies a hug for me-

    • Sue aren’t kids just the greatest? I love being around them and listening to them.Collin is always looking for some kind of trouble that is for sure.Blessings my friend.I have a lot of reading to do now that we are better and you are the first one on my list.

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