The Mole

I can’t stand the word mole.Every time I hear it I think of beady little eyes on a rodent.I can’t even stand the word when it refers to Mexican food and I love Mexican food.The problem with that is I have several moles on my neck and I am always thinking that I am going to have them removed the next time I go to the doctor but I never do.I really don’t like the word mole even when it refers to the ones on your body.Enter the Little Dude……….

IMG_0428This Sunday in church I had Collin on my lap.Our church was packed because we were having a Ham Dinner and it is quite well known in our area.I am always a little concerned because you never know what is going to happen in our peanut gallery and especially when there is a lot of people we don’t know.No worries until the pastor started preaching.Collin was laying his head on my shoulders and I heard him whispering something.

“What did you say,Honey?”

“A worm,Nana.”

“No, that is just a mole on the back of my neck,now leave it alone.”

He lays his head back down and is just patting my neck in the back when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pinch and he pulled the mole on the back of my neck right off.In church.With a man behind us.Watching the whole thing.I let a yip out of me as I grabbed his hand and sure enough,there was my ugly mole in his sweaty little palm.Just as he was about to pop the thing in his mouth I grabbed the snotty Kleenex he had in his pocket and quickly disposed of the evidence.With eyes as big as saucers he says “I got it.!”

Thank God it wasn’t a bleeder because I don’t know what would have happened.Of course he wants to look behind my head to see my mole less hairline and I won’t let him.I finally give him his little snack bag to distract him and it works.I guess today he was a surgeon.He was so good after that.I only heard one moo out of him for the rest of the service.Guess what his kindergarten teacher mother packed in the snack bag.

To the poor man that was sitting in back of us I just have to say I am sorry.That is how it goes when the little Dude is around.He doesn’t mean for things to happen,they just do.I assure you it was just a mole and I do not have worms of any sort.Just moles and one less to boot.Our church is a nice one and sir don’t be afraid to visit us again.My only suggestion is you might want to sit more up to the front by my sister and brother- in- law, Donnie and Marie.

23 thoughts on “The Mole

  1. hahahahaha…..Oh my! Little Dude is worse than my little guy who puked in the pew. The folks behind us never returned. I hope the fellow behind you keeps the faith.

  2. Mom,

    Seriously, I was CRYING laughing out loud so much that I was gasping for air and Aisha had to come down stairs to make sure I was alright! ONE OF THE BEST ONES!

  3. Oh my gosh – you are so brave to post this. I can just imagine the screaming if I wrote something about my teenager’s behavior…. ah, geesh, Liz. I’m wiping my tears!!!

    • I know right?Life in the fast lane with grandkids is a great way to get lost in good life for a minute.Thanks for stopping by Linda.It is always good to hear from you.Blessings right back at ya.Liz

  4. hah hah…My father was always nervous what my brothers and their fiddling fingers would get up to next, and his famous expression was “the fingers are going!”

    Did you go see your doctor to make sure it’s OK?

    • This little guy is always making that thumping noise like an animal jumping or prowling.I love it.No I didn’t go to the doctor because the kids always play with the thing and it was just hanging on by a thread.I have a physical coming up in December and I will mention it to the doctor then,if I can do it without laughing!

    • You are right only God does know because I don’t think the Little Dude even knows what his own next move is.Yesterday he had his toy lawn mower on top of the play scape at his house,don’t know if he was a gardener or a builder!

  5. Oh, my gosh! You poor thing! OUCH!!!! What on earth possessed him to want to eat either a worm or a mole? Thank goodness you stopped him! It is hilarious, but reminds me of America’s Funniest Home Videos (wonder if someone behind you had an iPhone filming it and might get the $10,000 prize?) when you’re saying OUCH at the same time you laugh.

    On a serious note, maybe you should have your doctor check that! It’s not the recommended way to remove a mole! My dad used to cut his off with a nail clipper–but he was an adult so it’s just plain GROSS! Anyway, your doctor might need a laugh for the day!

    My neighbor (many years ago) had a son that had fiddly hands, and she developed a code phrase for him: “Hands behind your back!” One day he was being fiddly in a hardware store where she was busy consulting the clerk, so she snapped, “Hands behind your back!” Her son AND the clerk snapped to attention with their hands behind their back! 🙂

    • That is so funny-hands behnd your back-poor clerk person.I guess I can’t help but laugh at my Little Dude.He is so curious about everything and he is such a pretender.I am so blessed.As for the doctor I can’t wait to hear what she says,because I have my physical coming up next month and I plan on telling her about it.I hope she believes me.Haha

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