A Note To Parents From Your Kindergarten Teachers Mother

Dear Parent,

School is in full swing and I hope by now you are getting your child’s schedule down and they are feeling good about school.My daughter is your child’s teacher this year and you should consider yourself blessed.Here are a few things that you might want to tack on the refrigerator to help get the most out of your first year in the hallowed walls of learning,and some of the concerns I have after listening to my girl.

1.Sleep is very important,but not in the classroom.She has little kids that can’t keep their eyes open.When she tries to explain to a parent and they say they can’t understand why the kid is tired (he is in bed before ten o’clock) I am shocked.

2.Leave the Halloween costumes for Halloween.Dress your kids like the age they are.Brittany Spears wear is not appropriate and the kids can’t play well in clothes that are too tight,don’t cover,or fall down.

3.Remember that everything that goes on at home will be repeated in school.Finding out Mom threw the butter dish at Dad because he wouldn’t take out the trash is something the other kids don’t need to hear.

4.Check your child’s backpack every day.

5.Don’t let Tommy bring the family’s favorite antique toy to school unless you are sick of it,because chances are it will be broken or lost before it gets back home.

6.Families come in all shapes and sizes now days.Please be kind if your little one comes home and doesn’t understand the dynamics of another family.Also know that Mrs. Merchant will not tolerate any bigotry if she sees it and she does look for it,but contrary to popular belief she doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head,so she needs help.

7.Read every night with your child.The benefits are wonderful and the bonding is something they never forget.They even benefit by watching you read a book because they like to copy,but please don’t leave adult books laying around. It is embarrassing when you have to pick it up in the office after the kid brings it in to show everybody.

8.If you need to speak to Mrs. Merchant try to do it at school.She never complains about it but I can’t tell you how many times I have seen her evenings interrupted at home with her family because of a phone call that could have been done at school.I know sometimes it is necessary but please don’t make it a habit.

9.When they have a special day that needs an adult there try to make sure your little one has somebody.If you can’t make it round up Nana or Uncle Oscar.Kids love it when they have somebody at an event at school.It makes them feel special even if you can’t be there.

10.Mrs.Merchant doesn’t make a lot of money and every year they ask more of her and she does it.She continues her education to benefit her teaching and to help your child.She is doing what she loves and that is why your child can read and do math in kindergarten.Give her a thank you once in a while.She deserves it.

                                                          Yours Truly,

                                                          Mrs. Merchants Mom

22 thoughts on “A Note To Parents From Your Kindergarten Teachers Mother

  1. Kindergarten teachers are saints!!! I’m sure your daughter loves her job but I’m sure like you said she can use all the help she can get!! My son is in Kindergarten this year and I have been volunteering in the classroom…it’s an absolute riot…both fun and chaotic!!!

    • She does love her job and she can use all the help she can get.Sometimes we laugh at the things the kids do and say and sometimes it is also heartbreaking.God bless our teachers and the parents like you that help.

  2. When I was a kid, school was a haven for me, and I loved my teachers and still think of them with much fondness.

  3. It’s amazing what kids do and say at school and the parents don’t realise! I was having a joke with my son last night about a card he wrote for me on Mother’s Day when he was in kindergarten. It said “I love my mum because she lets me eat breakfast cereal for dinner.” I was horrified! I can’t imagine what the teacher thought – that I fed my son breakfast cereal at dinner time? I can’t remember a time when this happened, but it must have because he was so excited he wrote about it 😀

    • That’s so funny.Brooke and I came across a book that my daughter Alisha wrote when she was little at school.In it she said that Brooke couldn’t cook very good and I was nice but mean sometimes.We laughed and then the grandkids wanted to keep the book because Alisha wrote it! Isn’t it great we saved those things? We used to eat cereal for breakfast sometimes too but don’t tell anybody. Blessings

  4. Great post! I was a teacher before having my kids, and now that they are in school it is funny how I still things from a teacher’s perspective rather than a parent’s. You have some great ground rules here…and I love that it is coming from the teacher’s MOM!!

  5. I love this post and the list that you so freely provided to all parents. My oldest is in college studying elementary education, and your list of important information is already something that her mom, being me, is concerned about. I hope that you don’t mind me holding onto this list…. I’m sure she will benefit by viewing this before she even has her own classroom.

    Very good points that you have so graciously shared; thank you, from one mom to another!!

      • Thank you! For a profession that I have always held in the highest regard, comes with it – a great amount of concern. I could see this being a blog, not post, but blog of its own. I imagine that you are a great source of comfort to your daughter!

      • Concern yes, but also great responsibilty.I too hold it in highest regard and listening to Brooke sometimes I wonder how teachers do it today.It sure isn’t for the money so I guess they are a special bunch.I am so proud of my daughter and what she does with little kids.God bless our teachers.

  6. Awesome ground rules… and yet again you show your strength as a mama. Your children and grandchildren are so blessed. And all the kids in your daughter’s class will begin their learning with wonder. This should definitely be part of the manual going out to parents on the first day of school… and a reminder a few times throughout too!!! Not just for kindergarten!!

    • I am so surprised every year when she tells me stories or when I go to help. Even though she is a grown woman I feel like I want to make her world a better place, even if it means telling people some basic common sense!

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