Blood Beans And Broken Bones

Brooke&Josh 001My daughter Brooke and her cousin Josh were best friends when they were little.Brooke was a dancing queen and a little flirt when it came to her uncles and most everyone was besotted with her.Josh was always in trouble playing with electricity and fire and building ramps.The two of them together were a recipe for exhaustion by the end of the night.Brooke tells me most of the ideas they had were Josh’s with the help of his big sister Jami but don’t you always blame the other guy?I usually was pretty laid back but Linda was a nervous mother so when I had the kids I tried to keep things under my hat when they happened. One day they were playing school and I heard a blood curdling scream.Josh slammed the desk top on Brooke’s hand right on her finger joints.Her fingers were bent up in a v shape and I thought all four were broken.As I was looking at her little fingers wondering if I should load them up and take them to the hospital Josh started blowing on them with full force.

“Buddy what are you doing?”

“I blew on my fingers when I burnt my hand starting the leaves on fire at home and it felt better.”

He was four years old.

Another time I was fixing supper and they came up to me talking like they both had a cold with a stuffed up nose.

“Mama, we got beanth up our noth”

They both stuck beans up their nose and in their ears.Loved that one.

They were playing circus on the clothes line pole with Jami and Brooke broke her elbow.It was broke so bad she had to have surgery.

In Linda’s bedroom,I don’t know what happened, but Josh bit an electrical cord and burnt his mouth.He had to have surgery on that.Brooke told me it fired.

One day they came in the house with a large bone they dug up in the garden.Dinosaur bones they told me.It was really our dog that had died.

Now they are raising kids of their own and I hear from both of them about the things their own kids do.Sometimes I see that look I used to get on Brooke’s face and it is like looking at myself twenty years ago.Josh now helps his own sons build ramps for their bikes and I just know there will be a trip to the emergency room.When they were little if I could have looked into the future I would have known that traits are passed down.Their kids are still young enough so enjoy I say because the teen years sneak up on you fast.There will be a day that a bean stuck up your nose is nothing.The day they get their drivers license is looming ahead.Have patience dear children you will get through it.I did.It wasn’t easy but the future holds many wondrous things.Someday they will think you are smart again.They will call and ask for advice or even better just stop in to visit.You will have an amazing woman or man that will give you grandkids and it is all worth it.Raising kids is the hardest most rewarding thing you can do.It isn’t for the weak or wishy washy.You have to be ready for anything.I am so glad I had the adventure but I am also glad for my life now.I always wanted to be a mom and I want to thank my kids for putting up with me and the mistakes that I made.I know their kids are blessed to have them as parents.They came from a family that loves.

God Bless my family and Thank You Lord for watching over us.We may have had blood and broken bones in our past but we also had each other,the greatest gift of all.

17 thoughts on “Blood Beans And Broken Bones

  1. Love it! It makes me feel better about my little guy that eats sand and dives head-first off the porch steps. You are always good at reminding me that, one day, I’ll be past all this and able to look back on it with a smile.

  2. What’s the expression, Grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your children? They are something at times, and it is much easier to look back and laugh at the stuff they did years ago that they lived through that wasn’t so funny then. I love being a Mom and a Grandmom.

    • Well said.I too love love love being a mom and Nana.I think raising kids is like child birth,the pain can be extreme but the outcome is so very wonderful.Love that expression and I think it is true.

  3. The photo sure brings back some memories – it was like how could they be the most beatiful children in the world, I’m sure that’s why my children loved coming to your house – you always said Oh they’ll be alright – broken arm – burnt mouth. If I couldn’t hear them, I’d be off running and sometimes to late.
    I wouldn’t change a thing tho except for the accidents and you leaving your keys in your car when you left it at my house when I would drive to work. How old was Jami and Josh when one would steer and the other run the gas and brakes. lol Love ya! God sure had his hands on them then and still to this day with now children of their own to pray for. Thank you Lord for protecting and keeping our loved ones safe.

    • Amen to that Sister.I think that’s why both of us have bad knees and hips.I am surprised our jaws are intact from all the grinding in worry we had with those kids.I wouldn’t change a thing now though.We are so very blessed.Love you Sis

  4. The joys of parenthood – we like to say our kids grew up in spite of our mistakes… I see we have a lot to look forward to in the grandparent department some day. It’s amazing the accidents that occur – you certainly had your hands full!

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