It’s Passed Down

Two Sundays ago they made an announcement at church that one of my kids teachers from our church school was celebrating twenty five years in the teaching service.I remember the first time I met her because most of my kids had her as a teacher.

Back in the day all the teachers would come to visit you before school started at your home.It wasn’t too hard on them because we were a very little church school and most of the kids had siblings there so they could kill more than one  bird with a stone.(I love that saying)

This particular visit was exciting for me because Miss Bach who is now the one celebrating twenty five years was bringing a new teacher with her.I cleaned and cleaned and the house was spotless.I made cookies and I gave the kids a talking to be on their best behavior.

jnkkdg 001This little dude was home and sitting on my lap pretty much the whole time.Good boy that he was he only left once and that was to go to the bathroom.

After we got our little meeting over and all of the niceties were finished the new teacher asked if she could use the restroom and I showed her where it was.She came out and off they went.I was glad that they left because I had to use the facilities myself.I walked in the bathroom and there hanging all over the wall by the toilet were about twenty Kotex mini pads.I could have died right there and I really thought now would be the time to homeschool my kids even though I never graduated myself.Good gracious did the new teacher stay in there so long because she couldn’t find the place to put her dime?I don’t know.

That’s how my boy was back then.Quiet but deadly,and a lot of stuff with bathrooms.Another time I was in the bathroom and the phone rang.I heard Jared answer it.I hollered out asking who it was and he told me that it was the Sears catalog store.Before I could say anything else he was telling them no my mom can’t come to the phone because she is going poop.

His Dad picked up that order and I started ordering from Penney’s.

101_0918I now think that history does repeat it self.One day Brooke was telling me about something that Collin did and I laughed.I am always laughing at these kids.I mean anybody that reads this blog knows who the new poop bandit is in the family and it ain’t Landyn.I know he will grow up and deny deny deny because his Uncle Jared does but that’s alright.My first little dude is thirty and I adore him.He is a work in progress.God has always taken care of him and I know He is taking care of Collin.I have one knee replaced because of it and by the looks of things before he gets to be thirty I’ll be getting the other one done too.That’s my job I guess The Praying For Safety Nana.Blessings everyone.

29 thoughts on “It’s Passed Down

  1. This post needs to have a warning at the beginning. “Don’t eat or drink anything while reading this.” I was eating a piece of caramel corn when I got to the Kotex part and nearly choked!!!! I didn’t dare put anymore in my mouth until I was done reading the whole thing!!! This is sooooo funny!!!

    • Ya,it’s funny now not so much back then.I guess the do something to get in trouble gene really does get passed down.These boys were and are so cute you just can’t believe that they do the stuff they do.Sorry about the choking thing,but I know what you are talking about because I have been having the same trouble reading some of the comments on this blog lately only with coffee.Thanks for commenting and have a wonderful mommy day.They go by fast.

    • It is funny now but as a young mother it took a little of my mojo out of me.The kid turned out to be pretty awesome now that he is older and he loves the stories of his family so to that I am greatful.

  2. I hope this comment posts, hope you can know I visited and laughed at your post. Your wonderful post full of all the anxiety of being a mother and the unpredictable nature of children. Loved it. loved it.

    • Thank you so much.I find that you are never quite in control with kids and just when you think you have everything covered they go in the bathroom and try some new wall art! Blessings

  3. That’s completely hysterical! My son did something along those lines. We were living in France, and I was homeschooling the kids. We were studying the Romans, and we decided to construct a Roman villa out of sugar cubes. We’d gotten most of it done and were trying to figure out what we could use for columns. We had a German friend visiting us, and it was that time of the month. Guess how I felt when my 11 year old son walked out of the bathroom with tampon tubes on all his fingers. “Look, Mom,” he said, “Witches’ fingernails! We could use these for the columns on our villa.” I can’t remember how I explained why I threw his columns away–after I finished laughing. I don’t remember what I told our German friend, either, but we figured out a way for her to hide the “columns.”

    • So you know how I felt exactly.I asked that teacher why she didn’t say anything to me after we got to be friends and she just laughed.She then explained after she got to know Jared she just knew he was the culprit!

  4. Caeser- Just wanted to say “congrats” on the “One Lovely Blog” nomination:) I miss you and u will be proud to know that the work jeep is still kinda clean. Rosie sends her love!!! P.S. Is that how I spell your new name????? LOL. Love you.

    • Thank you my sister that I love.I am scared of awards so I have been sitting on this until tomorrow.I miss you more and I don’t care if the Jeep gets dirty because we can just clean it again.Oh how I miss my newest recruit Rosie and can’t wait for her slenderness to be back with you and her sidekick.Give Pherb my love and maybe when you get here I will give you a hug.Yup I will even though I don’t hand them out much.Please drive carefully and know I pray for your safety every night.I miss you so and can’t wait til you are here.Love your big sister ( the new Caesar assistant )

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  6. Life has prevented me from being on the blogsphere of late, and yours is one of the blogs that I can’t wait catching up on. Thanks for the giggles and for warming my heart. Your love for your kids (and grandkids) along with your warmth is infectious. Be happy and well, dear Nana!

  7. Oh my gosh you and your stories make me laugh! And you remind me of things like what I said to my mother…”Mom. Pat is pulling leaves off the shrub again!” Her reply was that the shrub would grow them back. I then said, “But he’s using them to wipe his butt!”

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