Rules Crayons Buses And Friends Or Miss P’s First Day

IMG_0415Today school started in the thumb of Michigan.Miss P’s mom is a teacher so I took her to orientation,glad that I am not back to work yet and able to do it.This kid has no fear of the unknown and I want to be like her when I grow up.We started out with a leisurely breakfast of Cheerios and OJ,her favorite.As she was jabbering away telling me everything that was going to happen (she is an expert on most things) I couldn’t believe my little girl was going to school everyday all day long like a big girl.She is ready,me not so much.Where does the time go?It seems like yesterday I was packing her mother up for her first day of kindergarten.If there is one thing I could do it would be to slow this process of living down when it comes to my grandkids.I know how fast it went for my kids and I can’t hold on tight enough though I try not to let them know it.Their excitement of school and learning is so much fun to watch.

As we are driving to the school I have been to a hundred times in the last five years she is giving me directions how to get there and I of course have to laugh.We start talking and it goes something like this…

“Peyton are you a little nervous about your first day of school?’”

“No,Nana,why would I be,Momma is there and she said you would be with me so I can’t wait to start.Why do you ask that?”

“Oh,I guess because I am always a little nervous when I don’t know what is going to happen and I was wondering if you are like that.”

To this she said to me,”Nana don’t worry I will be there for you.”

That’s my Miss P never scared of anything.

IMG_0419She loved everything about school and answered questions like she was on the debate team.One little guy was sitting next to her and she asked him if he wanted to be her friend.His mother heard and the look of gratefulness on her face was precious to see.I asked her later why she wanted that little boy for her friend and she told me there just wasn’t any girls around and he looked nice.Peyton is just like that.Her parents have taught her to love all people and she just knows how to make you feel good.

IMG_0421They took a fake bus ride to learn the rules and she was reciting them to me like you could go to jail if you ate on the bus or got out of your seat while it was moving.Rules are serious business to Peyton.

IMG_0426We ran into her little brother and sister on the way out of school.They are going to preschool two days a week and Ronda their sitter was there to pick them up.They made such a noise when they saw us I was looking around for the paparazzi.Nope it seems it was just because they love us so much.To that I say right back at ya kids!I love you guys too,but today it is about Peyton.When your one of four siblings alone time comes at a premium.

IMG_0427Our day ended like always with a trip of celebration to guess where?While we are eating our lunch I asked her how she liked her first day.It was great was her reply and I know she meant it.She loves to learn and I hope it stays that way.God bless the teachers everywhere.They have our most precious of all possessions and parents please teach your kids to love everybody no matter what.It is not that hard.Just ask Peyton.

9 thoughts on “Rules Crayons Buses And Friends Or Miss P’s First Day

  1. Absolutely precious is your Peyton! Isn’t it something, how fast ours went, and next thing you know, tomorrow you and your daughter will be taking Peyton’s daughter to school! 🙂 I adored this post and how incredible I feel Peyton is through your words.

    • She is a wonder that is for sure.I can’t even think of her or any of them growing any faster.I love being her Nana and feel so blessed.Thank you for the kind words and God bless.

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