The Love Mobile


This is the vehicle I get most excited about when I see it pull in the driveway. As you can tell it drives down our dirt road frequently.It is driven by Brooke the oldest of my kids and I laugh every time I think about how she came to be the proud owner of it.


Brooke is a kindergarten teacher and so most of her adult life has been around the raising and development of little kids.She loves kids just like I do and we have many laughs over the things that we hear come out of the little one’s mouths.I am getting off track here but I really love this picture of her and Maddie my niece.She has taught several of the kids in the family and our Maddie was one of them.

Any way back to the Love Mobile.At the time Brooke and Mike had two little girls,Alexis and Peyton. Brooke’s little girl Peyton was the end of the line in the kids department for Brooke and her husband Mike. I guess she started thinking she would have just one more.They drove a little four wheel Blazer and it was perfect for the four of them.It was sturdy,went though the Michigan snow,and she never had any trouble coming down our plugged up road in the winter to see her doddering old parents.I think she really loved that Blazer.Plus it had the room for one more car seat.Here’s where it gets a little tricky.

She obviously doesn’t have any trouble getting kids when she prays for them because soon she was pregnant again.She kept telling me she felt like she was getting bigger so much faster with this baby.I smiled knowing she was going to have twins but I never told her.Twins run on both sides of the family and when she had her first ultra sound there was the proof.

It was a shock of course and there was much preparation for two more kids in the house.Their house was small and the Blazer wasn’t big enough for two more car seats.They finally stacked the baby beds in a tiny third bedroom and started looking for a bigger vehicle.We would talk about the new car hunt and she would be aggravated because every four wheel drive was so expensive that she could load up four little kids in.Finally one day she looked at me and said,”I guess we’ll have to get a stupid van.”Hence came the The Love Mobile.

Back when we were young vans were cool and I remember my grandparents having a talk with my sister Linda and me one afternoon when we were visiting.We were heading to the city to do some shopping and Grandpa warned us not to park by any of those panel trucks with curtains.He told us they would nab us and we would be kidnapped never to be seen again.I remember laughing with Linda after we left.A van was a party on wheels back then and I for one loved riding in them.This isn’t really the case today.I don’t see any vans with curtains. They are smaller in size and just scream- family rides in me- when you pull up beside them.This is Brooke’s lot in life for a long time now.She has to drive the family van and if we go anywhere it is her vehicle we take because no one else has enough room to load up all the monkeys.It is a party on wheels yet but now a little different.We have the girl that always has to go to the bathroom,a laugher,the talker,and the weepy drunk.The difference is they are all under ten and being driven by the designated driver that happens to be their mother.

We had to go to a baby shower for my youngest daughter in a town far away last week and had to take all of the kids with us because Papa and Daddy had to work.I met Brooke at her house to catch a ride and  when it was time to go I said to Alexis,”Let’s get everybody loaded up in The Love Mobile.”

“Nana,why do you call our van The Love Mobile?”

To this I answered,”Because I love it when this mobile pulls in my driveway.”

My sweet girl had the biggest grin on her face and you can’t buy that.I am so blessed to have them.This van might not have been the car of her choice but I guess it really doesn’t matter when it is filled to the brim with our most precious of all gifts—–your children.

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