My Mom The Third Therapist

mom&liz 001My mom and me the first summer of my life.I am sure never in her wildest dreams did she think that some day she would be rubbing my swollen and fever filled leg with the very same hands that spanked me into the rightness of life.

100_0732My Mom is royalty to me because she is now my third therapist.Look how she gets dressed up just when she hears my car pull in the driveway.She knows that those white coats of the other girls now scare me so she tries to make it fun and this is how it goes………

I usually go over to Mom’s when I know that nobody is there because we are a sight for sore eyes.She puts me in her rocking chair,pulls up Wards big ole cloth chair and we begin.Her legs spread apart and my foot in between them.If I wanted to I could push her over like a leaf in the breeze she is so tiny now,but  of course being the grateful daughter I am I don’t and also I still have the fear of Lorna in me like a good daughter should.She is always worried that she is going to hurt me.It is then that I laugh because she really goes at it.I never tell her but she always looks like she is playing  Motor Boat Motor Boat Go So Fast.She is making up movements as she rubs and soon I can tell she is getting tired.It is usually then she tells me she doesn’t have the upper body strength she used to have and to that I think THANK GOD.She means business when she is trying to help me.My mother does nothing half way and when she puts her mind to it nothing stops her.It is at this time that I like to pick her brain and the next thing you know we are finishing each others sentences.I love this time with my Mom.

She is the best not like that Handsome.When Jared was home the last time my knees were really bad.I was laying on the couch and I asked him if he would give me a rub down.It is the least he could do after the years of massaging his sisters and I did when he was sick.I knew he really didn’t want to do it because he was rubbing so hard I was jumping and wreathing in agony and he didn’t even care.I thought any minute he was going to slap me into submission and he was laughing like paybacks are fun.As a matter of fact he even told me my feet were ugly!I tell you people go to your mother not your kids when you need a massage,I think the kids start remembering when you had to correct them and they go back in time and try to get you back.Hee Hee the joke is on him,I made his cookies this week and Brooke ate the last two.

Thank you Mom for being there with a smile when I come limping into your house.We have a lot of laughs and I think we both look ridiculous but that’s us.I got ‘er done and I ‘m getting better everyday.I know my boy loves me even if my feet are ugly and I know my mother doesn’t think anything on me is less than perfect.If she is anything like me and I know she is ,she probably kissed those fat little legs and feet a million times when I was a baby in that picture above.Just like I did Jared’s.Thank you God for my family.

6 thoughts on “My Mom The Third Therapist

  1. Haha funny you should mention the not wanting to massage so one massages hard. Jesse doesn’t read this so I can say it on here to you. When he wants me to rub him and I don’t want to or he makes me mad I will push really hard.
    If I come over there will you give me a rub down now? I messed up my back bad the other day and I am still Layed up due to it. Went to Crowley on Monday and he didnt even want to touch me.
    So on that note I will expect a phone call from ya telling me when I can come over for my feet and leg massage. Lol just joking :p

    • Well,why don’t you come over when Grandma is working on me and get in line?I could try to give you a rub down but then you would have to give me one in return.My ten minutes to your one.That’s fair because I am old and crippled.Love Mom

  2. Mom looks happy in the photo – I love to see her laugh and I know you can do that for her with all your wittyness. I promise you if you get your leg working good again we’ll go for a long bike ride when your up to it that is. Love always

  3. oh,good sissy lets go I am ready.Want to go to Cass City to Jami’s and swim in the new pool.she has a surprise for me and I can’t hardly wait.I will ride my motorized bike and go slow so you can keep up.God’s Blessings my neighbor that I love.

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