Good-Bye Cancer and Hello Daniel O’Donnell

new eats 002Here she is the little ole lady from Pasadena and does she like to travel.I have had the privilege of being her partner lately and it has been something else.This is her taking her car off the lawn where she had it parked because rain was in the forecast and she wanted the lawn watered and her car washed.Notice the back wheel.When she got out she laughed and said that little bit wouldn’t hurt.

I have been to the city with her three times in the last little bit and I think she is some sort of celebrity.Mom is a cancer survivor and she had her check ups last week.I am off work because of my knee replacement so I have been going with her.She had esophageal cancer and it was a hard and very long battle,but this will be her five year mark and I am so proud of her.Her husband Ward was battling colon cancer and we lost him in January so this is a very sweet victory after a devastating loss.I don’t know how this family would have survived if we had lost them both.Esophageal cancer is horrible as they have to remove your esophagus and replace it with part of your stomach.I haven’t heard of many people that do well after the surgery.It is a long recovery and she still has bouts of sickness and sometimes she gets depressed but over all she is doing well.The most important thing is the cancer is gone and only one more six month check up and then it will be once a year.When we get to any doctors office they all come out to meet her and there is hugs all around.People come out of their offices and you hear other people saying “Lorna is here.”Everybody loves Mom and wants to see her.

Sometimes I drive and she rides shotgun manning the radio or usually the cd player,and she plays it LOUD.I like most music but I sometimes wonder what people think when they pass us with this guy blaring….

daniel_odonnell_livefromnashvilep1He sings Irish music and she sings along in harmony.He tells jokes and Mom laughs.We pull up to the pool place for chlorine  and some young guy starts looking at me like I am crazy when Mom went in the store.I should have hollered at him that he just missed the polkas.This is what she likes, pal, and I know it is loud but get over it.I am not sure why I didn’t turn down the volume,maybe it was so some teenager knows how it feels when you feel the earth move as they pull up beside you or my hearing was gone.

My sisters and I  should have tried this years ago.It would have solved a lot of problems trying to sneak in after a night of toilet papering and driving around with a few brews.Instead of mom riding shotgun she could have been the designated driver.It would have saved her a lot of aggravation too.She could have drove us right past the police station just to scare us instead of threatening to call them.Back then the driver always got to man the radio and she probably would have on some gospel music to soothe the ride.We would be in the back seat laughing the gut busting laugh of Sunday service in our little church in Kilmanagh.She would give us the LOOK and we would try to stop laughing.Just so she wouldn’t be mad  we would all start singing My Irish Eyes Are Smiling.She would be hollering for us to be quiet but if you listened real close you would hear her singing along—in harmony………………………

4 thoughts on “Good-Bye Cancer and Hello Daniel O’Donnell

    • Kim I told mom what you said and she smiled.I think it won’t be long and you might get your wish.She is getting better every day and I am so thankful.I am also wanting you and your family to know how much we appreciate all of your good wishes.They mean so much to us.Miss you and Cyber hugs all around.Liz

  1. Sis – our Mom is an amazing woman and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else as my Mom. I have loved her all my life, which brings me back to the summers when we were kids and it was so called vacation time with our Aunts and their families how you would go to the Fritz’s and I would go to the Tabars for a week or two and into the 2nd day I was always sick and lonesome for my Mom,Dad and sisters, I honestly can say this now I hated my so called vacation. Gosh I know she probably would need a break once in a while but I just couldn’t help it. I know it would make you mad as soon as Aunt Mike would bring me to Aunt Doans to see if you could comfort me and you wanted no part of it. You were having fun, and was afraid I would end the vacation much too soon for your liking. Also, the time Mom was giving birth to one of the babies and I was staying at Aunt Mikes and she took me to Aunt Betty’s – I remember being so sick they took me to the doctor he thought I was having problems with my appendix and told them to see if I had a bowel movement in the next day, if not they would operate the next day. The next day here comes Mom and I wasn’t sick after she put me in her lap and held me for a long time. I remember the Aunts whispering she just missed her Mom.
    Even today if she calls – Greg and I will jump in the car and run over if she needs us. I have asked him if he doesn’t want to go I can go by myself – his reply is – Hon it’s the only parent we have left and he is by my side all the way and loves her too. I can’t even think about what it would be like without her!

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