In The Beginning

kids at the fair 001I have had a few people comment on my new blog header so I thought I would give you a little background on it.Starting on the left is my daughter Brooke,she is a kindergarten teacher.Next is my nephew Josh,a foreman at a steal foundry.Beside him is my niece Jami,she is a dental hygienist and last but not least is my son Jared.I really can’t explain his job very well.He works for a large hotel managing people there.Brooke and Jared are my two oldest kids and Jami and Josh are my sister Linda’s kids.When we were raising them we were always together.They went to the same church school growing up and went to the same sitter until we got out of work(Linda and I worked at the same plant) or were at one of our houses.They might as well have been brothers and sisters.I cut my teeth on Jami and Josh until Brooke and Jared came along and I love them just as much today as I did back then.

This picture was taken at the Sebewaing Sugar Festival many years ago.I remember worrying because it cost ten dollars to have it taken and then feeling better because Linda and I split the cost.I am so glad that we did it because I still love to look at the expressions on their faces.It was a Friday night after work and we always did something with the kids on Friday night.We would load them all up in the back seat of the car and go window shopping or get a movie to take home.This evening it was the festival and the kids were all excited.After walking the midway we would let them go on rides.Brooke always got sick and this evening was no different.She puked after she got off the ride right by the ticket place and Jami was so irritated.I had to scold my Jami and tell her she was lucky it wasn’t on the ride because she could have been wearing that mess.Then she would get sick of us having to round up Jared because you could never keep track of him unless you tied him up.He was always trying to run off.Jami was the proper one and the other three not so much.I knew it was hard for her because sometimes we would see some of her friends walking by and you never knew what Jared would do to embarrass you.Believe me when I tell you he had that ability.He once pulled her pants down in front of some boys they were talking to on the beach.I think she could have killed him that day.

I wonder if they know how much I love them all.I am so happy that I have had these kids in my life.They are all so different yet so precious.It makes me so happy when they see each other and I hope that it is always that way.I hardly ever see the cousins that are so precious to me now and I miss them at times.My wish is that my family takes the time to let their kids spend time with each other.As they know there is nothing like a cousin to have the most fun with.

Will Alexis teach McKenzie to say,”We must,we must,we must increase our bust.”like my cousin KayKay taught me and her sister Elaine?Will Cole and Alex be the guys that Collin thinks are the bomb?Will Madison and Peyton think that Tristen and Braydon are the cutest boys they have ever seen?I don’t know.I can only hope.They have many wonderful memories to make together and there is nobody like family better to do it with.Just don’t let anybody get their pants pulled down in the process.

15 thoughts on “In The Beginning

  1. Oh! I love the new photo – and the background color! Too danged sweet and lovely story to go along with this pic. You are a wonderful lady, Liz and I’m so glad I met you.
    I wish well and warmth and happiness

  2. This is so great! I’m glad I got to see the whole photo! It’s such a great one! And it is so wonderful how a photo can bring you right back to that moment and be able to describe it to people so they feel they were there as well!!!

    • I know right? I can’t believe all my babies are grown up already.I want a do over! how I miss those Friday nights.Sure am glad I at least got the grandkids to take up some time and now that I think of it,a lot less stressful!

  3. The back story to this picture makes it that much better. My kids were raised with their cousins and I am glad of it. I came from a very large family, so combining the cousins made it more natural. Now my daughters do the same thing. Great post.

  4. You also forgot that this was the year that we went on that one ride and it wasn’t latched and Josh was holding it for us as we all screamed for help!

  5. Sis I always loved that photo of the kids – I don’t have mine I think it might still be at Jim’s – great maybe I could get the kids to ask him for it as you know it was one of our memories and not his. I have all the love from them and now I know where I can see one of those memories on your blog. Linda

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