The Hair Cut

IMG_0577_thumbCollin is all boy but there are times that you know he has three sisters.Last week I had my hair cut and dyed.I picked him,Alexis and Peyton up to come over for a day of play.As he was sitting behind me the conversation started………..

“Nana I like you new haircut!”

“Why thank you buddy.”

“I want my hair cut like yours.”

Alexis sitting beside him was so disgusted when he said that.

“Collin you don’t need your hair done like Nana’s.Why would you want to go to the hair dressers when Dad does yours for free?”

That’s my frugal Alexis always looking to save a dime.I was wondering  how long Mike would do three and a half year old Collin’s buzz cut before he started charging and I found out last night.Collin and I were sitting at our kitchen bar eating a treat when I noticed he had his hair cut again.

“Buddy I like your new hair cut.”

“You do,Nana?”

“Yes,I do.How much did your dad charge you?”

“Twenty Dollars.”

I think that is highway robbery.

21 thoughts on “The Hair Cut

  1. Loved this post (and the last one – I left a comment, now wordpress won’t even load your site fully so I can check to see if it posted). Sooo, in case it didn’t… CONGRATULATIONS!

    • Sue,Why do you have so much trouble?Is it just my site or is it others too?I mean that really stinks.Thanks for always trying though and know that I love your comments,especially because I know how much trouble you have sending them.Blessings Liz

  2. So funny! My husband has always cut my middle son’s hair. The youngest just started needing haircuts. My husband said he doesn’t think he can do two squirrely boys anymore! His patience was wearing thin last time! I came to my husband’s rescue and did my middle son’s last time and it looked HORRIBLE! I was going to do a blog post about it but my husband after a couple of days fixed it because he couldn’t take it anymore! I never got a picture of my bad haircut giving!!

    • I laughed the first time Mike gave Collin the new do because he looked funny too.I guess he was scared of the clippers noise but now is used to it.I would NEVER try to cut anyones hair so good for you for trying!

  3. Maybe Mike just loves being a Barber kinda like I always liked acting like I had my own salon with all my sisters when we were young living at home! I knew there was a reason me and Mike have always had some kind of a connection!
    Love ya! Your Sis

  4. I think you and Mike are more a like than you know.He is a worry wart about the kids just like you were.Do you know how many times I have heard him yell NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when he thinks something is going to hurt them?Kindred spirits in the worry department. Love you Sis

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