The Sounds Of Sunday

IMG_0401Sundays are always the best day of the week for me.We get up,have a leisurely breakfast,Hungarian Work Horse and I sit at the kitchen bar and talk and then get ready for church.

My sister Linda and her husband Greg are usually at church before us and now that it is getting colder and they have to start wearing a coat I don’t know if I will recognize them.We have to sit in the back because of the little monkeys that sit with us and they sit more to the front.Greg is colored blind and I think Linda must pick out his clothes.They have on almost matching outfits most of the time.I mean it is really cute and all but one time Greg moved a little to the left and I got scared.I thought he was going to start crooning,”I’m a little bit country” and Linda would jump up behind him and shout,”I’m a little bit rock’n’roll”they looked so much like Donny and Marie!

IMG_0424It isn’t long and usually in comes my daughter Brooke and the grandkids.That is always something of a five minute deal so everybody can get sitting by who they want to sit by and Papa and I usually get the twins.Now that they are three and  getting a little bit bigger they are pretty good.It used to be I always took Collin because the squeaky wheel gets the most grease but he is pretty good now so I try to show all the kids some lap time.Today I had the little girl twin Landyn.She whispered to me,”Nana I got you first”I was thinking you had me the first second I heard about you before you were born.I love this little minute and she is the splitting image of Brooke when Brooke was a baby.

Today our message was on the blessings of children and marriage.Pastor said  it doesn’t matter how much noise kids make in church because they are where they belong.The preacher said he loved the sound of kids in church.I think that is what he said because frankly I had a party going on in my own pew.Brooke is pretty good about keeping the kids quiet but sometimes I wonder what she is thinking when she packs their quiet bag.You know that little bag of books and quiet toys and snacks that every mom has to keep the kids quiet,it is such a necessity in church.

Today we needed that bag.Pastor had the kids come up for the children’s message.He asked a question pertaining to families when a little girl told him she had a secret.She whispered in his ear and told him her mom just got her a unicorn at a garage sale yesterday.It was all down hill after that for me.I kept thinking about the unicorn purchase.

IMG_0426They come back to the pew with us and Brooke settles them down because the little Dude is talking.She gives him his little snack bag and he is eating but making some animal noises.Finally Papa takes him and he lays his head on Papas shoulder and I think he is falling asleep when just then he pulls his head back and ROARS like a lion.That threw papa off his game a little so I sat down and grabbed Collin.He is sitting on my lap and he starts mooing at me.Then he starts trying to lick me like a dog.I don’t get it.That kid is always good for me,what is going on!Brooke is about to grab him with that You Need To Learn From This Look on her face when I notice something very important.I look at her and ask,”What kind of a mother packs animal crackers in the Great Pretender’s snack bag?”

Right then in the midst of my daughters face filled with laughter and love I knew I would never forget the Sunday my little dude was a lion a cow and a dog in church and that my daughter knows what it is to love your kids that much.She is me  twenty years ago and I am proud.I know that some day there will be a little short nana long after I am gone loving a little animal in grandkids clothing and that she will think ,”How did I get so Blessed!”

23 thoughts on “The Sounds Of Sunday

  1. Oh, I how much I wish this comment would post – and what a miracle it would be if it did! I loved this – so sweet and such a treasured memory. I’m so glad you shared it.

  2. It posted my friend and thank you so much.Sue ,know that I cherish every word that people write on this blog.I love your words,they give me courage because I don’t have a lot of self confidence..I never think people will get what I mean when I put something here and I know you do………,and you are so very welcome.Liz

  3. I can picture Greg now, coming out of the bedroom with a couple of ties and asking which one matches with his shirt. And mom looking at him as if he should know even tho he is colorblind! Ha! Greg must have had his shit kickers on if he was looking country and mom with polka shoes (close enough to rock and roll for her).
    BUT one thing I can’t figure out is why you say the sermon was about children. I already talked to mom about the sermon and she said it was about men and women and their roles in marriage. I always like to compare our sermons and get a little extra out of it from conversation.
    I am wondering if somebody should join Donnie and Marie in the front pews LOL! You might be confused that the sermon was about children because that is what you were focussing on. You told a pretty lengthy story about lions and animals and snack bags and grandbabies. Too cute.
    Now, about the later, you are a sound woman created by the Almighty One. You were uniquely designed and so you should be confident in your Creator’s abilities. I love to see you writing and using your creativity. It is a Gift. I love you so much.

    • Jami I was talking about the childrens sermon not our sermon.Your mother is spot on about the adult sermon.He was also talking about our church family and our own family being a simular situation.He did talk about marraige and divorce but that part didn’t sink in because I was at the circus at the time and had to ask Uncle Albert about it this evening.Thank you Jami,your Aunt Liz loves you more than you will ever know.I am so proud of you Honey.

    • It probably is because I think they are an aquired taste,kind of like coffee.You know the dark roast wonderful eye opening good smelling kind.I love mine to pieces.The only problem I have with him is he can’t sing,how about yours?LOL(Hey I just found out today what that meant,always thought it was lots of love)

  4. Oh, thank you! I’m so glad my children aren’t the only ones who do things like that during church! It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  5. Your pastor sounds great -it’s wonderful that he’s so understanding with the kids. I’m always embarrassed when we take our kids to “big church” because they are just so loud!

    • He has four boys of his own and even though they are all on their own he tells a story of one escaping from his mother during church and coming up to him as he was preaching saying HI Dad.I think he knows! Embarrassing when they are little can equal smiles when they are older.Blessings

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