Peyton And The Bible Story

Peyton kdg 001Today in church we were learning about the miracle at the wedding in Canaan that Jesus attended.You know the one where the wedding ran out of wine and Jesus turned the water into wine and it was even better than the wine the guests first drank.After church the kids went to Sunday School and they had the same story.Mrs.Haag was asking the kids what happened when the wedding ran out of wine.Peyton raised her hand and said,”Well,then Jesus turned the water into whiskey!”

Mrs.Haag then went and got the Sunday School superintendent.Peyton’s mom was there and she told me she was afraid they thought whiskey might be Peyton’s dads choice of drink.You know what I say………Out of the mouths of babes.Blessings everyone.

17 thoughts on “Peyton And The Bible Story

  1. I’m glad you included her picture…that makes it even more funny imagining that sweet little thing saying whiskey!!! I love the new header! I see from your other comment two of them are your kiddos!!! Great photo!

    • She is a sweetheart that’s for sure.I laughed so hard because she is an expert on most things and Brooke and I know how her little mind works.Also isn’t it hard to believe that little girl in the header is the mom to Peyton?Brooke was just like that when she was little.

    • Well, I really don’t know,I guess they explained to her that it wasn’t whiskey it was wine.Brooke really didn’t tell me,cause we kept laughing about it.I hope they didn’t make her feel bad or anything!If they did you know that I will take care of that.

  2. She got there was a conversion, didn’t she? Her teacher should’ve been proud of her! And given the costs of wine and whiskey these days (so I hear), a bargain at that. Great post, lexiesnana!

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