We have Our Grandparents Card

IMG_0568Of the five and nine tenths of my grandkids only three of them showed up at our house on Halloween.We had Minnie Mouse,a monster of some sort,and a pirate.It was a miserable night for the kids.The weather was so wet and cold they just stopped in to a few of their families homes.It won’t be a very memorable night for these three but I bet Miss Peyton won’t ever forget it.She never got to go because she got sick at school.I remember not being able to go trick or treating one time when my sisters and I were little.I still don’t know why we couldn’t go but I kept thinking any minute my mom would change her mind and take us. She never did.She was probably immersed in a terrible situation with one of our stepdads and I understand now but I remember the hurt that night long ago.I didn’t want this to be that night for my Peyton.

IMG_0155Peyton’s other grandma picked her up at school because her belly hurt.Miss P is kind of a drama queen when something is wrong but she was really sick.She couldn’t wear her costume in the parade at school.She had to go.I guess after they got to Grandma’s her belly got to feeling better and after a while she begged to go back to school.Oh how I didn’t want to hear that story.It broke my heart.Of all the kids Miss P is the dress up queen.She is a princess most of the time.You can find her dancing and twirling in her dress up clothes with gales of laughter and I love to watch her.Halloween is one of her favorite things in the world to do.She had her costume all thought out.She was going to be a cowgirl.She had her blue jean skirt,her cowgirl hat and her red cowgirl boots all ready.A holster and gun completed the outfit.Imagine how excited she was when we found her a bandana upstairs.Then the unthinkable happened.She got sick and couldn’t go.

The kids got extra candy to share for Peyton and I bought them all a few presents.I mean the kids were adorable but it just wasn’t the same because our girl wasn’t with them.They didn’t stay very long because Mom and Dad wanted to get back to pick up sick Peyton and I didn’t blame them.As I watched Papa playing and laughing with the other three I kept thinking of that little girl not with them and I was feeling so sorry for her.Brooke and Mike started packing up the other kids and as Brooke was heading out I looked at Papa and said,”Honey,give Brooke some money to give to Peyton.She is sick.”

He whipped out his wallet and started counting ones to give to our little girl.Brooke had this look of you have got to be kidding but she never said a word.She took the money and home they went.

Later on after we went to bed I got to thinking about how utterly besotted we are with our grandkids.This was ridiculous.Sure Peyton got sick and she never got to dress up but really the kids only went to three houses and she got to have a lot of alone time with her other grandparents and they adore the kids as much as we do.She probably got rocked and loved on all afternoon.Besides that when you’re in a pack of four being at grandmas by yourself is the bomb.I know because I remember.So as usual I started to laugh and I couldn’t stop.I kept seeing my guy counting out those one dollar bills into Brooke’s hands to give to Peyton.I laughed and snuggled closer to this wonderful Papa beside me and he woke up.

“What’s so funny?’’

“Well, you gave Brooke money to give to Peyton because she was sick and I can’t believe it!”

To this he answered,”You made me.”

9 thoughts on “We have Our Grandparents Card

  1. I used to miss some special things because I would get so excited that my stomach would hurt. I hope special grandparent time helped ease the disappointment. Those kids are very lucky to have all their adoring grandparents so close.

    • Miss P is very confident in herself and I think she is OK.You’re right Linda my grandkids are very blessed to have all of us.I love being their Nana and they are great kids.

    • I don’t know how I missed this comment but I did.You are right a little money always helps and she loved getting it.She is all better now.She was so giving though that now her little sister has the flu!!

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    I am thrilled to be nominated Pat Garcia! Ciao!

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