From Braces To Birth

100_0060This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter Alisha holding her niece Alexis.That was almost nine years ago.Time flies…….

IMG_0501My baby carrying a baby of her own.I loved the phone calls and the asking of questions.It seems I have wisdom now when just a short time ago I am sure she thought she was smarter than her old mom.

IMG_0592This is what I saw last weekend when she called and said she was headed for the hospital.My girl in labor.I will always remember  her lips.I kept watching them as she blew in and out.Those beautiful lips that smooched on Alexis,that never stopped moving,that pouted when told no,that kissed her father when he took her car away.I love you baby and I was never prouder of you.Already a mother even before your baby was born refusing any drugs because you wanted her birth to be pure.Your baby is so blessed to have you for her mommy.


McKenzie Jade is so beautiful.She has those same lips.I hope now that your life is content.That you have that feeling that you belong.I know now that where you came from is never gong to matter as much as where you go with your little girl.My heart overflowed when you told me that you want her to have the same life that you had when you were growing up.You want to raise her to know God and her family.I took that as a compliment to your upbringing.

IMG_0600Her Papa said she was the most beautiful baby he has ever seen.She will have him wrapped around her little finger.He already loves her soooo much.Thank you for giving him another blessing.

IMG_0594Love you baby girl.Thank you God for our newest member of the family.We will rock her and love her.We teach her to sing and bake cookies.She will know she is special and a blessing.

Now I gotta go as you can see she wants her Nana.

31 thoughts on “From Braces To Birth

  1. Your life is so full! Another little blessing indeed. Congratulations on the newest member of your family. Sounds like your legacy of love will definitely be passed down. Also, a strong set of lungs by the looks of the picture. McKenzie is beautiful! 🙂

    • Legacy of love- I like that.I asked her mom last night if her baby was sleeping good at night for her and she said absolutly not.I laughed so hard.she is a keeper that’s for sure.

    • She sure is! My older grandkids talk about her like she is royalty.The twins are three so it’s been a while since we have had a tiny baby around and now my niece is expecting in March.It is a girl of course.I guess we will be bursting at the seams but my mom sews so that’s all right.blessings my friend.

  2. Nothing ever makes me want to cry, but this post sure did with its tribute to motherhood, the evolution of women and the love we show to one another. When I look at my fav pic of my niece (still a baby, smiling in all her cuteness and baldness), and I look at the strong girl she is now … my heart breaks a little because the baby is gone … and at the same time, I’m confident that she will be just fine handling the chaos of the world.

  3. Time Does Fly!!

    Your Post brought such tears of Joy and Hope to my Eyes ♥

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing and for taking the time to bring hope to us that lose sight of it sometimes 😉

    God Love You ALL !! And may He continue to shower your Beautiful Family with Infinite Blessings ♥

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