Jami Sue I Love You

jami 001I have been involved with kids all of my life and this little girl was the one that as an adult I cut my grown up teeth on.My sister Linda had the first baby in the family and I was besotted the minute that I laid eyes on her.I was at the hospital with Linda and we played scrabble and walked around worried sick until she was born.I knew I wasn’t her mother but I am telling you I love her as if I am.After she was born I would rock and rock her,singing Merle Haggard songs and holding her while she slept.We were a team my Jami and me.I had toxemia when I was pregnant for Brooke and it was my little partner here that made the days go by swiftly as I waited for my terrible pregnancy to be over.

jami1 001She wasn’t the happiest of campers when her cousin Brooke was born and I think her face shows it here.When I brought Brooke home from the hospital she wanted on my lap immediately  and Linda wouldn’t let her because I had over thirty stitches after delivery and was very sore.You never had to worry about her brother wanting on your lap because I think they forgot to cut the umbilical cord when he was born but not my Jami,she wanted her Aunt Liz,and oh how I wanted her.I heard a thousand times in my life from Brooke that I always liked Jami better and now I know she thinks that is silly but at the time we were so close they were like sisters and brothers so I can see how she felt.I bet it was hard for Brooke because Jami did everything first because she was older just like Jared felt about Brooke.I know for sure that they all loved each other and I hope that is what they take away from that time in their lives.I loved those days and I know my sisters do too.

jami3 001jami2 001Here are a few of my favorite school pictures of her.She was in KDG in the purple I believe.You can tell she is going to be a beautiful woman even here already.She was very fussy about her clothes even when she was little and sometimes I would get aggravated with her because she refused to wear some of the beautiful clothes her mom would buy for her.It was at this time I was thankful Brooke wasn’t like that.That was our Miss Independence.!She would clean her room and hate anybody in it and I didn’t blame her when she got mad at Tornado Jared going in there and messing her stuff up.Everybody knows he had The Dumping Disease and couldn’t be trusted.I hope she looks back and remembers how much we all loved her.Jared too!

cousins1 001Holidays we were always together.

cousins8 001This is how I remember our kids and Jami was the oldest of them all and pretty much knew what was going on.Look at our Dee and Derek.Did someone put Danielle in a Goose?I think little Sarah is just sick about it.By the looks of things here I think Brooke is trying to look innocent………..

jami4 001The teenage  years were hard I will admit but then most teenage years are.I listen to Jami talk about raising teens and I laugh because believe me we remember.Dakota reminds me so much of Jami it isn’t funny.She is beautiful and independent and will be a force to be reckoned with some day.I love my Dakota,Hope,and Brayden.Thank you Jami for giving them to us.


jami5 001She graduated with honors and I was there as proud of her as ever.I think my girl turned out great.

jami&al 001Her Uncle Albert thought she was so beautiful pregnant.I can remember her telling me when she felt ugly pregnant she would come over because Uncle Albert always made her feel good.He loves his Jami too.

IMG_0053Here she is today with the guy of my dreams.I hope she marries him and I want to be there.In a church,with a pastor and our family there to join in the happiness.Not at the justice of the peace.They are a wonderful couple and as you can see she is still beautiful and fashionable to boot.Get the pun? These guys rock!

I hope that everybody has a Jami in their life.I know my girl has made my time here on earth a pleasure when we are together and I thank God because my little girl grew up so good.I miss my little snitch that would call to squeal on Brooke when she did something wrong in school and I smile just thinking about it,but it is so wonderful to have this honest caring woman that she now is.

Some of God’s blessings just grow and grow and now we have Chuck because of Jami.I hope Chuck takes good care of this girl.She is special and always has been to me.I love my Jami and I know she loves me.Thank you God for Family.

4 thoughts on “Jami Sue I Love You

  1. Sis – I want you to know at times I thought Jami loved you more than she did me – so I know how Brooke felt sometimes. She was the joy of my life after about 6 months of age – the 1st 6 months I don’t think I would of made it without you. I think I shouldn’t of had you with me at the hospital when she was born cause I think she thought you were her mother and not me. The 1st week at home was so scary to me not knowing if she was getting enough to eat and come to find out I was over feeding her and you without child had to inform me = she was full of gas. I remember you coming over so I could sleep cause she had me up all night. Days and night were mixed up for her. Her Dad would get home at 6:00 at night and the crying would begin. Of course he said I was spoiling her.
    Her little voice (scratchy as it was). Of course we had to go to the doctor cause they thought she had a growth or something on her voice box. Just the vocal cords were not even tho! Thank God for that.
    I was a young Mother and had helped raised my own sisters but when I had one of my own I was always afraid if I was doing the right things.
    I swore I wasn’t going to have another one and well yes as you know 15 months later she had a brother. She wasn’t thrilled about that in the beginning either. One thing she wouldn’t give up was the getting rocked to sleep every night. I would feed her brother and put him to bed and onto the rocking chair me and Jami would go until she fell to sleep. Then she found out wow I get to stay up when the little guy would be in bed and I have mom all to myself. I remember sometimes I would say lay heady down I was so tired and all she wanted to do was talk and the rocking would get faster and faster and I would not put her down cause she would cry. Maybe she was a little spoiled. I love my children and wouldn’t change a thing and thank God you finally had some of your own so they had someone to play with.
    She was a chatter box and sure loved her Aunt Liz and her Aunt Liz was one too! LOL
    We sure have been blessed with the best!

  2. How right you are sis.I am so lucky to have my own four great kids and being able to share Jami and Josh and to know that to this day if I do something and Josh doesn’t like it when he finds out Aunt Liz did it ,it is OK.(I once washed his wallet and he wasn’t happy until Kim told him–I didn’t do it Aunt Liz did) Also do you remember when I looked at the bottom of Jami’s foot and found that line by her big toe?I was bawling because I was afraid that she might have a gimp foot.How REDICULOUS!Thank you Linda for giving me those two wonderful kids and never being anything but gracious to me when they were growing up.I love them like they are my own and I am so proud of them.I know you love my kids too.Cheers to our family.God’s Blessings Dear Sister I love you.

  3. I never knew how to get to the comments on here cuz I usually read these from my phone but now I see them, now that I am on my computer. Looking at the photos here and thinking how cute I was…..UNTIL….that teenage photo! Oh good God I think that might have been my mothers dress! No go on the floral! The whole thing, glasses and all are a fashion wreck….what was I thinking?!
    Anyhoot….those sure were the days riding bikes, camping, swimming and just being with the family. We were always together wether it be a house project, roof, bbq…you name it we always found a way to be together. There certainly are days I miss the family life, especially when the kids are gone.
    I think that’s why I grew so fond of house projects….always brought family together.
    My love to you all 😉

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