Sisters Sisters I Love My Sisters

sistersbrookewedding 001They could make a movie of my family.I don’t know if it would be a comedy or a horror movie but I do know that people would watch and some might even shake their head.We have had the most laughs one night of our lives and at other times your sister can cut out your heart with one simple sentence.That’s the way it goes when you love somebody that much.

I am sure my mother never intended to have six girls.She says we are a blessing but sometimes I wonder.When we were little we always stuck together and it was hard for her to get the truth out of any one of us after a dirty deed occurred.A stupid broken candy dish comes to mind and she had to give us all a licking because nobody would tell who broke it.We were soldiers in the sister army.We would stick together and be mad at our mother before we would tell on each other.A stainless steal dishpan went floating down the ditch after we filled it with mud and it dried into a brick.She never knew where that went.Then there was the missing mascara that nobody took.We had to stay home from a wedding because of that.I never could understand what the big deal was when something made her so mad but now that I am a mother I get it.So does my daughter Brooke.I saw her furious at Alexis and Peyton as they were making up a story as to why they had scratches on their faces.It seems they were playing a game they had been told not to and I am back to laughing at stuff because I think it just doesn’t matter if the kids stick together because that it what kids do.They are a packaged deal and parents sometimes just don’t get it.When I was a kid I was just as scared when one of my sisters got in trouble as I was when it was me.If somebody was after my sister they better watch out because a few more of us would come out of the walls and the retaliation would not be good.

As we got older we had our fights over clothes and boyfriends but I loved nobody as much as my girls.Some of us grew up faster in the Lord than others and we kind of lost that closeness but I loved getting together with my sisters even if we all couldn’t be together at the same time.I think it is something we should resurrect.We had a sisters night once a year and my favorite was the one my sister Linette planned.She got us a limo and took us to a fancy hotel for the night.Our little sister Lana couldn’t get off work and she was so sad.We couldn’t believe our eyes when we looked and here comes Lana driving down the hotel driveway being dropped off by her husband.She left work not caring that she would get in trouble.That night was one I won’t forget.Another time we took her toilet papering houses and scared her half to death.We taught her how to jump out the window of the car so the lights wouldn’t come on.Linda and her broom with toilet paper swinging to get the stuff in the trees was one laugh right after another.At the time there was drinking involved,something we don’t do anymore and that is a good thing.I guess we did grow up but we were all adults and I think it was just what the kid in us needed because our childhood was so gnarly at times.

It’s funny how I  feel even now that we are all grown up and together.When we are at Mom’s it is like time stands still.I love to be with my sisters and my Mom.I sometimes even see the green eyed monster come out of us because we all want to be special to Mom and the funny thing is we all are in our own way.I know that to be true because it is with my own little family.Everyone of your kids are your favorite at one time or another.I think God allows that so you get to feel special once in a while.When one of your kids need you they are the special one and they all need you at one time or another.That’s how life is and I am glad that I get to feel special when I need it.

My sisters tend to bring out the best in me and to those of you that read this Thank You.I love you very much.You are my special sister.

Which one one you am I talking about and why? Let me know if you can figure it out because I can’t.

23 thoughts on “Sisters Sisters I Love My Sisters

    • Back then all we really had was each other.When you hear of people sayng they would take a bullet for someone,that was me.I have a few sisters that might not take a bullet for me but they would sure run for the doctor after I got shot!

  1. We didn’t always stick up for each other. Sometimes we ratted each other out. Interesting, when we tattled we were told we shouldn’t tattle. When we didn’t tell we got in trouble for not telling. There is NO pleasing the parents. 🙂 Lovely post.

  2. “I guess we did grow up but we were all adults and I think it was just what the kid in us needed because our childhood was so gnarly at times.”
    Thanks for this. Now I understand why, as an adult, I love doing kid stuff.

    • I call it as I see it.Sometimes if you didn’t have the life you wanted as a kid you get a do over by your own making and for that I am thankful.It is also great to know that other people like yourself appreciate the kid in all of us. Blessings my friend.

    • You got that right.I have a stepsister that I love too and I bet if she was with us when we were young she would have been right in the middle of our shenanigans.Sisters are great no matter how you get them.

  3. I am one of 4 sisters and I thought my Mom a time of it. Your Mom has nerves of steel. I have one daughter and I considered checking myself into a nut house a few times. Maybe if I’d had more than one they would have got up to more mischief among themselves and given me a minute of 2 to breathe.

  4. Oh, I hope this let’s me comment. Silly, stupid wordpress. I loved this, Liz, loved the part “We were soldiers in the sister army.” I never had a sister – just a pack of brothers. Sometimes, I’d dream I had a twin somewhere just waiting for me to find her… perhaps this is what I love the most about blogging, getting a peek into other’s lives, getting to share their joys and their pains. Sounds like you’ve a wonderful family… I’m so glad for you.

    • Come on over and join us,there will be times you are glad you only have brothers,but most of the time it is great.Course that’s all I know.I am glad for this blogging also.It has been a joy to meet people like you that we will probably never see.I guess we can be part of a blogging family.Blessings Liz

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