Breast Cancer Awareness and My Mom

IMG_0343October is breast cancer awareness month and very appropriate for my family.My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last month.Our family is no stranger to cancer.We lost Mom’s husband in January to the miserable disease and now Mom had to have a mastectomy.I am so sick of cancer.Every time I think we are going to get a reprieve it rears it’s ugly head.I know that usually I write things on the upbeat,but bare with me people because I need to vent and I hope you all understand.

I was off work all summer getting a new knee and so whenever my mom needed somebody to ride along anywhere she would drag my limping butt with her and we would have fun.She had esophageal cancer about five years ago and had her check ups with her cancer doctors.They love my mom and she is a wonder to them because most people don’t survive this kind of cancer.When we went this summer she had an all clear and one more check up before she could switch to a yearly check up instead of every six months.After her check up her family doctor called her because they noticed that she missed her mammogram by a couple of months.She did not want to go.Mom is a strong woman but she wanted to be left alone.Finally after a little prodding she had her mammogram and got the diagnosis.Breast Cancer.

Five of her daughters went with her to talk to the surgeon and mom decided to have a mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy because she is not going to have any more drugs put in her body.She wants to live her life and chemo is not going to be a part of it.The doctors say she is cancer free again and I am thankful for that.

My mother had her breast removed at eight o’clock in the morning and  she was eating her lunch about four hours later.She was laughing and talking and loving all of her kids there.She had grandkids and son-in-laws at her beck and call.It was like a party in the hospital and that’s how things go when she is around.She went home the next morning by nine thirty and all she took was two Tylenol for pain.That is the kind of stock I come from.

I really hope this is the end of it.I need to say this.I have always told my kids that hate is a very strong word not to be used,but I really hate cancer.I hate cancer.I can’t say it enough.It took my stepdad away from me and I wasn’t ready for him to go.It brought heartache a hundred fold to us and it left me without the best man you could ever ask for.It changed our life.I hate suffering and being a witness to it.I hate that it was cancer that took our wonderful Ward.

So this is a warning to you cancer.We have been told by the doctors that attitude is half the battle and you have your hands full with this family.We have attitude and we got it from our mother.My mother has looked you right in the eye and she has given you warning and she has an army of us behind her.I may hate you but I refuse to be afraid of you.

So there stupid cancer—-get lost and don’t come back.

10 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness and My Mom

  1. I love your mom! What a fantastic attitude! I think using “hate” here is TOTALLY appropriate. I’m sorry for your family’s loss. I have been watching the pinkglove competition videos all week. It reminded me of getting my mammogram scheduled.

    I hope your mom celebrates many many more happy years. It sounds like the world needs her kind of attitude.

    • Actually there is six of us girls and my sister Lori was at work and came as soon as her shift was done.My mom is going to be fine I have to believe that and I am amazed at how she overcomes things.She is doing well right now and I am so thankful to people like you that wish her the best.Blessings to you and your family. Liz

  2. How amazing what you’ve shared. How strong you are, your mom and sister are… how much I pray that you all continue to be well. I’m right with you – “hate” is the perfect word for such an ugly disease. My prayers and love to you all…

    • Thank you,Mom is doing well.She goes back to the doctor on the twenty sixth and I hope then gets her drain tube out.She never complains and is doing just like I knew she would.Marching on……….

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